Fortnite week 8: how to complete all the missions of Season 7

With Week 8 of Season 7 of Fortnite we receive a new ration legendary and epic quests to level up fast in the Battle Pass. This week it’s going to be Jonesy’s brainwashing, uncovering an infiltrator, and placing microphones in different key locations.

Below you have all the missions of week 8 with detailed explanation to know how to complete them and the links to complete guides with map and video in case you need them.

Below you have all the leaked challenges of week 8 in Season 7. We will give you all the keys to complete them with their corresponding guide when they are available in the game.

Legendary missions from week 8 in Season 7

Receive orders from Slone through a public phone

An old acquaintance. The only difficulty is to go to a public telephone and, as we have seen in previous challenges, there are dozens of them scattered around the map. Bus stops and cities are your best option to find a quick one. The one at the south exit of Parque Placentero may be a good option.

Get an access card from an IO guard

You will have to deal with the OI guards that you will find in the stations and in the Corriente Complex to snatch one of his access cards.

Place mics in different key locations

Where are the buses in different key locations on the map : the easiest way to find the 3 you need is to go to the house further east of Sleeping Pools, where you can place three microphones on one side of the house and on both sides of the pool.

Interact with an OI computer

As simple as going to one of the stations and the Corriente Complex to interact with one of the OI computers.

Brainwash Bunker Jonesy, Swamp Stalker, or Mariano the Human

Easy to find. We already visited Jonesy in the bunker in the first week, we will find Stalker south of Sticky Swamp, and Mariano is in the northeast area of ​​Angry Accumulations.

Talk to characters to discover an insider

Where are the characters to discover an infiltrator on the map : if you want to complete it quickly and without breaking your head too much to find the five you need, go to the characters that you will find north of Angry Accumulations, south of Sleeping Pools, to the north of Ciudad Comercio, and on the northeast and southwest sides of Costa Believer.


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Epic missions from week 8 in Season 7

Use shield potions in the same game

As simple as using 4 shield potions in the same game. As usual, Team Skirmish is the best option.

Collect building resources

We need a total of 750 resources to complete the challenge. If you want to do it calmly, in Team Fray you can take it out in a single game.

Visit Coral Cove, Golf Base Camp and Corriente Cabin

Coral Cove is northwest of Coral Castle, the Golf Base Camp at the top of the snowy mountain and the Current Cabin on the island in the north central area of ​​the map. As simple as going to those sites in one or more games.

Build structures

In total we will have to build 25 structures , so if you pick up some wood and dedicate yourself to placing platforms, you will finish it in a matter of minutes.

Complete contracts from contract boards

You will find a contract board in any city with a name that is not Semillero, Ciudad Comercio, Complejo Corriente or Parque Placentero, so it is easy to find them and exceed the 3 contracts that you ask for.

Set enemy players or structures on fire

You know how this goes. The idea is to collect fireflies and throw them in the constructions of Team Melee. You must set fire to 15 structures .

Make a gesture in front of a camera at Costa Believer or Sleeping Pools

Where is the camera in Costa Believer or Sleeping Pools on the map : you will find the Costa Believer camera in the central walkway of the area, while the camera for Sleeping Pools is located in the southeastern section of town. Just step up and score a dance to complete the challenge

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