Genshin Impact: get free Protogems

Getting a scandal team in Genshin Impact without spending money is very easy. The key is in the wishes that we can make with the game currency. Here we tell you how to get free Protogems .


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How to get free Protogems

The best way to get free Protogems -which we will later use to exchange them for Intertwined Destinations and Fate Encounters- is to take advantage of the options that the game gives us by advancing in the story and its main and secondary missions.

Here’s a list of everything we can do to farm free Protogems and make wishes to unlock new characters and weapons :

  • Open challenge chests: theseare the challenges that are scattered around the world and ask us to light several torches or kill an enemy so that the chest appears.
  • Open treasure chests:the chests that we find scattered around the world can also contain gifts like these.
  • Complete achievements:from the game menu you can see all the available ones and their prizes.
  • Codes with free Protogems: list with all the codes with Protogems, Mora coins and free experience
  • Complete Story Missions –Advancing the game’s plot also provides gifts.
  • Unlock Fast Travel Points:Get up close to every pedestal you see to activate their teleportation.
  • Make Offerings to the Statues of the Seven:Activating the Statues of the Seven also brings gifts.
  • Daily Login: Bylogging in each day we will also receive prizes
  • Read the advice on the screen:especially at the beginning of the adventure
  • Raise the Adventure Rank:Completing missions and certain milestones will make you level up in the Adventurer’s Guild.
  • Overcome dungeons:at the end of the dungeons you can also get juicy prizes.
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