How to unlock Character Constellations In Genshin Impact

If you don’t know what you need to unlock the Constellations of your characters in Genshin Impact or what advantages they bring you, here we tell you how to activate them by getting the Stella Fortuna.

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  1. How to unlock Character Constellations
  2. Activate the Traveler’s Constellations
  3. What good are the Constellations?

The Constellations are a special section to improve the characters in Genshin Impact . Each character has a total of 6 levels of its own and unique constellation , however these are blocked from the beginning. In this entry of our complete guide we tell you what you need to unlock the Constellations of your characters and what benefits they bring you in the game.

How to Unlock Character Constellations


As we have said, each character has 6 levels of constellations. All are unlocked in a specific order , from top to bottom. You can check its effects whenever you want, even if it is blocked. Now, unlocking them is not a simple matter.

To unlock the constellations you need to get a special item called Stella Fortuna . Each character has one associated with him.

How to get Stella Fortuna?

The Stella Fortuna item can be obtained in a couple of ways at Genshin Impact.

  • Every time you get a duplicate characterby making a wish in Gachapon (that is, a character that you already have before), you will get your Stella Fortuna together with the copy of the character .
  • If for example you already got Lisa and later get her again by making a wish, you will get the “Stella Fortuna de Lisa”.
  • It is also possible to obtain Stella Fortuna by purchasing a repeating character in the Paimon Bargains sectionof the Shop in exchange for Ownerless Starburst .
  • However, the characters are temporarily rotatinghere, so it will have to coincide that the one you want appears.

You see that getting Stella Fortuna is something that takes time and also a pinch of luck and randomness.

Activate the Traveler’s Constellations

With the exception of all the characters, the Traveler (the starting character) is the only one who can unlock his Constellations by a different method than the others. For the Traveler you will not need the Stella Fortuna, but you can get another specific item that will unlock their Constellations.

In the case of the Traveler with the elemental power Anemo , what you need to unlock his constellations is the Remembrance of the Four Winds item . For the constellations of his other powers you will need the equivalent item . This item can always be obtained in several different ways:

  • Main missions:progress through the story missions to receive it as a reward.
  • Adventure Rank:You can get it as a reward by increasing your adventure rank.
  • Souvenir shop:can be bought at a high price in this shop.

What good are constellations?

Constellations are basically like passive abilities that give more indirect power to the characters since they increase the effectiveness of their abilities. For example, a constellation can grant greater attack bonuses when one of that character’s Talents is used, and so on.

  • Ultimately, unlocking all the Constellations of your character will make him become more powerful.
  • This is necessary to have the perfect character (in addition to leveling him up to the maximum and promoting him).
  • For obvious reasons, it will be more difficult for you tounlock the constellations of the best characters (the 5-star ones).
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