God of War: Ragnarök guide – how to find all the deer of the seasons

How to complete the Deer of All Ages side quest in Vanaheim

In order to get the Reindeer Herder silver trophy in God of War: Ragnarök, you will need to complete the side quest (request) “Deer of All Ages”, which will start in one of the regions of Vanaheim.

As soon as you advance along the storyline like this, it will be possible to go to the “Crater” (after saving Freyr; complete the side quest “The Smell of Survival” and you will get to the right place). The quest can be obtained in two ways: by finding any of the four Deer in this region, or by talking to Ratatosk near Sindri’s house. One way or another, you will receive a package of Yggdrasil leaves, which will allow you to lure each Deer and send them back to the Yggdrasil tree. Below you will find the location of all four Deer of the Seasons!

Deer of Winter (Frost)

The winter deer is most likely the first of the four animals that you will encounter in this part of Vanaheim. This is due to the fact that it is located in the same area where you complete the “Smell of Survival” request, which will lead you to the Crater. After defeating the dragon boss, the Stag of Winter will be in the far right corner, at the mystical gate with the Overgrown or Abandoned Tower.

Deer Summer

It is best to look for this deer, starting from the mystical gate “Jungle Entrance”. However, there are a few additional activities for those who haven’t been to the region before. Firstly, you can get to this location only at night. Therefore, if necessary, find the heavenly altar from above and change day to night.


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The deer is on the other side of the dry river. You can’t get to it, so first you need to complete the “Return of the River” quest, which will allow you to swim across to the deer in a boat. To do this, as soon as you find yourself in the Crater, move to the left side and look for a passage to the dam. Further – everything is simple!

After fulfilling this request and returning the river to the region, get to the nearest Heavenly Altar and switch the time of day back to the day. At the back of the Jungle there is an island with two ogres who have been throwing rocks at you. Swim to them, find the passage behind and destroy the enemies. After that, cross the root bridge, which is only accessible during the day, and on the other side you will find the Stag of Summer.

Deer Autumn

Easiest to find! This animal is located next to the mystical gate at the entrance to the Wells.

Deer of Spring

This animal is best looked for last, as you won’t be able to get to it until you complete all the steps necessary to free the Stag of Summer (read above). It is closest to the mystical gate “Jungle Entrance”. This time you need to get into the Wishing Well. Not far from the mystic gate, look for a closed metal gate that cannot be opened due to the ogres throwing stones at you. Destroy these ogres, then open the gate and move deeper into the tunnel, into the Wishing Well. Find a Deer in this place, as a result of which you will receive the achievement / achievements / trophy “Reindeer herder”.

To complete the side quest, return to Sindri’s house and speak with Ratatoskr. As a reward, you will receive a modification for the shield, 4500 experience points for Kratos and 1125 for Atreus, resources.


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