How to get the Vapid Dominator GTT car for free

For a long time it has become a custom for Rockstar to give away new shirts or jackets to GTA Online users , but this time they wanted to offer something completely different, because for a few days it will be possible to get the Vapid Dominator GTT for free , as we are going to explain in the following guide.


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How to get the Vapid Dominator GTT car for free

Thanks to the Los Santos Tuners update that was released a few weeks ago, new ways to obtain some special rewards have been included. Especially those who are members of the LS Car Meet are those who will have more advantages at their disposal, such as the possibility of purchasing this new vehicle.

Your goal will be to take part in any chase or urban race series , but you will have to work hard to be the fastest, because you will need to be in the top five in ten race series.

Once you get it, the Vapid Dominator GTT will become yours . An archetype of racing car that is not afraid of performance improvements and with which you will show off your car wherever you go in Los Santos.

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