How to Level Up Characters In Genshin Impact

We explain what you need to level up your Genshin Impact characters. Find out which ones to improve first and how you can promote them to reach their highest potential.


  1. How to level up the characters in Genshin Impact
  2. Promote characters
  3. Which characters to improve first?

Level up your characters to Genshin Impact it is one of the most important things you prioritize you if you want to move smoothly on your travels. Increasing the level will improve the stats and attributes of the characters, making them stronger and more powerful. As such, in this entry of our complete guide we are going to teach you what you need to level up your characters and how you can promote them, among other tips.

How to level up characters in Genshin Impact.

Before starting to level up the characters in Genshin Impact you should know that each of them has its own level and that this is independent of your Adventure Rank (which increases by other methods). Once this information is known, the next thing you have to know is that the level of the characters is not increased by fighting with them, or at least not mainly.

The characters gain very little direct experience in the combats so to raise their level you will really have to invest character EXP materials in them , each one has a cost and a way to obtain it.

Character EXP Materials

These are the EXP materials that exist to level up your characters:

Material Experience you earn Cost How do you get it?
Advice of the Wanderer +1,000 exp. 200 blackberries (each) Reward from missions, expeditions, domains and opening chests.
Adventurer EXP +5,000 exp. 1,000 blackberries (each) Reward from missions, expeditions, domains and opening chests.
Hero’s Ingenuity +20,000 exp. 4,000 blackberries (each) Reward from random events, missions, expeditions, domains, and high-level chest opening.

Once you have any of these materials, you must go to the Characters menu and above the Attributes submenu, press the button for “Improve” . A box will appear where you can spend your materials (one at a time or several at a time). Keep in mind that if you reach the maximum level allowed, the excess experience that the character cannot absorb will be lost, so try to adjust your materials as best as possible so as not to waste them.

Benefits of leveling up characters

Of course, as in any JRPG game, when you level up your characters, they improve their attributes. In this case, the characters see their health, defense and attack statistics improved .

The more level a character has, the higher his attributes will be.

Promote characters

The global levels of the Genshin Impact characters are divided into different maximum caps or phases. For example, at the beginning a character can only reach level 20 at most. Once this level is reached, the character can only continue to improve if we first perform what is known as an ascent .

When a character has reached its maximum limit, you will see that you are allowed to promote it using specific materials (the game itself allows you to check what materials they are and where you can get them). All characters can be promoted up to 6 times to reach level 90 .

These ascension phases are divided as follows:

  • Phase 0:all characters start from scratch. You are allowed to upgrade them to level 20.
  • Phase 1:from here you can upgrade them to level 40 (Adventure Rank 15 required).
  • Phase 2:The max level is set to 50 (Adventure Rank 25 is required).
  • Phase 3:The max level is set to 60 (Adventure Rank 30 is required).
  • Phase 4:The max level is set to 70 (Adventure Rank 35 required).
  • Phase 5:The max level is set to 80 (Adventure Rank 40 is required).
  • Phase 6:The max level is set to 90 (Adventure Rank 45 required).

In addition, on their ascension path, the characters unlock new passive abilities . This always occurs in the first and third phases of ascension. Promoting a character also grants a substantial boost to his attributes, making him more powerful.

Which characters to improve first?

It may seem obvious to say it, but first of all, dedicate yourself only to improving the characters that you are going to take on your team . Don’t waste your EXP materials on characters you won’t be using, unless you have multiple teams that you swap with often (these types of materials are valuable and best spent carefully).

That said, of course the other point you should keep in mind is that it is better to spend your EXP materials on upgrading the best characters in the game first. We are talking about those that have 5 stars of rarity and are in the highest ranks of the tier list (for example Diluc, Jean, Fischl or Venti).

In case you have just started your game and have still been playing for a short time, you will have Amber, Kaeya and Lisa unlocked (in addition to your starting character). Among these characters, the leveling order should be as follows:

  • 1st:Traveler (Anemo).
  • 2nd:Lisa or Kaeya.
  • 3rd:Kaeya or Lisa.
  • 4th:
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