Why does League of Legends freeze in game and how to fix it?

Video games today are taking control in the entertainment of children, youth and adults . They use it as a means of entertainment, but not only this, but also learning, making them catch more users every day. Now, you will be able to implement it in the computers or controllers, of course, this with the help of the monitor hardware.

Likewise, they are used as an application or program that you can download. One of these is the LOL Crashea app, but these may also have problems such as the platform closing itself, crashing in the middle of the game, or League of Legends the game freezes every second or some other problems that affect your game.

But in case if this is happening to you, you should not worry so much, since the solution for it is very easy. You will have to stay reading this article, there we will explain in a simple way what you can do.

Like, in case you are wondering how to fix League Of Legends freezes screen error , look no further, here we will guide you. Read the following guide to find some fixes to this problem that makes it impossible to play normally.

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  1. Causes why League of Legends crashes during games
    1. hard drive problems
    2. low RAM memory
    3. You may have problems with the client or the game in general
  2. How to fix League of Legends issues if it freezes?
    1. Uninstall the game and then reinstall it
    2. analyze the temperatures
    3. Analyze running programs
    4. Update all the drivers on your PC
    5. Use cleaning programs
  3. What to do if the LOL closes when I’m playing?

Causes why League of Legends crashes during games

This is a more common issue than you might think and there are multiple causes for the LOL screen freezes every second. Likewise, it could happen in other games on your computer or PC, causing you to no longer be able to use them on your system, it will affect your hard drive, hardware, RAM, and drivers.

These will present with the same symptoms, that it closes itself, hangs in the middle of the game every second. Next, we explain the three most common reasons for this problem, in this way, you can solve the problem that League of Legends freezes.

hard drive problems

One possible cause is that your device is too crowded or has low read and write speeds by game standards. In this case we recommend you to see the amount of space you have available and if that is not the problem, then look to upgrade the HDD for an SSD LOL.

low RAM memory

Another cause may be that your computer is running out of space, as the years go by the games and programs are updated and little by little they demand a greater amount of RAM memory. In case your PC or Laptop has spaces available to add something additional, we recommend you do it.

Another way to free this so that you can access your platform better and without hindrance is to delete what you no longer think is necessary. They could be photos, music, documents, folders or some other file.

You may have problems with the client or the game in general

Likewise, it could be due to an incorrect installation of the platform or some update, so if you are sure that the problem is not the RAM or your hard drive, then we recommend you reinstall the LOL to be able to fix the problem with your game .

How to fix League of Legends issues if it freezes?

If after downloading and installing League Of Legends it fails, don’t be alarmed, we have a guide for it. Read on to learn more about app errors.

There are many reasons why the League of Legends game freezes , but there are also countless possible solutions. Given this, please read the following information to learn the basic methods to fix this problem.

Uninstall the game and then reinstall it

Many times the failure of the screen to freeze can be due to errors in the files. The cause of the problem may be due to a virus, a power outage or a problem when writing to the League Of Legends files.

If you have errors like that, uninstalling League of Legends and installing it again is something worth considering. Given this, remove the LOL from the Windows wizard, now download the Launcher and install it correctly on the hard drive .

In most circumstances this will fix the error, but fortunately there are other measures. If you still have the problem, don’t worry, there are options to fix LOL screen freeze.

If you do it from your phone you can go to your application and delete this file here, this may take a while and all the data will be removed from there. Then, enter the Google Play Store or Apple app, and there go through the same process as when you installed it for the first time. On a PC you must go to the official website and purchase it there.

analyze the temperatures

In the event that you are using an old computer or a laptop, it would not hurt to check the level of the computer. The truth is that problems with the temperature of the devices can be harmful and cause screen freezes.

Given this, it is best to install programs such as MSI Afterburner or Open Hardware Monitor, the latter you can download from its official website . Here you can enter and with the help of an internet connection, have control of your app, download with an antivirus to avoid future problems. Likewise, having it on your computer or PC, with any device you will be able to do this.

This platform called Open Hardware Monitor will be useful in order to check the graphics and processor temperatures. You just have to download it, run it and see the level after playing LOL Crashea.

Play some time and analyze the values ​​with the program. If you see temperatures above 85c, then the situation needs to be fixed. An appropriate measure is to change the thermal paste of the processor, because over time it wears out.

Having adequate temperatures will be necessary to be able to use the computer without fail when playing LOL or using any application. For this reason, if you play on PC, we recommend that you keep track of them in order to avoid future problems . Ultimately, improving PC cooling is very important.

Analyze running programs

In addition to the above, certain applications can cause problems and give rise to the error that the game screen freezes in League of Legends. For this reason, it is advisable to analyze auto-start programs on your computer. In case you have one of these that has some problem, you have to close it or even delete it so that nothing happens to you in the future.

Update all the drivers on your PC

Updating these is always a good option, this is because they can sometimes cause conflicts with new game updates that by finding outdated drivers,  the problem of the frozen screen of your game.

To perform this action we can use the task manager and go to the “Start” section. There, scan the programs and disable the ones you don’t require or the ones you find suspicious. By turning some off, you can free memory and improve performance if this is the cause.

Use cleaning programs

Using cleaning programs like CCleaner is highly recommended to improve PC performance and fix crashes. Applications of this style always have the ability to clean our computers, something very well said.

There are several computer cleaning programs, but we recommend , for its many more options. Remember that you can configure CCleaner in an advanced way and perform a deeper cleaning of the system.

Similarly, another problem factor is outdated drivers for your game . An old driver can cause problems in applications like LOL, so update the drivers of your graphics and the rest of the system. These actions may be presented with an internet connection, if they do not have it, the way to prepare it is doubtful. How fast it is depends on the network you have the join on.

What to do if the LOL closes when I’m playing?

In case the platform inexplicably shuts down for you, you can try closing it and clearing your game history . In this way, you will eliminate information that is evil. Another way is to restart the phone quickly, but this action may erase the information you have here and it no longer closes by itself every second.

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