Hidden Agenda. Full walkthrough

In this article you will find a complete walkthrough of the game Hidden Agenda

Sony Playstation 4 owners have a unique game with a bit of uniqueness from a company called Super Massive. The game is called Hidden Agenda . This article is written for people who need help playing through the game and making decisions.

During the game, you need to use a mobile phone if you want to completely immerse yourself in the story mode and complete the game without missing a single important detail.

The game begins in an apartment, or rather with a person to whom the bombs are tied. The police are trying to enter the apartment, but one very strong trouble awaits. There are cameras inside the apartment, and it records all the actions of the police. As soon as the police go inside, the bombs go off and end.

Six weeks later, we join Becky and her partner in the case, a black officer.

Your first choice starts here. Take a stealthy path or shoot at the door. If you go unnoticed, you can avoid the trap with the mined door.

After that, you can start looking for your partner or investigate the girl’s screams. If you decide to investigate the screams, you can contact Tom or go in search of the killer alone, or wait for Tom. If you’re waiting for Tom, you can shoot Jonathan Finn and injure him, or keep him at gunpoint until Tom arrives.

After your shot, an electric trap will work and you will have to choose who to save. Victim or your partner? One way or another, one of these people will die today and you cannot fix it.

During the next series of conversations with Tom (if he survives), you will be able to talk to him and make a couple of comments that may be unsettling or bitter, and also mention your feelings about Finn’s death during your conversation with the boss.

After that, the game will switch to Felicity Graves. During the conversation, you will be able to choose an optimistic or cynical answer before heading into the room to talk to Jonathan Finn. There you will be asked about Adam Jones.

During the conversation, you may be curious and ask about Adam Jones, or be impatient and angry with Finn. If you choose the first scenario, then Finn will share with you interesting facts about Adam Jones.

Subsequent versions of a curious scenario will be continued in a curious one, or you can choose a skeptical scenario and say that Adam does not exist.

If you choose a curious scenario, then Finn will continue talking about the drawn map. You can let him draw a map for you, or you can ignore this scenario.

Alternatively, you can reassure yourself or be pessimistic about the fact that Finn is trying to place all the blame on Adam Jones.

Lana tries to convince Felicity to do whatever she can to get Finn to have leads on the Adam Jones case. You can choose between Support or Resistance. If you choose the support option, then Felicity will go to the judge with a request to postpone Finn’s execution in order to track down Jones.

Here you can choose a skeptical or curious scenario when talking with Finn. If you decide to choose a skeptical scenario, then you can choose an optimistic one or the path of disappointment in how it happened. If you decide to choose the optimistic path, then at the end you will have the final choice: confidence or uncertainty that Finn will be able to lead the police. If you’re confident, the judge will give the police a few hours to track down Jones.

When returning to the police station, Felicity will have to convince the police to leave Finn. You can show incontinence with the detective or pick yourself up. If you are restrained, then Detective Calvari will tell interesting details about Adam Jones.

Becky will ask Finn if he is telling the truth or lying. You can choose an optimistic scenario or a negative one. If you choose the second option of events, then Felicity will have to explain to the police.

In this case, the detective will take the situation lightly, and you may show hostility or restraint, but this will not change the course of events much.

Felicity will ask Becky to retell the events that happened in the trailer park five years ago. A flashback will appear and you will need to choose actions: enter the trailer or search the area.

If you decide to search the area, Becky will turn around and call the control room.

Then you need to find three clues in the trailer. The first is on the coffee table, the second is on the carpet, and the third clue is the bag of things on the chair.

Be careful, as you will have a limited amount of time to find all three clues.

Then Becky will have to help the social worker. Here you will have a choice: escape from the trailer or help a social worker. If you stay to help her, Becky will be able to remove the bomb from her and throw it out of the window, but she will set her hand on fire during this process. But it also turns out that the social worker died a few weeks later as a result of the accident.

For Felicity, you can ask about how Finn escaped, or praise Becky for her bravery.

You can tell the detective that you will work as a team or be upset with him.

You can also be polite or demanding when looking for information and records. If you demand, Mr. Hillary will look at the records.

You can choose to be friendly or dismissive when dealing with Becky. If you are friends with Becky, then Felicity will invite her to his apartment.

