God of War: Ragnarök guide – how to find all the lost pages

Where to look for all lost pages and relic crafting resources

There are several varieties of collectibles in God of War: Ragnarök. So, one of the categories is called “Legends”, and it has an additional section “Scrolls of Legends”. Among other scrolls containing various passages from the lore of the game world, you can find four lost pages. These are special items that grant access to blueprints for lost relics. It is noteworthy that not a single request is associated with the lost pages, that is, you will have to act literally blindly. On the other hand, as soon as you find the first page, you will get an explanation/hint that thanks to the collection of such pages, you will be able to create new equipment in Sindri and Brok’s shops.

Lost page 1/4

  • What you can get: the relic “Hand of Angrvadall”.
  • Relic Description: A forward slash fires three light waves that deal increased damage to enemies that are affected by sound (Atreus’ or Freya’s sonic arrows).

When you complete the story mission “Secret of Groa” in the territory of Alfheim, a huge breach in the wall will appear on the right side of the mystical gate of Strand, leading to the Canyons. Overcome the Canyons to reach a new area, the Plains. The side quest “The Secret of the Sands” will automatically start. Complete this quest to get rid of the sandstorm in the Plains, giving you access to the entire region.

After doing this, move to the high light tower in the northern part of the Plains and look for the lost page inside it, on the right side of the legendary chest.

How to get Gambantein Skirnira

Opening a blueprint for a relic is half the battle. To make the relic itself, you will have to find a special resource called Gambantein Skirnira. To do this, you must go to the Forbidden Sands location in Alfheim and complete the Desert Door side quest.

We move to Alfheim, to the location “Forbidden Sands”. If you have not been here before, in this case we move to the mystical Strand gate and go through a large hole in the wall into the Canyons. Having done this, we move through the Canyons to a new location, the Plains, where we activate the side task “The Secret of the Sands” (automatically). We carry out this task in the Dungeon to get rid of the sandstorm. In the northwest we find a passage to the Forbidden Sands. Requires Draupnir Spear.

After you get rid of the sandstorm, you will have to find two halves of the key that opens the gate in this region. There are several blue circles on the location, and two of them will have key halves. Once you have both halves, follow the marker and take out Stonemaw in northern Forbidden Sands. After defeating him, you will receive a resource that you can use to craft the Angrvadall Handle relic.


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Lost page 2/4

  • What you can get: the relic “Dainsleif’s Handle”.
  • Relic Description: Hitting the ground causes an explosion of Seidr poison, creating a poisoned area at the point of impact.

In the northeast of the Forbidden Sands is the Sanctuary of the Elves. When you get to this place, go inside and look for the table with the lost page on the first level.

How to get Svefnthorn

Like last time, in order to make a relic, you will have to find a unique resource called Svefnthorn. To do this, travel to Svartalfheim and get to the Alberich Gorge. Please note that you can only get there after completing the storyline “The Smith of Your Destiny”, where you will also receive the spear of Druapnir. Get to the Dragon Coast Pier in the southeast of Blagodatnaya Bay and climb up the chain. Cross the bridge and turn left to fight Ormstung. Defeat him and get the same resource.

Lost page 3/4

  • What you can get: the relic “Hand of Ridill”.
  • Relic Description: Summons a shock wave that electrifies enemies.

The third page for the forge of Brok and Sindri is hidden in the Treasury of the Lake of Nine in Midgard. To get to the right place, you must find the two halves of the key. They are hidden on the same Lake of Nine, in specific locations – Rowers and Abandoned Outpost. Reach anywhere to activate the Sigrun’s Curse side quest. Having done this, follow the markers that lead to the Treasury. When you get the key, climb up the ledge with the chain and jump down to destroy the floor. Here lies the scroll of legends you need.

How to get Crack of Bilskirnir

Having opened access to the Ridill Handle drawing, to craft it, you will have to find a unique resource called Bilskirnir Crack. To do this, you must complete the request “Animal Instincts” all on the same Lake of Nine, in Midgard. In the course of this mission, you will have to clear four raider camps, which are marked with special quest markers. But camp markers will appear after you eliminate the enemies in the first camp. When you clear the last camp, no matter what it will be, the leader of the raiders, Oluf Nautson, will appear. For killing him, you will receive Bilskirnir’s Crack.

Lost page 4/4

  • What you can get: the relic “Hand of Tyurfing”.
  • Description of the relic: charges the sword, consuming Kratos’s health, but significantly increasing damage depending on the size of the opponents. The bigger the enemy, the higher the damage.

The last lost page can be found inside the Wishing Well in Vanaheim. You will get there through the Crater, complete the story mission “Beasts of Prophecy” and complete the additional quest “The Smell of Survival” that appeared immediately after it. “Smell of Survival” will take you to the Crater, to the Plains.

Find the nearest heavenly altar and change day to night. After that, move to the southern part of the region and look for a descent into the Jungle. Once in the Jungle, go southwest and repair the dam, which will need to be done as part of the “Return of the River” request that appears automatically. A river will appear in the region, and you can get to different parts of the location.

There is a boat near the dam. Ride it to the northeast to find two ogres throwing rocks. Swim around this island, go to the ogres and destroy them. After that, swim back to the mystical gate opposite, in the north of the Jungle. Follow the left of the mystical gate and pull the chain to open the passage on the side. This tunnel leads to the Wishing Well. There is also another gate leading to the Plains, and a scroll of legends with a drawing of a relic is also lying around them.

How to get the Chalice of Nara

Having unlocked the new blueprint for the Tyrfing Hilt relic, you will have to find a unique resource called the Chalice of Nara to craft it. To do this, head to Vanaheim’s Abandoned Village and find the Blathenn mini-boss. Destroy the enemy. If you can’t find the mini-boss, be patient. When you complete the story part of the game, a marker will appear on the map pointing to this enemy. Destroying it will give you the Chalice of Nara.

These are all the lost pages you can find in God of War: Ragnarök.


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