How to fix League of Legends connection error?

eague of Legends, also called LoL by its users, is one of the most popular multiplayer video games of recent times, with more than 100 million players in the world. However, like any other online game, League of Legends is no exception, thus presenting some flaws when playing.

One of the most common is the connection error or reconnect error. This problem appears in the middle of the screen and prevents a new game from starting, to avoid this here we have some effective solutions.

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  1. Why am I getting this connection error in League of Legends?
    1. bad connection to the server
    2. Internet connection problems
    3. high ping
  2. How to fix League of Legends connection problem?
  3. How to prevent this problem from happening again?

Why am I getting this connection error in League of Legends?

A very common error is LoL screen freeze , but it also has the ability to bypass the connection error. This error is due to different factors, one of them may be that the wireless connection is very low and prevents connecting to the server. Although this is not always related to a bad internet connection, there are also other variants, such as problems with the firewall , high ping, among others. Next we will see them in more detail.

bad connection to the server

One of the most considerable causes of why the connection error appears in LoL may be because the video game server is down. Therefore, one way to discover it would be to ask someone who is on the same platform and check it, or in turn, to verify it, you can do it by consulting the status of the Riot Games server .

Frequently also, the servers are under maintenance work , and, therefore, for this there is not much that can be done but wait for the people behind the game to fix the conflict.

Internet connection problems

Another common problem is a bad Internet connection, checking this before playing is very simple, you enter a different page and check if it loads properly. Likewise, it is a better option to connect to the Internet through cable , since the connection will be more stable. In the same way, you also have the possibility to ask a friend who you know who plays often, how is their connection. This will make you understand that the servers are ready or not. If they are known to work, then you should do this:

  • Check the router, you must turn off and turn on the router.
  • Enter the firewall, click on ‘ Allow an application’select ‘LoL’ so you can ensure that it is not a matter of protection.
  • The DNS, since this is the basic thing is that you enter the app browser, and write down ‘cmd’ here a window opens in which you must write: ipconfig /release, ipconfig /renew, ipconfig /flushdns. This is how the servers will work.

high ping

The ping is what calculates how long it takes for the order you want to be fulfilled to reach the server. You can download it before or after the game. When a ping is very high then you are going to play very slowly , to fix this problem the process is very simple, it will be the following:

  • Click on ‘CTRL +F’ along with the LoL running
  • You have to display a window where you will see ‘X ms’ and next to ‘FPS’ X will be the numbers (they indicate the ping’ and Y the numbers.
  • What is true is that if a value is 200 ms or more, it is considered very slow.

It is essential that you see that the game is updated, because if you play a lot and you have not installed it, then you will have to do it. Another thing is that you close and open the game, since it will update automatically. In itself, it is that the connection speed can greatly influence this to happen. Additionally, it would be convenient for you to close other apps, since this could greatly affect the ping, when connecting.

Other issues that can happen are mid-match disconnects, matchmarking conflicts , and so on. Something that you also have as an option is that you contact the internet company. What can happen is that the entity solves your problems with the game, but you need to indicate what are the events that are happening.

You may have to change your Internet plan , since many times it does not support your orders correctly. Connect your game, it is very important for you to activate play LoL.

How to fix League of Legends connection problem?

One of the main solutions will be that you download the Riot tool, as it can solve some connection problems, it is a light application that collects a lot of data that is used to send it to the support team. It is a last advance that fixes the conflicts of the game or the PC. Updates, restores turret health, shows region issues , etc.

Another of the most feasible solutions is that you do not use a wireless connection, since they are easily interfered with by their surroundings, or worse, with radio signals. Sometimes, when you play frequently, you realize that they have lag spikes. If you want the ability to switch to an Ethernet connection, it will be the best. One of the solutions that could also work for you is that you do not use a VPN , when you connect to League of Legends, it could cause very serious problems.

If you have a Mac OS, then you have the opportunity to update the operating system, which fixes many bug fixes. And it is that, this will allow the games to develop better, and that you stop experiencing lag. The process to make the correction, then you have to click on the ‘On the Mac’ on the left and follow these steps:

  1. Select on ‘Software update’
  2. The app store will open where the available update will appear which you must activate
  3. Click ‘ Update All’and the update available to you will be installed.
  4. Reboot the system to activate

Windows users also have the option to change the updated drivers, the process is as follows: Press the Windows key , type ”Device Manager’ enter the ‘Network adapters’ part. Click on the adapter you are using and then click ‘Check for updates’ to activate the process. You can try to update all the ones that appear in the list.

How to prevent this problem from happening again?

To prevent these problems from happening again, you have to apply all the tips we have said. Also, the convenient thing is that if it happens very often, you contact the LoL help service , it will work if it is not a server problem.


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