Eternal: how to find the right card

Tips for building a deck that suits your fighting style

One of the keys to success in the game is to create a deck for your style. Cards are divided into five main forces: fire, time, order, element and shadow. Each has its own characteristics, sharpened for a specific type of game. In this guide, we will give a brief description of each of the powers to make it easier for a beginner to navigate when creating a deck.


Fire offers the most aggressive style of play, aimed at quickly destroying an opponent. Let’s take a closer look at what this power offers:

  • A large number of creatures with the “dash” ability, which allows you to attack immediately after being summoned. Thanks to this mechanic, your opponent will be severely limited in his ability to resist such a fighter.
  • Another popular ability of fire creatures is lightning attack. It allows the creature to attack him first when fighting an enemy soldier, so that he can kill him without receiving retaliatory damage. Thanks to this mechanic, it will be more difficult for the enemy to get rid of your creatures.
  • A large number of weapons. With such cards, you can strengthen your fighters and endow them with new abilities. The great thing about the weapon is that it allows you to instantly affect the battlefield if your creature is capable of attacking. Be sure to consider this feature when choosing the right weapon.
  • Combat magic. Fire magic mainly deals damage, which is why you can also immediately affect the battlefield, which has a beneficial effect on aggressive tactics.



Unlike fire, time is designed for a long game. It is a calmer force that allows you to heal and empower your beings. Therefore, the main emphasis is on the army of reinforced creatures, which are difficult to oppose. Now let’s take a closer look at strength:

  • Strengthening creatures. Perhaps the most important property of this power. A large number of cards are offered to choose from, which can turn the most flimsy warrior into a deadly fighter. Thanks to this mechanic, you will be able to overtake the enemy in tempo by organizing a powerful army.
  • Such cards can quickly raise your hero’s health, which is very valuable, especially against aggressive decks. But, what’s more wonderful, time has cards that are enhanced by the hero’s healing. Therefore, you have the opportunity to create a deck where the treatment will also allow you to create strong fighters.
  • This mechanic is most common over time. It allows you to get a copy of a card with this ability. This helps not only to replenish your hand, but also to create unique combinations.
  • This mechanic is also most common in time. Thanks to her, your creature can attack the enemy at any time. At the same time, this ability allows a ground creature to attack a flying one. In addition, a creature with this effect can use this ability as soon as it appears on the battlefield. Thanks to this mechanic, you can quickly get rid of the most harmful creatures.


Order is a cross between time and fire, as it allows you to play both aggressive and slow. This makes the order more suitable as a complement to other types of cards. The main features of this power:

  • A large number of weapons. If a fire weapon is designed for an aggressive game, then in order it has more influence on defense. You can not only raise the characteristics of your creatures, but also endow them with useful properties.
  • Weakening and destroying creatures. In this regard, the order is very similar to the shadow, however, such magic is somewhat limited. For example, the destruction of creatures with certain characteristics or weakening for a while. There is even a spell that clears the entire battlefield. But it will also destroy your creatures.
  • Amplifying magic. In this regard, order is also similar to time, only much less efficient. Basically, this is magic that lasts no more than one turn. But don’t underestimate her. By applying it at the right time, you can turn the whole course of the battle in your favor.
  • Combat readiness. This feature is most common in order. It allows your creatures to ignore inactivity after an attack. That is, using an attack, the fighter will be able to defend himself on the next turn.
  • Another special mechanic of Order. Thanks to her, your creature, by depriving the other’s abilities, will acquire various bonuses. There are also beings that are enhanced if they become disciples. Therefore, interesting combinations can be created.
  • Almost always found in order. Protection is like additional health, only as such is not health, which is why only some combinations are suitable for it.


All lovers of magic should pay attention to the element. But first things first:

  • It is the element that has the most diverse magic. Basically, these are offensive and modifying spells that allow you to turn enemy creatures into something weaker. There is also a special magic – shackles, but we will talk about it further.
  • Shackles and shackles. The most important thing is to understand that there is a big difference between these two abilities. The shackles are hung only for a while, the shackles are forever. These abilities are often referred to in the same way in card descriptions. Do not be lazy and look at the clue that will point you exactly to the desired ability. Shackles that interfere with creatures fall off if this creature is destroyed.
  • There are such creatures in all types of decks, but it is in the element that the most attention is paid to them. It is not only full of such fighters, but also the largest number of combinations with flyers.


Perhaps the most versatile force. The abilities of the shadow cards are very impressive, but it is worth considering the nuance that these features operate under special conditions that can harm you. Next, let’s talk in more detail about this power:

  • Killing your own creatures. This power has many cards with abilities that require the destruction of allies. Therefore, it is worth using such cards very competently, otherwise they will be useless.
  • Often cards with this ability allow you to get very good bonuses, activating them once, you can get a huge advantage. But this ability is activated only after the attack of the enemy hero, thanks to which, you will have to go for a lot of tricks.
  • Stealing life. This creature feature allows your creatures to heal your hero. But, unlike the same time, your fighters must attack someone. With competent play, you can seriously raise the health of your hero.
  • Another feature most often found in the shadow. It allows your creatures to go not into the abyss, but back into the deck, but no deeper than ten cards. In this case, revenge will be replaced by rock – an ability that allows your creature, when it hits your hand, to immediately be played. Very interesting combinations can be built on this.

Of course, this is only a general and very superficial description of all types of cards in the game. Since you have the ability to combine powers, you can build amazing combinations that represent a certain type of card in a different light. Therefore, as you become more experienced in the game, you will be able to discover more and more unique features for all types of cards.


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