Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Guide, Tips & Tricks

Master with us the excellent Retro Studios platforms: These are all its secrets.Welcome to our Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze guide , where we will teach you how to get the most out of this great platform game from Retro Studios for both Wii U and Nintendo Switch .

Tips to start playing

  • Don’t be obsessed with secrets in your first game. The game is full of hidden collectibles and unlockable levels, so you will have time to collect everything when you have defeated the final boss of the adventure and enjoyed its different phases.
  • Take a good look at your surroundings. The secrets are hidden in very clever ways and there is always some kind of visual clue on the screen that will help us find them, such as a banana placed on a cliff, an enemy that gets into a wall or an element that breaks the ” symmetry “of the stage, making it stand out suspiciously.
  • Certain collectibles won’t appear unless we collect a few specific bananas, so try to collect as many as you can.
  • The bonus levels can only be tried once per life or per level. This means that if we fail we won’t have a chance to retry them unless we die or exit the level and re-enter. If you have excess lives, the first option is the most efficient so as not to waste time.
  • Choose your partner well for each level. Both Diddy and Dixie and Cranky have phases in which they shine more than the rest, so using the right one will make things much easier for us. For example, if there are many areas with spikes on the ground or with pointed elements that damage you when jumping on them, Cranky will be your best choice.
  • If we roll next to an abyss, we will have a little moment to jump just when we begin to fall into the void. It is a very useful advanced movement that will allow us to considerably improve our times in the time trials and easily overcome the tightest jumps, so it is worth practicing to master it.
  • If any level gives you problems, remember that in the Funky store you can buy objects that will make your life easier, both when it comes to finding secrets and to overcome a complicated section.
  • It is usual to lose many more lives in the cooperative mode for two players than when we play alone, since many jumps with platforms that are destroyed when stepping on them will require a great synchronization so that one of the two does not fall behind and fall into the void. For these moments, the best thing is for the one who controls Donkey Kong to grab his partner and overcome these sections as a single character without danger of anyone being left behind when the platform vanishes.
  • If you see some kind of dimensional portal, feel free to get into it, as it will lead you to an additional exit that will allow you to access an optional secret phase.
  • The final bosses have several different phases. Every time they change we will know because they will do some kind of special animation where we will see them get angry. Each time this happens, they will change their attack pattern, acquiring new movements and modifying those already seen by versions that are more difficult to dodge, so always be alert and do not trust yourself!
  • When we are going to fall on an enemy or an object or surface on which we can bounce, if we press the jump button again before touching them we will propel ourselves and the bounce we will obtain will be much greater, thus allowing us to reach great heights. You should get used to this movement, as it is something that you will need to use at certain levels.
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