Fortnite Season 4: How To Complete All Week 6 Marvel Missions And Challenges

The Season 4 of Fortnite us brings a good handful of heroes of Marvel and, with them, the usual list of challenges that level up faster in the Battle Pass. Below you have all the challenges of week 4 . If you still have to complete a weekly challenge, here are the guides for week 1 , week 2 , week 3 , week 4 and week 5 .


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Challenges of week 6 (Season 4)

  • Register chests in Afflicted Alameda:the classic challenge that asks us to collect 7 chests in an area, in this case in Afflicted Alameda.
  • Eliminations in Campo Calígine: weneed 3 eliminations in the city area located to the south of the map. Due to its situation, it is difficult for the Team Fight circle to end in that area, but if it is difficult for you to complete it, it is the best way to try.
  • Collect stone in Coral Castle:in total we will need 300 pieces of stone to complete the challenge.
  • Consume a legendary fish:the only difficulty is getting lucky with fishing, so don’t give up and if you want to do it fast, use explosives instead of the rod.
  • Consume items to search in Sacred Hedges:as easy as getting mushrooms, apples, or other items found in the area. We need 10 to overcome the challenge.
  • Use a zip line to get from Commerce City to Angry Stacks –it’s no mystery. Thanks to the high-tension cables, going from one place to another will be a breeze.
  • Deal damage after knocking back an opponent with Black Panther’s Kinetic Shockwave – You willneed to deal 1,000 damage after obtaining this ability from Black Panther and using it on opponents. The hardest part is finding her, so keep an eye out for the Quinjets.
  • Deal damage to opponents in Sticky Swamp –this is going to be a lot easier to complete if you try to do it in Team Rumble. You will have to do 500 points of damage to other players in the southwest of the map.
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