How To Get Xm Radio In My Car For Free

How To Get Xm Radio In My Car For Free. XM Satellite Radio offers a subscription radio service to consumers in the US and Canada. The XM service currently offers commercial-free music channels, news shows, live sports and sports shows, talk shows, traffic reports, weather reports, and entertainment channels. There are several places that the network currently uses to broadcast this content. XM receivers.

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How To .Get Xm Radio In My Car For Free..


How To Get Xm Radio In My Car For Free.

How To .Get Xm Radio In My Car For Free..

To get XM radio service, they have to buy an XM receiver, which ranges in price from “free” (for certain subscription commitments) to about $ 250. Plug-and-play receivers come with a base that It contains the tuner, antenna and amplifier. These can be placed anywhere you want. In-dash receivers, which are built in, can be connected to your car dashboard and used as a main car stereo system. Some automakers offer an XM radio and subscription as optional equipment on new vehicles. Desktop XM receivers can be combined with your home or office stereo, personal receivers are fully portable and can be carried on your person, such as a Sony Walkman and Apple iPod,


You must also subscribe to the service. There are several subscription packages available. XM Todo Plus the best of Sirius currently costs $ 16.99 a month (with a family version available for $ 14.99). The basic Todo XM subscription costs $ 12.95 per month (for families, $ 11.95). Mostly Music includes commercial-free channels only, for $ 9.99 a month, News, Sports and Talk is also $ 9.99. XM also offers NavWeather XM and XM NavTraffic as additional subscriptions. There are lifetime and multi-year discounts on standard subscription prices.
Television and internet

Some XM channels are available through satellite TV services such as DirecTV or Dish Network, no separate XM subscription is required. XM subscribers can also access some of XM’s stations on the Internet, through XM Radio Online. Users pay an additional subscription fee, either alone or in combination with the standard XM subscription.

How Do I Know If I Have an XM Radio in My Vehicle?/How To Get Xm Radio In My Car For Free Radio

How To .Get Xm Radio In My Car For Free..

XM is an satellite radio service built into the audio item of several vehicles, as an alternative to traditional analog radios. XM radio item consists of a radio atellite faceplate and a receiver athe

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XM radio is a satellite radio service that is installed in the audio system of several vehicles, as an alternative to traditional analog radio. The XM radio system consists of a satellite radio faceplate and an XM satellite receiver. Some vehicles are equipped with an XM-ready wireless radio from the manufacturer, while in others the XM radio must be installed as an aftermarket part. Determining whether an XM radio is installed in a vehicle is quick and easy.

Step 1

Check the radio faceplate for the letter “XM”. Most radios equipped with XM are labeled as such. This is the first indication that you have the right equipment, but it doesn’t mean that the system is activated.

Step 2

Sit in the vehicle and call the radio. If necessary, press the power button on the radio to turn it on.

Step 3

Find one of the following buttons on the SAT, BAND or AUX radio faceplate. When one of these buttons is found, press it with your finger. The radio faceplate varies by model, but usually contains the SAT button. If there is no SAT button, press one of the other buttons listed above.

Watch radio settings when you press the button located above. If the XM radio is installed and activated, you will see the letters “XM” next to the radio station number. Also, after pressing the band, the XM band will appear.


  • When scrolling through the XM band, if you see only the numbers 0, 1 and 247, it means the XM radio component is installed but not activated. Contact the company to inquire about service options.

How to Activate XM on My GM OEM Car Radio.

How To .Get Xm Radio In My Car For Free..

activated it immediately after your purchase. If not, you will need to activate your account. Instead of activation, the radio might require refreshing, which is so simple of a procedure. Things You Will Need Radio ID Code
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note your radio identification code. Press the “XM” button on the radio to switch to the “band” or satellite tuner. Turn your dial to zero channel. Your eight-digit identification code will be displayed.
Call the XM Listener Care Center Satellite Radio at (877) 209-5079. When the answers are representative, tell the person you want to activate your free XM subscription for a GM vehicle. Provide your radio identification code.
Upgrade your XM radio if the representative tells you the vehicle subscription is active. If you are only able to scan through a few sample channels, your radio probably needs to be upgraded. Visit (see References). Enter your radio ID and click “Submit”.

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