Genshin Impact: Best Team BUILDS

We show you which are the best character teams that you can form in Genshin Impact. Discover the most powerful builds and compositions in the game.

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  1. Types of character roles
  2. Best Builds combining elements

If you want to be totally unbeatable in Genshin Impact, you have to take into account a lot of key factors of the role-playing game. Each character works better or worse for each situation , and it is undeniable that there are better characters according to their attributes, as we have already seen in our complete guide . Now, what about our training? Creating a balanced, powerful team with a great composition can also be the key so that no enemy resists you on your adventure.

That is why to help you create the best possible build we are going to dedicate a space below to tell you all the details about which are the best teams of characters that you can make.


Types of character roles

Before we begin, let’s quickly clarify an important detail. Each character within Genshin Impact occupies what is called a role within the game. That is, there are characters more focused on attacking, others on defending, etc. So, there are these three types of roles mainly:

  • DPS: theyare the main attackers of the team and the characters that you use to attack while the other characters are recharging their abilities.
  • Support: Theyare your main source of elemental reactions, buffs and debuffs. Basically they are the ones who support the DPS with their abilities that even last when they leave combat. An ideal team will always have a support character who shares an element with your DPS.
  • Healer:Obviously, these characters are the ones who heal the team. You should have at least one to keep your characters’ health high without using food (although it can be substituted for another support if needed to boost overall attack strength).

Best Builds combining elements

Having seen the above, we can now proceed to recommend the best team compositions made up of characters that optimally combine their elements . Of course, to these we must add that they have a good team ; In other words, they are equipped to be able to be with the best weapons and with powerful devices that increase their attributes and advantages.

So, here we leave you with the best Genshin Impact builds according to the elements of the team.

Best Anemo build

  • DPS: Xiao .
  • Support: Venti and Bennet .
  • Healer: Qiqi .
  • Optional / Alternative: Jean (instead of Qiqi) or Ganyu (instead of Bennet).

With this type of build based on the Anemo element you get the Rushing Winds consonance ; which decreases Stamina consumption by 15%, increases Speed. Movement by 10% and reduces ToE by 5%.

Also by adding a Pyro, Hydro, Cryo or Electro character you can generate the Whirlwind reaction to apply elemental damage.

Best Cryo build

  • DPS: Diona .
  • Support: Ganyu and Xingchiu .
  • Healer: Qiqi .
  • Optional / Alternative: Fischl (instead of Xingchiu) or Xiangling (instead of Xingchiu).

With this type of build based on the Cryo element you get the Shard Ice consonance ; which reduces the duration of Electro effects by 40% and increases CRIT against opponents affected by Cryo or frozen enemies by 15%.

Also depending on other characters you can generate elemental reactions such as Melt (with a Pyro), Superconductor (with an Electro) or Blizzard (with a Hydro).

Best Electro Build

  • DPS: Keqing .
  • Support: Fischl and Xingchiu .
  • Healer: Qiqi .
  • Optional / Alternative: Razor (instead of Keqing) or Xiangling (instead of Xingchiu).

With this type of build based on the Electro element you get the High Voltage consonance ; which reduces the duration of effects with Hydro by 40%. In addition Superconductor, Overcharge and Electrocharged have 100% to generate an Elemental Electro Particle (ToE: 5 s.)

If you add other characters you can generate elemental reactions like Electrocharge (with a Hydro) or Overload (with a Pyro).

Best Geo build

  • DPS: Ningguang .
  • Support: Albedo , Fischl and Venti .
  • Optional / Alternative: Zhongli (instead of Ningguang) or Ganyu (instead of some support).

With this type of build based on the Geo element you get the Tough Rock consonance ; which increases RES to interrupt, and when protected by a Shield, increases ATK damage by 15%.

If you add other characters you can generate elemental reactions such as Crystallize (valid with a Cryo, Electro, Hydro or Pyro) or for example Thorn (with a Dendro).

Best Hydro build

  • DPS: Mona .
  • Support: Xingchiu , Hu Tao and Albedo .
  • Optional / Alternative: Tartaglia (instead of Mona) or Venti (instead of Albedo).

With this type of build based on the Hydro element you get the Medicinal Water consonance ; It reduces the duration of Pyro effects by 40% and increases ATK by 25%.

If you add other Pyro characters you can generate the Vaporize elemental reaction to deal elemental damage (the attack will deal x2 damage if Hydro is the trigger or x1.5 damage if Pyro is the trigger).

Best Pyro build

  • DPS: Dilute .
  • Support: Hu Tao , Mona and Ganyu .
  • Optional / Alternative: Klee (instead of Diluc), Bennet (instead of Hu Tao) or Xingchiu (instead of Ganyu).

With this type of build based on the Pyro element you get the Ardent Flames consonance ; It reduces the duration of effects with Cryo by 40% and increases ATK by 25%.

If you add other characters you can generate elemental reactions such as Vaporize (with a Hydro), Crystallize (with a Geo) or Melt (with a Cryo).

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