Fortnite week 9: how to complete all the missions of Season 7

We are already in week 9 of Season 7 of Fortnite and in it we received a new ration of legendary and epic missions to level up quickly in the Battle Pass. This week it will be time to disable a billboard, place a bioscanner and spy probes.

Below you have all the missions of week 9 with detailed explanation to know how to complete them and the links to complete guides with map and video in case you need them.

Below you have all the leaked challenges of week 9 in Season 7. We will give you all the keys to complete them with their corresponding guide when they are available in the game.

Legendary missions from week 9 in Season 7

Receive orders from Slone through a public phone

An old acquaintance. The only difficulty is to go to a public telephone and, as we have seen in previous challenges, there are dozens of them scattered around the map. Bus stops and cities are your best option to find a quick one. The one at the south exit of Parque Placentero may be a good option.

Equip a detector and disable an alien billboard in the same match

The billboards are scattered around the major named cities on the map. If you don’t want to go around the east and west entrances of Costa Creciente you will find the two you need.

Gather resources in the Sacred Seedbed

As simple as getting 100 pieces of wood, stone or metal resources in the Sacred Hotbed .

Eliminate intruders

Travel to an area with intruders (the ones marked with colored names on the map) and kill three of them. The good news is that by killing the first one, you can remove the scanner to find the next ones.

Place a bioscanner in an alien biome

Where to place a bioscanner in an alien biome on the map : You have to travel to the Sacred Hotbed to place one of the four bioscanners that are scattered around the area. The easiest to find is in the backyard at the southernmost house in town.

Place spy probes

Where are the spy probes on the map : You must place three spy probes in different locations on the map. If you follow the road from Semillero Sagrado to the dam you will find the ones you need.


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Epic missions from week 9 in Season 7

Throw toilets with a Grapple

As simple as picking up two toilets in one of the cities with a Grapple and throwing them. It can be in different games. The Agarratron can be found in chests or on the ship.

Dance on an abductor cymbal or as a passenger on a cymbal

It does not have much mystery. You just have to score a dance on a cymbal.

Take no damage and deal 100 damage to opponents in a single match

Fall close to a weapon when jumping from the bus and launch yourself at your rivals to deal damage before they do it to you. A matter of patience and testing, but it is easier than it seems.

Spot an opponent with a reconnaissance scanner and shoot them with a railgun

Get a scanner launcher, mark an opposing player and shoot them with the rail cannon. The easiest thing is to go to Complejo Corriente to get what you need at once.

Drive an IO vehicle with off-road tires

As easy as putting off-road tires on an RO vehicle and driving it. The former can be found in any workshop and the latter in areas such as the stations or the Corriente Complex .

Utilize IO launch pads

You can find the launch pads at any OI station. Just jump on them to complete the mission.

Carries an alien sample from the antenna of a satellite station to one of the entrances of the Current Complex

As simple as opening one of the briefcases of any station and approaching one of the entrances of Complejo Corriente . The easiest thing is to go to the station that is just north of that area.

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