Genshin Impact: How to increase Adventure Rank

Here we explain all the methods that exist in Genshin Impact to increase the Adventure Rank of your game and the benefits and rewards that you will get for it.


  1. How to raise the Adventure Rank
  2. Benefits for increasing Adventure Rank
  3. Claim Adventure Rank rewards

The Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact is our total progression level , a level associated with our account and that is different from the level of each character that we have. This rank determines the World Level, the available treasures and adventures that we can access and many more options that will be unlocked as we increase it . In this entry of our complete guide we show you all the methods that there are to increase the Adventure Rank and what the rewards are.

How to raise the Adventure Rank

To increase your Adventure Rank you will have to gain adventure experience for it (represented by a square and green symbol with the letters AEP). Generally, you will increase this rank as you play , but if you want to focus on raising it quickly, keep in mind that you can do a lot of things.

Here we show you what to do to raise your Adventure Rank (the methods are ordered by effectiveness):

  • Complete Archon missions:these are the main missions of the game, it is the best way to earn large amounts of experience for the Adventure Rank.
  • Make daily commissions: Fromthe Adventurer’s Manual (when you reach rank 12), 4 appear each day that give you 175 experience points and up to 500 points for completing them all, in addition to other rewards.
  • Complete investigations:also from the Adventurer’s Handbook, they give you 100 XP and can be done as you do other tasks in the game.
  • Make Dominions and Kill Bosses –to receive more amounts of Adventure Experience, although this will cost you daily Original Resin.
  • Level up the Statues of the Seven:to get more experience for your rank.
  • Unlock Teleportation Points –All over the map for adventure rank experience, don’t leave a single one to activate on your travels.
  • Open chests:thanks to them you also get small amounts of EXP for your adventure rank, which at the end of the day can increase a lot.

Keep in mind that each new rank requires a greater amount of experience than the previous one, so at first you will climb it quickly, but later it will cost you more time and effort. There are currently a total of 60 adventure ranks .

Benefits for increasing Adventure Rank

Increasing your Adventure Rank has a very clear purpose and it is that thanks to this you will have access to more content in the game. It is a way to progress in the adventure. When you reach certain ranks you will unlock new playable options:

  • Ley Flowers:Unlocked at Rank 8.
  • Daily Assignments –Unlocked upon reaching Rank 12.
  • Expeditions:Unlocked upon reaching Rank 14.
  • Character Ascension –Unlocked upon reaching Rank 15.
  • Multiplayer Mode –Unlocks upon reaching Rank 16.
  • Battle Pass :Free access and paid options are unlocked upon reaching Rank 20.
  • Region reputation system :unlocked upon reaching rank 25 (although certain specific missions must also be completed).
  • Domains:they are unlocked in different ranks.

In addition, as you increase your Adventure Rank, the World Level also increases , making the enemies stronger.

Claim Adventure Rank rewards

Another advantage of raising your Adventure Rank is that you will unlock free rewards for each rank. These rewards include protogems , blackberries, refinement minerals, character experience materials, food recipes, and many more useful items for your adventure.

Feel free to claim the rewards for each rank as long as you move up one (the higher the rank, the more valuable the prizes). To do this, you just have to go to the Adventurer’s Guild and talk to the character there. For example you will find one in the main city of Mondstadt.

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