How to update the software of the Chinese Radio in my car?

Android auto driving  has seen great innovation over the years. Adding new and better technologies every time, before our Chinese radio was only used to listen to music on CD or listen to a station. But this has been changing a lot, reaching today to the point of being able to do Google searches from our Android radio to update.

There are cars that can perform incredible functions and that will help you a lot. The new MCU models feature an Android Auto radio upgrade operating system . This is due to the great compatibility that this operating system has, and how easy it is to develop apps for it, and install them through an APK or from the store. This software tends to become obsolete due to the constant release of mobile devices, therefore, it is necessary that you know how to update Android radio or smartphone.

Achieving this is very simple and easy, in case you want to do it with the help of this article it will be less difficult than you think. You just have to follow the steps to the letter without any kind of auto slip.

How to Update the Software of a Chinese Car Radio – Easy and Fast

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  1. What should I take into account before updating my Android car radio?
  2. Methods to update the software of my Chinese radio in the car
    1. If the radio has WiFi
    2. Via USB stick
  3. update changan cx70 radio
  4. Update china radio firmware android

What should I take into account before updating my Android car radio?

When improvements come out for our devices, they rarely make the experience worse. Since you are, as we already know, they are always in order to correct errors or add more functions than they already had. In the case of our Chinese radio, or playback device, these failure fixes can be aimed at the software interface, of your car or smartphone to update Android radio.

To do this series of steps you need to know that the Android auto must be on and in the minimum state, simply turn it on and leave it that way. While updating Android radio, it is very important that there are no power outages during the process, because this can lead to total damage to your sound equipment or when downloading to your smartphone.

If you already had APKs downloaded before and you want to keep them, you can make a backup of their respective installers to have them as insurance and avoid bad moments. The duration of the update will depend on the version of the Chinese radio, since if it is a very old model it will take longer. But this usually takes no more than 20 minutes to accomplish.

If you have doubts or want to know a little more about what to implement update Android radio , you can search online for the name of the device together with that of the new version and check the news and if it suits you to install it.

Methods to update the software of my Chinese radio in the car

Doing this is very simple, you just have to follow the steps that we will give you here so that you do not have failures:

If the radio has WiFi

Depending on the model of your device, it may have the ability to connect to a WIFI network , facilitating the installation of applications, and in our case, updating the Android car radio. But don’t worry, almost all models come with this built-in, there are very few who don’t find this.

These actions are vital when using our device with software , since they resolve errors or Chinese radio failures. In terms of performance, security or visual section, if you have the option to update Android radio, do not hesitate to do it, to carry out this procedure you must be connected to a WIFI network.

Once you have this, turn on your Chinese radio and go to settings, go down there and look for the “about” option , enter and tap on the updates section, here you can check whether there are new versions or not, in the case If you have one, click on “install”.

It will ask you to accept the terms of the software download and you will get a warning not to turn off the Chinese radio or disconnect it from the power supply, so that the process can be completed as quickly as possible in order to update the Android radio.

Via USB stick

To place your Chinese radio externally, you will need your computer and a USB stick. On the internet there is a large library to update Chinese radios , you just have to search for your model in the search bar and you will find the files.

In this same way you can install APK  on your device. But you must be careful when downloading any content to update Android radio, since the application may be fake, causing damage to your computer or even filling it with some kind of annoying virus, causing you to have to carry out a more tedious procedure.

Once you find and download the update file, this, in general, does not weigh more than 10 MB , you do it from your computer, the folder will come compressed and you will have to decompress it. Then, copy the “.img” document to the root of your firmware USB stick to update Android radio.

Then, connect the USB to the computer and go to the settings section, and where it says updates. We give a touch and it will ask us for the installation file, we search for it and select the one that has the “.img” format, and we click accept, with this, the automatic installation process will begin and it will be finished.

update changan cx70 radio

Making new versions of your system appear on this type of device is very simple. But before starting with the actions to be done, you must have the car turned on and in a standby state to update the Android radio. That is to say, it is recommended that it not be in motion while the procedures are being carried out that you can use in any car that has any of these changan cx70 functions .

Remember that when updating Android radio, new options will be incorporated, so if you want it to not fail, follow this great advice. After being in your car, you must verify the software of your firmware and now, if you start to do the process that we will give you.

The Android radio update can be through a wi-fi network depending on the model it is. I mean, if it’s a bit old, maybe you should work this out with a USB or something like update android radio. But, in case if you can connect your Chinese MCU radio, the firmware will renew like this with changan  cx70 software:

  1. Enter the operating system of your device.
  2. Here you have to look for the part where it says update.
  3. Now enter these look for the options until you get the one you need.
  4. Here wait for it to renew, this may take a long time, it depends on the wi-fi or network you are connected to.

Update china radio firmware android

The procedure for this action is the same that you can implement to do this with an internet connection. Just go to the page and click here to update Android radio.

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