How To Fix’League Of Legends does not open’

League Of Legends continues to be one of the most popular games on PC, even after more than 10 years the title continues to measure up. In any case, like any computer application, it is not exempt from errors, so today we are going to show you what to do if LOL does not open .

Solution to Error: ‘League Of Legends Does Not Open’

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  1. Why doesn’t Lol open or charge me?
  2. What are the reasons that the League Of Legends does not open for me?
    1. corrupted data
    2. League Of Legends is out of date
    3. The computer does not meet the minimum requirements
  3. What to do if the Lol does not open?
    1. Use the task manager
    2. Reinstall League Of Legends

Why doesn’t Lol open or charge me?

There are several reasons why League Of Legends does not open, fortunately most of the time they are momentary errors that can be easily solved. In other cases, it may be a problem with your computer, especially if it is very old or has a virus . Later we will discuss the main reasons why Lol does not open or load.

What are the reasons that the League Of Legends does not open for me?

Riot Games has greatly improved the stability of League Of Legends, for this reason, most of the time the problems have to do with our computer, if so, you should monitor the performance of the CPU and RAM. In any case, if the problem is persistent, we recommend that you know the common reasons why LOL does not open .

corrupted data

It is not a common problem, but it can occur in certain circumstances. For example, if in the middle of updating League Of Legends, the computer is abruptly shut down, the data could be corrupted . Similarly, a virus could be the cause, in which case it is recommended to install a good free antivirus .

League Of Legends is out of date

Lol is constantly updated and it is necessary to have the updated title to be able to play. Updates are usually done automatically when you start the Launcher. Therefore, if you cannot start the game, please check that it is up to date before continuing .

The computer does not meet the minimum requirements

Unlikely, since League Of Legends is a very light game, but your team may not meet the requirements. Remember, you need a processor equal to or greater than the Intel Core i3-530 or the AMD A6-3650, 2 GB of RAM and a 1 GB graphics card, similar to or greater than the GeForce 9600GT or the HD 6570. Finally, you require the less than 16 GB of hard drive space .

What to do if the Lol does not open?

There are several reasons why programs do not open, usually performance problems can be the cause. Given this, it is recommended to clean the computer with CCleaner and other similar actions. In any case, if LOL does not open for you, the first thing is to try the following.

Use the task manager

We can use the task manager to forcefully close the League Of Legends process in case it doesn’t start and you can’t do anything. After closing the process, just start the game again and check if it is already working. You can kill the Lol process with the task manager as follows.

  • Press the key combination Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and select ‘Task Manager’ from the options that appear on the screen.
  • Make sure you are in the ‘Processes’ tab, to make things easier, click on the ‘Name’ section to organize the programs.
  • Scroll down to locate ‘League Of Legends.exe’, right click on the process and select ‘End Task’. This will force close the Lol app.

Reinstall League Of Legends

If after trying League Of Legends it just doesn’t work, you can try to uninstall it. There is a possibility that the game files are corrupted and because of this it won’t boot. Therefore, uninstalling Lol and reinstalling it is a good option. This process is carried out as follows.

  • You should go to ‘Start Menu’ and search for ‘Control Panel’.
  • Inside the control panel, locate the ‘Programs and Features’ section.
  • Search for ‘League Of Legends’ and right click on the application, select ‘Uninstall’.
  • Finally, complete the League Of Legends uninstall processand restart your computer.

After the previous steps, you will have to download the League Of Legends again . Fortunately Lol is not very heavy, so you should have it downloaded in a couple of hours. Without further ado, you can download League Of Legends as follows.

  • Go to the official League Of Legends download websiteand click on ‘Download for Windows’ (or Mac if you have an Apple PC).
  • The installer willbe downloaded, wait until the download finishes and run it.
  • Now, click on ‘Install’. In any case, if you want to change the installation path, you must click on ‘Advanced options’.
  • After clicking on ‘Install’, you will have to wait for the title to be fully installed.



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