Eternal Card Game: Combrei Party Decks

Deck for PvP-tournaments from the cards of Time, Order and a little Element

We’ve already covered one of the Cup- based yellow-green-blue decks that are very popular with Eternal players . This is not the only option that can be built based on Time and Order decks. Of course, I would like to consider the so-called Big Combrei, but the cost of cards there goes off scale. Therefore, let’s talk about the more affordable (although still not very budgetary) Combrei Party. The deck received this name due to the presence of the Scouting Party card, which performs an important function of quickly drawing a hand. The Combrei Party was popular even before the second set of cards appeared, and with the Omens of the Past, the useful unit Kothon, the Far-Watcher, was added there, which perfectly fit into the composition. And now this deck is well represented in tournaments again.

Deck composition

Playing this deck is pretty straightforward. Your strengths are a solid midrange game, a sufficient amount of silence, protection from attacks from above with the help of titanium, and protection of units with the powerful spell Stand Together (Indestructible Union). If there was a massive wipe of the table, you can easily get cards with the help of the Yeti. Knight-Chancellor Siraf (Knight-Master Siraf) will help both at the beginning and with a prolonged party thanks to the spawning of creatures.


  • Initiate of the Sands (Desert Temple Acolyte): 1/1, +1 Runic Power. Unit for a quick start of the game. If he is not killed immediately, you will be able to play units for three costs already on the second turn.
  • Awakened Student: 2/2 base, + 1 / + 1 for each power card played. If your opponent misses this unit, it becomes very dangerous for him. Due to its two-faction, it is protected from Annihilation, on which the decks with the Shadow rely. And in fact it is simply the best choice for the cost of two strengths in these colors. Remember to play the unit first and play the power card later!
  • Desert Marshal: 2/1, Ambush. When entering the field, you can throw silence on the unit. It is better to play on your opponent’s turn to destroy his strategy.
  • Kothon, the Far-Watcher: 2/3, Readiness. There is a nice inexpensive ultimate: for six runes it gets Flight, and also summons an Owl 4/4.
  • Amber Acolyte: 2/1, you draw a power card. A good option to get the missing influence (see the section on power cards).
  • Knight-Chancellor Siraf: 3/4, suppression. Unkillable by torch and annihilation, so a fairly tenacious unit. Has an ultimate of eight runes: you deprive the Siraph of strength for eight friends, and she randomly summons a creature from the Order and / or Elemental factions and doubles its attack and health. Rarely, but it happens that a unit does not meet the conditions of play, and dies immediately (for example, Idol of Destran).
  • Valkyrie Enforcer: 3/3 flying, silences a creature upon entering the field.
  • Sandstorm Titan (Avatar of the Sandstorm): 5/6, alert, no flying for all creatures. The unit is beautiful simply in everything, except for its one-faction.

Sometimes, using the Siraph, you can draw units that turn the tide of the battle


  • Seek Power: You draw a power card of your choice.
  • Vanquish: Kills a creature with an attack of four or higher.
  • Stand Together: An excellent quick spell that gives all your units on the field + 1 / + 1 and Aegis. Excellent protection against massive sweeps like the Harsh Rule.
  • Crystallize: Deals 1 unit. damage to all enemy creatures and freezes them for two turns. It will help your yeti (and not only) to break through to the enemy. Does not affect creatures that have combat readiness. A good anti-card for an agro deck with a lot of creatures for one unit. health.
  • Scouting Party: Summons four 1/1 Yeti Spies. Each of them has cunning – when you hit the enemy’s avatar, you draw a card. So in a combo with Crystallize, you fill your hand with as many as four cards at once.

Also in the deck there is a relic Xenan Obelisk (Xenia obelisk) – gives units + 1 / + 1 and + 2 / + 2 with strength greater than eight.

Power cards

The deck is very interesting with this. You must have at least one Elemental Influence to play four Yeti, and two for Crystallization. But there is only one rune in the deck, the rest will have to be picked up with banners and thrones. Pay close attention to the balance of power early in the game to play this deck successfully. On your starting hand, see if the power cards match your ability to play the creatures you come across.

All in all, for a relatively reasonable price tag, you will get a stable and highly variable deck that is used in Eternal PvP tournaments. You will also feel great in PvE.

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