Genshin Impact: How to Play Co-Op with Friends

A Genshin Impact has been compared many times with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild . However, while Nintendo’s epic adventure can only be played alone, the miHoYo RPG has a cooperative online multiplayer mode , so in this guide we are going to tell you how to activate it and what you can do in it .


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How to Unlock Cooperative Online Multiplayer

The process to unlock the cooperative online multiplayer mode to play with your friends is very simple, although it will take a few hours. Basically you just have to reach Adventure Rank 16 , something that will take more or less depending on how calm you take it.

Therefore, first you will have to venture alone into the world of this action RPG. You will gain experience by completing missions in the main story, opening chests, performing daily orders, activating statues and other methods that we detail by clicking here .

How to add friends to play in multiplayer

On the screen of each one, a number code will appear that will correspond to the user identity number that you must give to your friends.

When you pause the game, there will be an option to select the list of Friends and from here you can enter the codes that are given to you or accept the requests that you receive. Likewise, you can also block people who you do not want to contact you in any way. Of course, it is mandatory that everyone is at Rank 16, at least.

On the other hand, it is only possible to join those worlds that share the same maximum rank . This means that if someone has world rank 1, they will not be able to play in the world of someone who has rank 2. On the contrary, the reverse is possible.

What to do with friends in multiplayer

Exactly three people can get together in the same game thanks to the cooperative online multiplayer. The world in which the players will enter corresponds to that of the host , but it must be taken into account that at no time will the main missions be able to be faced. These will only be available to those who play solo.

What can be completed with friends is everything else, such as side missions and world missions . Invited players will also have access to the unlocked teleportation points or all enter the different existing dungeons together.

However, apart from not being able to perform the main quests, invited friends will also not be able to open chests, collect certain items, or make offerings to the Statues of the Seven.

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