5 Best Brochure Design Software

Best Brochure Design Software.Lorenzo, your best friend, in a few weeks will open a new pizzeria right in the center of your city. Since he is much better at the stove than at the PC, he asked you to help him with the creation of a brochure with which to advertise his new place and you, of course, did not hold back. The only problem is that having never done this kind of work, you don’t have a clue which Brochure Design Software use. Well, if that’s the case, know that you’ve come across the right guide at the right time!

In the next paragraphs, in fact, I will not only list some of the best desktop publishing software on the market (many of which are free), but I will also guide you in their use, so as to allow you to use them to the fullest. And if you need to act directly from your smartphone or tablet, you will find the list of apps in the last part of the post very useful.

So, are you ready to get started? Yup? Fantastic! Make yourself comfortable, take your time to concentrate on reading the next lines and, more importantly, implement the “tips” I will give you. If you do, making a brochure worthy of being called such will be a breeze! I wish you good reading and, above all, good work!


  • Free brochure programs
    • Publisher (Windows / macOS)
    • LibreOffice Draw (Windows / macOS / Linux)
    • Pages (macOS)
    • Adobe InDesign (Windows / macOS)
  • Online brochure programs
    • Canva
    • Other services for making brochures online
  • App for making brochures

Free brochure programs/5 Best Brochure Design Software

As I told you at the beginning of the post, you can use many programs to create brochures : many of those listed below are free, others are paid, but still usable for free trial periods. Some of these programs also allow you to create your own works starting from really well-built models from which you can take inspiration. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Publisher (Windows)

If you have the Office suite installed on your computer (I have already explained how to do it in another article , remember?), You can create a brochure with  Publisher , Microsoft’s desktop publishing solution (available only on Winodows) which integrates many templates. from which you can start to create quality work.

To create a brochure with Publisher, first start the software on your PC, type the word ” brochure ” in the search field at the top of the open window and select one of the models among those proposed (eg. Commercial brochure in three parts ). Then use the tools on the tabs located at the top to format the text, images and use all the other tools available.

The Home tab , for example, includes the tools through which you can add and format text and use other “basic” functions of the program; in the Insert tab you can find the functions that allow you to add various elements such as images, shapes, borders, decorations and so on to the selected brochure template; while in the Page Structure tab there are the options with which to change the page orientation, its dimensions, the background and so on.

When you are satisfied with the work done on your brochure, press the File button located at the top left, select the Save As item from the menu that opens and choose the format and location in which to save the document. Easier than that ?!

Ah… I almost forgot! Even Word includes the brochure templates that can be used in a rather similar to what is seen with Publisher. Consider using this software as well, especially if you know it better than Publisher or if you have a Mac (for which Publisher isn’t available, as I’ve already told you).

LibreOffice Draw (Windows / macOS / Linux)

Is the Office suite not installed on your PC? No problem: you can use some excellent completely free alternatives to create quality brochures. One of these is LibreOffice , a very famous productivity suite that is free, open source and compatible with both Windows and macOS and Linux. Let’s find out how to best use this software.

To download LibreOffice on your PC, connected to this page and, if you are using a Windows PC , press the Download the xxx version button . If, on the other hand, you are using a Mac , first press the Download the xxx version button and then the green button  Translated user interface , so as to download not only the program, but also the package to translate it into Italian (which in the Windows version of the program instead, it is included “as standard”).

Now, if you use Windows , open the .msi file you got from the LibreOffice site and complete the setup by pressing the Next , Next , Install , Yes and Finish buttons . On Mac , on the other hand, open the LibreOffice_xx_MacOS_x86-64.dmg package you obtained, drag LibreOffice into the macOS Applications folder , right-click the program icon and choose the Open item from the context menu to “override” the restrictions applied by Apple towards non-certified software.

Then, close LibreOffice by pressing the cmd + q keys , open the LibreOffice_xx_MacOS_x86-64_langpack_it.dmg package  (necessary to translate the software into Italian) and proceed with its installation by right-clicking on the LibreOffice Language Pack executable and then selecting the Open item from the menu contextual. Press, then, on the Open  and  Install buttons , select the item / Applications / LibreOffice.app from the window that appears on the screen and press again on Install .

After having finally completed the installation of LibreOffice, start the program and click on the Draw Draw item  located in its main window (on the left), in order to use the desktop publishing tool included in the famous open source suite for productivity.

As you can see, the program has a very neat interface: in the  toolbar located on the left you can find the tools through which to insert geometric shapes, lines, symbols and other graphic elements to add to the brochure; in the  toolbar at the top , on the other hand, there are buttons with which to add text (the T icon  ), images (the postcard icon ) and other graphic elements. As soon as you are satisfied with your work, select Save As … from the File menu  to export the brochure in the format and position you prefer.

Pages (macOS)

Do you use a Mac ? In this case, you can create fantastic brochures using Pages , the word processing program that is part of the iWork suite , included “as standard” on all computers of the Cupertino giant. It integrates some templates from which to start to create quality brochures and numerous tools with which to modify them. I am sure you will have a lot of fun using it!

