Eternal Card Game Decks: The Power of Suppression

Shepherd’s Horn relic blue / yellow card combo: Fat Creatures, Overwhelm, and Self-Heal

Continuing to explore the interesting decks in Eternal , this time taking a look at the time and element combo cards. The combination of blue and yellow is called Elysian, and in this assembly you can combine a variety of properties that complement each other. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the Shepherd’s Horn relic combo , which requires creatures with Overwhelm. Overwhelm allows you to sell the enemy through his units, for example: you hit with a creature 5/5 a blocking unit 2/2, in which case you kill him, and also cause the remaining three damage to the player himself. These creatures will make up this deck, as well as some creatures that fit well into it like the Friendly Wisp . Wearing Shepherd’s Horn, you lower the cost of cards with Overwhelm, and also gain health when you play them. This is a pretty long swinging build, however, by typing the necessary units, you just get a ton of heal and damage. Enjoy!

Deck composition

Since the game is already available on our CBT, the guide will also indicate the Russian-language names of the cards.


The screenshot above shows a far from ideal selection: it includes what was available with Overwhelm. It is advisable to have a maximum of Sandstorm Titan (Avatar of a sandstorm) and more Copper Conduit (Energy Conduit) , as this is a fairly variable unit. Remember that your army is very vulnerable to removal spells, as they do not have Aegis (Aegis) and most of them are single faction, but here the ever-returning Dawnwalker will come to the rescue .

Overwhelm allows you to inflict residual damage on the player’s avatar

  • Copper Conduit: gains attack / defense according to the amount of power spent.
  • Cult Aspirant: 1/1 with Overwhelm, when you heal she gets + 1 / + 1 for each action. For example, if you play Cult Aspirant with two Shepherd’s Horns, it immediately becomes 3/3.
  • Friendly Wisp: 1/1 flying with an important ultimate that allows you to draw two cards when you play a creature with an attack of five or more, and you will have a lot of them.
  • Temple Scribe: 1/1, you gain health and draw a card. Just a quick start map.
  • Amber Acolyte: 2/1, you draw a power card of your choice.
  • Dawnwalker: 4/1 c Overwhelm. An important unit that will come out of the discard onto the field tired every time you play a creature with an attack of five or more. It is ideal to buff him with Xenan Initiation – then the Killer (Hunting) property will be constantly activated again when you exit the void.
  • False Prince: 5/5 at a cost of only three strengths, allows you to quickly activate the Friendly Wisp bonus . Never buff his Xenan Initiation : any spell played on False Prince turns him into a 1/1 frog.
  • Sandstorm Titan (Avatar of the Sandstorm): 5/6 with Endurance, prevents units from flying.
  • Plated Goliath: 7/5, in addition to Overwhelm, it also has a Warp (Portal), that is, you can play it right on top of the deck.
  • Sapphire Dragon (Azure Dragon): Added to the deck on a leftover basis, 6/4 with Overwhelm. However, the ability to fly has helped many times in games.
  • Talir, Who Sees Beyond: An excellent Legendary that can be obtained during the main campaign. 6/6, Overwhelm and the ability that gives all creatures Destiny time (Rock), that is, they will enter the field immediately when they hit your hand, and you will draw another card. Once I managed to put as many as five creatures on the field, turning the outcome of the battle!

Significantly strengthen this deck with the unit Cirso, the Great Glutton . He’s 6/6 with Overwhelm. When a creature is blocked or blocked by this card, it transforms into a 2/2 Pig (buffs like weapons remain on the unit). A very nasty creature for your opponent, considering that thanks to Sandstorm Titan, you will force him to fight on the ground. The addition is gorgeous, but it increases the cost of the deck at times.

Because of Cirso, the enemy will hate you with fierce hatred


There are not many of them here. It might not hurt to add spells like Silence or Dispel to disengage your opponent’s cards.

  • Permafrost (Eternal Ice Shackle): Curse, puts an alien unit in perpetual freeze.
  • Xenan Initiation: Gives unit + 1 / + 1 and Killer. There is also a cheaper analogue, Predator’s Instinct, which however only gives Killer.


  • Shepherd’s Horn: The center card of the deck. All cards with Overwhelm cost one less power. When you play a card with Overwhelm, you gain 3. health. Bonuses stack, that is, units will be cheaper from each horn, and you will get more health. You need to have as many of these cards as possible for the deck to make sense.
  • Infinite Hourglass: A relic that gives all units Endurance. Not mandatory, but personally I really like the fact that when you exit the discard, the Dawnwalker will be immediately ready for the next turn, and not after one.

Even though the deck contains a high value card, Shepherd’s Horn lowers it

Power cards

Time Sigil , 7 Primal Sigil , 4 Elysian Banner , 4 Seat of Wisdom . It is also optimal to have a maximum of Amber Monumen t (Amber Statue) – upon reaching five power, this card will turn into a Rhinarc unit (Nosorotops) for 5/5 s, you will not believe, Overwhelm. However, if you feel a lack of mana, remove the statue and put back the runes.

The deck is powerful but certainly not so invincible. It plays quite well in a ranked game in gold, and if there is enough money for Cirso and the titans, such a deck will become a headache for players and for a diamond at least. A lot of you depend on how quickly the Horn drops, because without it it will be difficult to resist aggro decks. Be sure to practice combining cards with bots or in a casual game.

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