What are the programs in the Microsoft Office suite?

Microsoft Office is a set of programs developed by Microsoft that have the purpose of offering its users a great variety of facilities in a digital way . Today they are of great importance in many areas since they allow people to carry out their jobs in the most comfortable and fast way.

In this article we will talk a little about these Microsoft Office programs and how we can disable automatic updates , which is usually the initial system configuration. Likewise, we will make a contrast between having this option active or not. That way we hope you can make the best decision about your Microsoft Office suite.

How to Cancel, Disable or Disable Automatic Updates in Microsoft Office


  • What are the programs in the Microsoft Office suite?
  • Why are automatic updates active?
  • How do I disable automatic updates for Microsoft Office?

What are the programs in the Microsoft Office suite?

We will start by talking a little about each program to be in tune about what each one can offer us and thus have a complete idea of ​​what they represent .

Microsoft Word

Word is one of the programs in the Office package that is used the most because it is a text tool that works to create any type of document: letters, theses, papers, reports, among others. The purpose of this program is to offer its users the best facilities to be able to carry out any type of text.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Along with Word, it is one of the programs most used by users, both professionals and students. It allows you to create slide shows where you can place images, sounds, videos, tables, graphics, text, among others. Currently it is the best tool for meetings, exhibitions and any event that needs an interactive support material.

Microsoft Excel

calculation tool that allows you to generate sheets, tables, graphs, make equations, formulas and much more. At a business and professional level, it is one of the most used programs due to the large number of functions it offers to its users. Nowadays it has come to be considered as its own programming language because of everything that can be done in it.

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is an online messaging system that allows you to stay connected with all your contacts, be they business, professional or personal. In it we will be able to send emails, receive them, archive them, write in a direct chat with your contacts, as well as carry out a wide variety of configurations.

It is important to have all the drivers updated to be able to fully cope with the Microsoft Office package, thus being able to satisfactorily perform the different actions that we want.

Why are automatic updates active?

Windows always seeks to offer the best possible service, which is why it always tries to keep all its programs as up-to-date as possible . This is because it seeks to eliminate any errors that may exist as well as improve current functionalities, ensuring a better experience.

To avoid the annoying task of waiting for updates as well as making sure we download them, Windows maintains an automatic system that updates the Microsoft Office package . Be careful, the automatic updates are carried out as long as the PC or the mobile phone is connected to the internet to be able to carry out the downloads.

How do I disable automatic updates for Microsoft Office?

Before knowing how to disable automatic updates, it is important to be aware of what they offer us. Updates are improvements , changes that are made to the program to improve its use. However, it may be your case like many: you do not have more space to store data for an update.

  • In the Start menu we will have to go to the control panel or directly to Settings.
  • We look for the Update and securityicon . We will click on it.
  • A window will be displayed where on the left hand side we will see all the available options. We will go to the Windows Updatesection .
  • Then we will click where it says Advanced options.
  • We will have to uncheck the Offer new update servicesbox . And ready!

We can also go directly to the control panel and look for Windows Update , where we will find different options according to how we want this configuration.

The best way to fully enjoy the entire Microsoft Office package is to have Windows activated so that we have all the available permissions . I hope this information has been of great help to you, do not forget to share it on your networks and until next time!


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