How To Fix I can’t uninstall League of Legends’

Video game applications are tools that have a lot of weight. Since, it has high-quality functions so that the game develops correctly. Due to this reason, many people encounter problems on their mobile devices or computers, because their memory fills up easily.

So, such users decide to stop playing and stay away from those apps. One of them is League of Legends, which due to its graphics and game handling takes up a considerable amount of storage. Therefore, in the article we will explain the solution method to the problem that occurs when trying to uninstall the game . Do not worry, because if you decide to return, it is possible to recover the account , after suspensions due to blocking or inactivity.

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  1. Why can’t I uninstall League of Legends from my PC?
  2. How to uninstall League of Legends from my PC properly?
    1. Windows
    2. Mac
  3. What do I do if the problem persists?
  4. If I uninstall League of Legends and reinstall it, will the skins be lost?
    1. How to save my skins?

Why can’t I uninstall League of Legends from my PC?

The League of Legends is one of the most popular games along with Call of Duty, Fortnite and others. Therefore, it has a high rate of users who download the application or enter the service’s website. However, there is a big flaw regarding the weight of the software.

In this sense, many devices are not able to support it. Since it consumes RAM, graphics and memory. Which leads people to delete them. However, you should know that the moment you proceed to uninstall, it is possible that an error will appear . So the method does not complete. Let’s see what this is about.

One of the most constant failures is that the individuals who carry out the process do not make sure that they follow each step. For example, it is known that on certain occasions it is believed that an app is uninstalled just by moving its logo to the trash can.

Which is a mistake, because in that case, the direct access to the applications is eliminated. To remove League of Legends you must enter the internal storage of the device and remove it from there.

On the other hand, it happens that the procedure is not completed and is left halfway. What causes the application to be saved, this occurs due to power outages, low battery, an incoming call, among other variables.

How to uninstall League of Legends from my PC properly?

The reasons for removing a game from your device are varied. Some have to do with the lack of space that we explained in the previous sections. However, there is enough memory on a computer to hold more than 5 applications equal to League of Legends and much more.

There are those who complain because the game is in English and they do not know how to change the language . Similarly, there are people who do not adapt and do not learn to handle the avatars or lose a lot. There are also discussions because the skins are difficult to get, the game is slow and more reproaches. So they make the decision to leave the league or clan and switch to another game.

In order for you to know how to uninstall League of Legends from your computer, here we will leave you each step. This way you can avoid problems and interruptions at the time of carrying out the process. It is important to know that it is valid to run it on a mobile or a PC with any operating system.


The routes to follow are a little different from each other, since they are determined by the device’s Operating System. Let’s start with Windows, Here are two paths, one long and one short , although the latter does not appear on all computers.

Find the League of Legends logo or app and press the right mouse button to open the menu. Check if the uninstall option is found and if so, select that button. You will be redirected to a section known as Programs and Features.

Once there, find the location of the app you want to remove and click with a single click. Two alternatives appear, uninstall or change , select the first and wait for the process to complete. You’ll need to confirm in the box that pops up, so tap on yes.

The long way requires you to go to the Windows link or icon and open the options. After them, in the search bar you have to write applications and enter the one that says that word, more features. Following that, click on apps and features , where you will see each tool, tap on LOL and choose the button that marks uninstall. Some files may remain saved. For example, screenshots or downloaded images.


On computers with a MAC system, that is, from Apple, each step of the method is easier. The manual process indicates that you have to click on the apple that is in the left corner of the screen. In the list that appears, you need to go to the option about this MAC.

You go to a new section called storage. There select manage. Inside it, you have to touch LOL and at the end, click on delete. After that, you won’t be able to play, although remember that it is always possible to reinstall the game.

On cell phones, enter the phone settings and go to the applications section or link. There, you have to look for the so-called League of Legends, click on it and you will see some alternatives. At the end, click on uninstall and confirm the process .

What do I do if the problem persists?

If executing these processes correctly, the error still persists, it is possible that there is a failure. One of the first recommendations is to turn off the computer and turn it on again. Then you have to try from scratch.

It is also plausible to delete the cache of the application. Since the saved files could cause problems when uninstalling the program.

If I uninstall League of Legends and reinstall it, will the skins be lost?

Removing an app from your device will likely cause all data on it to be lost. There are apps such as social networks that are not linked, since the information is stored in an account.

In that order of ideas, it is important to have a username and a password. In addition to registering an email at the beginning.

In the case of League of Legends, you can create a profile, although that does not ensure that you keep all the data. Thus, there are certain things that are removed, perhaps the latest weapons obtained or accessories that you bought. But you will keep the level, trophies and maps .

How to save my skins?

If you want to save skins or skins you have to get them in battle or buy them. When doing that, they go to the collection, so they will be registered in your user profile . Therefore, it is valid to recover them at the time you want.


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