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Although at any time of the year you have to be very careful so that our plants do not invade pests and diseases , in summer you do not have to take your eyes off the plants so that they do not become infected with the various fungi that exist.

Fortunately there are some products and remedies that you can use so that your plants are not attacked by these organisms and are always healthy. Despite this, it is important to follow some fungal prevention methods so that we do not need to be watering the plants frequently with fungicides.

Mildiu, Roya and Oídio, are some of the most common fungal pests that can occur, especially when temperatures are high, there is rain and high humidity. Remember that to avoid all types of pests and diseases in your garden, it is best to choose native vegetables, which are already accustomed to pests in the area and, therefore, are resistant. You will also have to practice crop rotation and avoid sprinkler irrigation.

Fungus prevention methods

Before starting with the recommendations of fungicides and home remedies, it is important that you do not forget to clean all the tools you use properly so as not to transmit fungi to other plants that are healthy.

To prevent fungi from appearing in plants , it is essential to use fungicides that have an effective formula such as the Flint Max AL fungicide. from Bayer , which you can find in Planeta Garden. This fungicide is advised to apply as a preventive treatment from March to October.

You can also use a homemade method, dissolving two aspirins in 250 ml of water and spraying your plants with this mixture every 15 days to prevent fungus damage. Another option is to prepare a bioprepared with 30g of dried chamomile flowers and a liter of water. Place the water in a pot and when it boils, add the chamomile. Remove from heat, cover and let stand for 24 hours. Strain and apply spraying on the plants for 7 days if you use it to prevent, or use it twice a day (morning and afternoon) if fungi already exist.

With this preparation you can not only avoid, but also fight the most common fungi that can cause diseases. Fungi unhappily attack the leaves, flowers and fruits, generating damage and affecting the development and productivity of the plants, until eventually causing their death.

Characteristics of common fungi

  • Mildiu: generates brown or yellowish spots on the top of the leaves, while on the underside, the spots are grayish and have a texture similar to that of a fluff. However, it is essential to make it clear that depending on the plant to which the mildew attacks, the color may be different. It commonly appears in spring and summer.
  • Roya: it is characterized by leaving spots, reddish, orange or brown on the underside of the leaves, while on the upper face it leaves yellowish spots.
  • Oídio: it is distinguished by its similarity with ash, since it leaves a whitish powder on the leaves from spring to autumn. This fungal disease causes the plants not to bloom and the leaves to wrinkle. The powdery mildew affects fruits, branches and leaves.
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