During a conversation, you may apologize or become annoyed. If you apologize, they keep going through the notes.

In a scene in a lot, you can choose a thoughtful or defensive scenario where Felicity assumes that Trapper’s target is the third lot. If you choose the first scenario, then some of the police will tell you about the drug problems in the third station.

Becky appears in the next scene and Tom reveals that the detective brought a prostitute and then he was killed.

You need to find three clues in this location. Bullet holes, mouse trap and painting. The painting and bullet holes are on the right side of the room. Tom will ask Becky where she was last night. You can tell me that Becky spent last night with Felicity, or be angry with Tom for asking. If you want Becky to have an alibi for last night, I suggest you go for the first scenario.

During the briefing, you may show interest or detachment about the detective’s case. In addition, you can restrain yourself or be annoyed when Riggs hands you some documents on the case of the dead detective.

In addition, when confronting Tom, you can show restraint or show depression instead of pushing. Then Tom will confide in Becky and tell about the dark affairs of the detective during his lifetime and that the entire department must sort out this case.

You will have to disassemble all the files in the case, including investigating Trapper’s links to various scenes and crimes. You will have a choice of three places to visit, including the location of the first victim: an orphanage in Las Palmas or a crime scene in Las Palmas.

If you visit the orphanage, you will have to find three clues: a painting on the table, a painting on the wall between two windows, and a small compartment.

In the next segment, Becky and Felicity meet up with Finn to travel to Jones’ old house. You can also tighten or loosen Finn’s handcuffs.

You need to find three clues here: a pest control box, a newspaper, and a tent. While searching for clues, Finn discovers that Jones was in an orphanage, where he suffered from a priest and the ministers of the law. Finn will connect the murders of Adam Jones with the fact that the police from the third station turned a blind eye to the outrage that the priest did with the children.

For Becky, you can agree with Jones’ choice or neglect this action. Finn will also tell you that the girl who died at the beginning of the game, if you save Tom, was in the killer’s plan. You may be surprised or skeptical about this point.

Felicity will ask about Becky’s condition. You can be confident and stay with Finn, or be careful and walk away with Felicity. If you decide to stay, then Finn will decide to lure Adam Jones into a trap. You can be curious about the plan, or you can cancel the plan. Finn will continue to insist that Becky let him go and together they caught Jones. You can think about this request or get angry. If you think about it, then Finn will ask again and at this moment you can agree with him or refuse. If you’re confident, Becky will free Finn.

During the interrogation, conducted by Sergeant Riggs, you can defend yourself or apologize. If you start to defend yourself, Tom and Riggs will become skeptical about Becky’s intentions.

Then you can choose one of two locations to visit. You can try to track down Vernon Lemay, who worked in the orphanage. In the next moment, you will have a choice: to calm down Vernon or start threatening him after he tries to escape to the roof. If you choose the first option, then Vernon will eventually lower the weapon.

During interrogation, you can choose a curious or provocative scenario. If you choose the first scenario, then Vernon will tell you about the dirty police in the station.

Becky will return to the scene of the detective’s death. You need to find three more clues: a hidden camera, a bed, and pieces. During the exploration of the room, a mysterious woman will appear. You need to act quickly so that the girl does not warn anyone.

Becky will talk to Tom and share her findings, but Tom leaves upset. If you let Finn go, he will call Becky and tell her that he is at Adam’s house.

Becky wakes up in the hotel and sees that the judge is almost naked on the floor and he has a bomb on his stomach. If you decide to ask who did it, he will say that it was a “whore”. If you are embarrassed, the caller will say that the judge’s heart is attached to a timer in the stomach. You will have a choice: run away from the hotel and let the judge die, or stay and help him.

If you try to escape rather than surrender, you can let Riggs catch you or run into the sewers. The jokes are over and Becky will not get off just like that while choosing this route.

If you were calm at the crime scene and told Tom that you have an alibi for Felicity, then Becky will meet with Felicity at the bar and Finn will inform her of his current location. It turns out that Trapper is actually Hillary and he will try to leave Becky in his car and then run away.

Becky will chase Hillary to his house and you can go inside the house and talk to Hillary. Here you will have two options for the development of events: kill Hillary or keep him at gunpoint.

As a result, the ending will open, where Becky emerges as a hero from this tangled case.


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