God of War: Ragnarök guide – where to find all the shields

We talk about all the shields that you can find in the game

Shields in God of War: Ragnarök are Kratos’ main defensive tool. Moreover, the skills associated with them not only provide protection for Kratos, but can also be used as a counteroffensive. For example, double-clicking L1 will allow you to attack the enemy with a shield (usually a push) and interrupt his “blue” attacks. In this guide, we will tell you how to find all the shields, what they give and what parameters you can get by upgrading them.

At the time of the release of God of War: Ragnarök, there were a total of 5 shields in the game. Let’s talk more about each.

Shield of Fearlessness

This shield is made for the warrior who focuses on the intentions of his enemies. It is not for the weak in spirit.

How to get the Fearless Shield

A shield for a risky but profitable parry. Double-tap L1 to push the enemy with a shield and deal significant stun damage. Parry enemy attacks (pressing L1 at the last moment) to deal additional stun damage and empower your next shield push. Precise timing of the parry greatly enhances this effect.

How to get : This shield can be purchased at the shop of the gnome brothers Brok and Sindri.

stone wall shield

This shield is like the high wall built by the giant Hrimtur in Asgard. He also protects the worlds.

How to get the stone wall shield

Shield to absorb attacks and strike back. Double-tap L1 to launch a shield strike that, when fully charged, can knock an enemy into the air. Block enemy attacks to absorb damage and build up a charge. Attacks with a yellow ring can be blocked without a full charge.


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How to get : This shield can be purchased at the shop of the gnome brothers Brok and Sindri.

Shattered Star Shield

This shield is bathed in the radiance of a thousand dying stars. It carries within itself the power of the Cosmos.

How to get the Shattered Star Shield

A shield for those who prefer to move and build strength. Press L1 twice to perform a shield poke and knock the enemy back. When fully charged, the power of this technique increases. Hold L1 to charge the shield. Blocking an enemy attack consumes part of the charge. Poke the shield before the actual attack allows you to absorb it and gain an additional charge.

How to get : This shield can be purchased at the shop of the gnome brothers Brok and Sindri.

Shield guard

A shield given to Kratos by his beloved wife. Lafay the Fair herself went into battle with him.

How to return / repair the guardian’s shield

Shield for balanced defense. Press L1 twice to make a quick shield attack and force the enemy to open up. By parrying an attack (pressing L1 at the last moment before it), and then immediately pressing R1 or R2, you can launch a special counterattack.

How to get : You will receive this shield automatically during the story of the game. At the very beginning, it will be broken, and Kratos will give it to Brock to repair the piece of equipment. Then, in the story, near the end of the game, Brock will return the shield to Kratos.

Shield of Carnage

The creator of this shield was inspired by the legends of the battle horses of the aces. Rush at the enemy, crushing everything in your path!

How to get a shield of carnage

Shield for safely attacking enemies. Press L1 twice to dash towards an enemy, blocking all of their attacks. With a sufficiently long run-up distance, this technique cana throw the enemy into the air.

How to get : This shield is unique and can be unlocked in two ways. The first is when you open the legendary chest, which can be found immediately after the battle with Garm in Helheim. The second option is to visit Brok and Sindri’s Blacksmith Shop and spend 7500 Hacksilver on this shield.


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