Fall Guys: all the tips and tricks to win the Soup of Tropezes test

Fall Guys has become one of the most demanded games of the moment and in which fun is more than assured in each of its minigames. It is clear that the important thing is to have fun, but we all love to win to get more points and crowns to exchange for suits. That is why in this guide we are going to give you all the indications to win the Sopa de Tropezones test .

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All the tips and tricks to win the Soup of Tropezones test

The Tropezones Soup minigame is one of those that is included in the “Final” category , so it can only be released if you have successfully passed any of the previous tests. If you manage to win this one too, you will win the game and take a crown to add to your collection to exchange for costumes.

The objective of this test is exactly the same as ” Grab the Tail ” and ” Grab the Tail by Teams “, with the difference that here there will only be a single player who has a tail equipped and the rest will try to snatch it from him, for what the strategy of trying to hide or go unnoticed here is not valid, because whoever wears the tail will be constantly in the crosshairs of the rest of the players .

The stage has numerous ramps, rotating platforms, pivots and giant balls that move from one side to another like a pendulum. All these obstacles will be your main allies to cause other opponents to collide with them or move more slowly. What is clear is that at no time you should stay still , because the only way to win is by dodging others as fast as you can.

On the contrary, if you are one of the hunters, never go by the exact places where the one with the tail moves. The best method to catch him is to study his movements well and try to cut off from the other side or block his way in some way. If you have him within your shot, you just have to grab him and the tail will become yours, having to keep it until the time is up.

Even so, it is very likely that throughout the game the tail will change hands on numerous occasions and it will be taken away even if you have not been caught. This is due to the lag of the game that will give the impression that they have cheated, but unfortunately, even if it seems like it, they are not, so be patient because until the last second anyone will have the opportunity to be the champion .

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