Genshin Impact: how to level up Adventure Rank and get experience faster

To succeed in the toughest challenges of Genshin Impact you need a team to match, so this guide we tell you to level up the Adventure Rank and get experience faster .


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How to level up faster and farm experience

The best way to get up to a level quickly is by completing the different challenges that the game poses to us every day. Either by making special milestones or by following the story we will get constant prizes and experience bonuses .

Here is a list of everything we can do to farm experience and level up the Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact :

  • Challenge chests:challenges that are scattered around the world and ask us to light several torches or kill an enemy so that the chest appears.
  • Treasurechests : the chests that we find scattered around the map can also contain gifts like these.
  • Daily Assignments:Adventurer Assignments also earn you experience points and you can complete 4 a day.
  • Statues of the Seven:activating the Statues of the Seven and making offerings also brings gifts.
  • Daily Login: Bylogging in each day we will also receive prizes
  • Achievements:from the game menu you will be able to see all the available ones and their prizes.
  • Dungeons:at the end of the dungeons you can also get juicy prizes.
  • Story Missions:Advancing the game’s plot also provides gifts in the form of experience bonuses (in addition to that earned for clearing that chapter).
  • Fast Travel Points –Get up close to every pedestal you see to activate their teleportation.
  • Adventure Rank:Completing missions and certain milestones will make you level up in the Adventurer’s Guild.
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