Fortnite week 10: how to complete all the missions of Season 7

The week 10 of Season 7 of Fortnite brings under his arm a new ration of legendary and epic quests to level up fast in the Battle Pass. This week it will be time to install video cameras and visit the sherbet factory.

Below you have all the missions of week 10 with a detailed explanation to know how to complete them and the links to complete guides with map and video in case you need them.

Below you have all the leaked challenges of week 10 in Season 7. We will update with their corresponding guide when they are available in the game.

Legendary missions from week 10 in Season 7

Receive orders from Slone through a public phone

The only difficulty is to go to a public telephone and, as we have seen in previous challenges, there are dozens of them scattered around the map. Bus stops and cities are your best option to find a quick one. The one at the south exit of Parque Placentero may be a good option.

Deal damage to an opponent in Sticky Swamp’s abduction zone

Just go to Sticky Swamp and deal damage to an opponent. If in traditional modes it is very difficult for you, you can always opt for Team Fight (and cross your fingers so that the circle approaches that position).

Pick up a grabber

You can find it in the ship or by collecting it from chests. It is a matter of luck, but do not despair because it is one of those challenges that you will effortlessly complete at any time.

Place video cameras at different ship landing locations

Where are the video cameras in different landing locations of the ships on the map : You must place 3 video cameras and the easiest way to do it is by going to Ciudad Comercio . There you will find three video cameras in the west of the city, north of the commercial area and on a mound to the south of the houses.

Visit an abductor plate

It does not have too much mystery. It simply falls on one of the saucers that are marked on the map.

Visit the sorbet factory aboard the mothership

Another relatively easy to complete. Let yourself be abducted by one of the dishes and you will reach the area where you can jump to the old sticky Pantano sorbet factory .


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Epic missions from week 10 in Season 7

Use the Grapple or Saucer’s Pull Beam to bring a tractor to Muttley Farm

The area of Complejo Corriente is full of tractors. You just have to catch one with the Agarratron or the saucer and take it to the farm to the northeast of that area.

Bounce off a Vaquizer

The easiest way to complete it is at the station south of the center point on the map . Hit a handful of jumps on it until the mission complete message pops up.

Visit Guardian Towers

You will need to visit three Guardian Towers to complete this challenge. It has no mystery and you can also do it through several games, so calmly because it is one of those missions that is completed alone.

Find a gun by fishing

As simple as picking up a rod and fishing until you get a gun. Areas such as Lago Canoa or the islands north of Campo Calígine are ideal for this challenge.

Survive opponents

You must hold out in different games until you reach a figure of 200 opponents who have died before you.

Close-range eliminations

As in any challenge of this style, go to Team Rumble and hit the shotguns at close range until the mission complete message pops up.

Deal damage to Doctor Slone

You will have to do 50 points of damage to Doctor Slone, who is in the central area of the Running Complex .


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