What to do when you fall in love with the “wrong person

Who has never fallen in love with the wrong person? I believe that we all go through this at least once. If this is happening to you right now, rest assured that we are here to help you.Falling in love with the wrong person is quite common, since often the love life is led with high expectations and a lot of imagination. When we dream of meeting a loved one, we create fantasies that often do not match reality.

Who is the right person to fall in love?

First of all, do you have to answer who do you think is the right person to fall in love with? You already know? Usually, we look for someone who gives us value, affection, affection, love, happiness and company. The right person is the person who makes you feel good about yourself, so the variables are many.

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If you’re in love with someone who doesn’t make you feel good, who doesn’t want the same things as you, who isn’t interested in giving you what you need or sharing your life with you, you’re in love with someone wrong, and it probably isn’t worth suffering for.

Profiles of the wrong people not to fall in love

Generally, we already realize when a person can be bored in our lives, if the person is already committed or even married, if he does not care, avoid his calls and messages, if the person is always cheating on you , if the person does not want to start dating and take other steps. That is, if the person is not available to live a love story integrating fully with you.

So, if you find out that the person is already dating, engaged or married, that he is gay, that he stays with everyone, that he is bad character, that does not suit you, your values ​​and your goals. Move on to another.

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How does a person fall in love?

For a person to fall in love there are some conscious and some unconscious factors. Our subconscious is responsible for falling in love and being attracted to people who are wrong.

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The wrong person brings characteristics that are not yet well worked out in us, that are still obscure, which is why many times, no matter how much you don’t want to like someone, you end up liking it, but for the wrong reasons.

How not to fall in love with the wrong person?

So that you don’t fall in love with the wrong person, you first need to work on your self-esteem, keep an eye on the patterns that are repeated in your life, and stop looking for relationships that can bring more challenges and difficulties to your life. Our subconscious brings the traumas we have and the more you get rid of them, the better.

First, fall in love with you

Before you fall in love with someone else, you must first fall in love with yourself, so work daily to become your best friend, the best version you can be. Thus, you increase your self-esteem and start making smarter choices. You need to value yourself first so that other people will value you.

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7 Signs that you are in love with the “wrong person”

There are some signs that show that person is not as sure as we would like. See them below:

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  1. If you fight a lot. Everyone has differences and disagreements, but fighting is not healthy.
  2. If you have a lot of doubts: if you like each other, but don’t know if you want to be together, if you want to take the relationship long term.
  3. If you don’t have stability: any time a sudden change can happen, you don’t know what to expect in the future.
  4. If you don’t support each other and don’t respect yourself.
  5. If there are too many secrets, too many lies, too much confusion.
  6. If you don’t have the same plans and goals
  7. If you are trying too hard to be with the person and they are not doing the same.
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What to Do Really When You Fall in Love with the “Wrong Person” – 7 Steps

Now that you are already in love with the wrong person, you will need to follow some important steps, we have made a list for you:

  1. Understand how you really feel: if something in you says that the person is wrong, it is because the person is really wrong. Listen to your intuition.
  2. Talk to your friends and family: these are the people who care most about you, so go talk to them and find out what they think about the person.
  3. Notice the signs that the person gives you: if you start to notice that the signs indicate that your story may not end well be alert.
  4. See how the person treats you, if because of him you are more or less happy, if he is making you suffer, cry and even disturbing other areas of your life.
  5. Expose your feelings to her and see how she reacts. If she’s not feeling it at all, it’s time to get out.
  6. Time to stop, if you are suffering, take courage and walk away from the person. It won’t be easy, but you are capable.
  7. Start working on your life and improve your self-esteem.

That is, try your hardest to understand what is happening to you and also to the person you are in love with. You may need to get away to meet again at another time or to find the right people who are waiting for you. Everything has its time!

I’m in love with a married man – What to do

If you are in love with a married man, you need to be honest with yourself and understand whether you would accept to be the other person or not. What do you expect from this relationship? Sincerity is the best tool.

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I’m in love with my best friend – What to do

If you are in love with your best friend, first you need to accept this feeling without guilt, see if it is really a passion or just a very deep friendship. In addition, you need to be honest with your friend and together try to understand and live this story. The more you talk the better.

Not every wrong person is the same

Each story is unique, so not every wrong person is the same and some people also change and become exactly what we need. The key is always to put yourself first and give yourself the value you deserve, working to the maximum of your self-esteem.

Transform your life, get out of the victim role

Finally, get out of the victim role, accept that some people will really let us down, that you can feel disappointed, that you can be sad and cry, but don’t let this destroy your life, you are responsible for your happiness before of everything. With more emotional intelligence, you will get there!

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