To begin with, start Pages on your Mac by clicking on the orange pen icon with the sheets on the Dock or Launchpad or, if you prefer, using Spotlight or Siri search . After starting Pages, press the (+) New document button from the window that appears and open one of the brochure templates among those located at the bottom, in the Others section (the only ones available are  Elegant Brochures or Museum Brochures ).

Now all you have to do is modify the elements present in the chosen template to adapt it to the type of brochure you want to create. To edit the text in the document, double-click on one of the text fields that appear and type the text you want to insert into it (or copy and paste it , if you’ve already created a draft on another file).

To change the formatting of a text, then, select it, press the Formatting  button (the brush icon located at the top right), click on the Text tab and change the font , alignment and spacing using the menus and buttons that see in the sidebar located on the right.

With the formatting menu open, click on an image you want to modify and press the Style , Image and Arrangement tabs to modify some characteristics of the selected media element: opacity, borders, shading, reflection, l exposure, saturation, position, size and so on. As soon as you are satisfied with the result obtained, select the Export as … item from the File menu and choose the format and location in which to export the brochure.

Adobe InDesign (Windows / macOS)

In a tutorial dedicated to programs for creating brochures , we cannot fail to mention Adobe InDesign , one of the most famous and appreciated desktop publishing programs for Windows and macOS. It includes many ready-to-use templates and a wide range of functions (simple and advanced) that allow you to create all kinds of editorial content: newspapers, magazines, flyers, cards and, what interests you closely right now, brochures.

It has an extremely clear and easy to use user interface, very similar to that of other programs developed by Adobe, which makes it suitable even for students and less experienced users. Since this is a software aimed above all at professionals working in the world of graphic design, it is paid: to use it you need to subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud , which starts at 24.39 euros (VAT included) . However, you can get the free trial version of Adobe InDesign thanks to which you can test its features for 7 days .

If you decide to install InDesign even though you are not very familiar with it, I recommend starting with the brochure templates integrated into the software that you can open from the File> New InDesign menu . If you want to become an expert in using this program, moreover, I suggest you visit  this page containing guides and practical exercises that will allow you to make the most of InDesign.

Online brochure programs/Best Brochure Design Software

If you have come to read up to this point of the guide, obviously the solutions I mentioned in the previous lines have not fully satisfied you. In that case, try the online services to create brochures listed below: you will see that you will not regret it!


A first solution that I invite you to consider to create brochures online is Canva , a service that allows you to create not only brochures, but also flyers, posters, and much more. It can be used for free upon registration, although it must be said that some graphics are paid.

To use Canva, connected to its home page , indicate the reason why you want to use the service (eg. Private use (home, family or friends) ) and sign up with your e-mail address , your Facebook or Google account . Once logged in, press the (+) Other button  and select the Brochure template located in the Marketing Resources section . On the page that opens in your browser, select one of the templates available on the left (under Canva Layout) and modify the elements in the chosen template by clicking on it and using the Canva toolbar at the top.

Using the left sidebar, on the other hand, you can add elements and text to the project you are working on by pressing the appropriate buttons, change its background and load the images to use using the Upload button . When you are satisfied with the final result, then, press the green Download  button located at the top and select the output format in which to download the file.

Other useful services for making brochures

There are other online brochure making services that deserve mention. Here are some that might be right for you.

  • Adobe Spark Post– it is a free online service provided by Adobe that allows you to create brochures and graphic content of all kinds in a rather simple and fast way. To use it, you need to create an Adobe ID.
  • LucidPress– is a service that allows you to create brochures using many ready-to-use templates that are easily customizable. It can be used for free, but to download the documents in their high quality version and to have no limits on the usable storage space, it is necessary to subscribe to one of the subscription plans among those available, starting from € 5.45 / month.
  • Smore– this online service bears some resemblance to the one I told you about earlier. It allows you to create brochures and many other graphic contents including flyers and flyers in a rather simple way. Unfortunately it is paid (the subscription starts at 19 dollars / month), but it is possible to test its features for a trial period of 30 days.

App for making brochures

Do you want to create brochures directly from your smartphone or tablet? Well: the brochure making apps that are listed below might be just for you.

  • Word( Android / iOS / Windows 10 Mobile ) – the mobile version of Word, which can be used for free on devices smaller than 10.1 ″, allows you to create brochures starting from the numerous templates created by the Microsoft team.
  • Pages( iOS ) – this is the mobile version of the word processing software integrated on Macs and which I have extensively told you about in a dedicated paragraph . Its operation does not differ much from Pages for Mac.
  • Canva( Android / iOS ) – is the official app of the online service I told you about in the previous chapter, which can be used after free registration. The operation is almost similar to that of its Web variant.
  • Adobe Spark Post( Android / iOS ) – this is the mobile transposition of the online service I told you about in the previous chapter . It allows you to easily create brochures and many graphic-advertising contents thanks to its well-structured and “clean” user interface. I remind you once again that to use it you need to create an Adobe ID.
  • PostWrap( Android ) – is an app that allows you to create customized brochures through the use of multiple tools that are quite simple to use. The app is free and is only available for Android devices.


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