How to update the software of my Smart TV to its latest version?

Smart TV is the convergence between digital and electronic television, Internet browsing services, and Blu-Ray. Through the “intelligent TV” translated into Spanish, the beneficiary can enjoy the uses of conventional television, a computer, and a Blu-Ray or CD playback device. For the user to have a better experience, it is essential to know how to update Smart TV software, an action that is carried out from time to time.

How to Update the Software of a Smart TV Easily

Android smart TVs let you browse the internet like a mobile device or a computer. So we can say that to be able to download applications such as Google Play and even download Chrome.

In addition to this, the technology that Smart TVs have has a wide range of components. These are the same ones that allow image quality to be another important point to highlight. The sharpness of the screen shows each object, place, or person with the utmost precision and detail. And in its electronic tools, we will find great advances that are shown to the user when modernizing the Smart TV software through updates.

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  1. Why is it important to update my Smart TV software?
    1. What can happen to my Smart TV if I don’t update it?
    2. Recommendations before updating the operating system of a Smart TV
  2. Update methods for an Atvio, Samsung, or other brands Smart TV
    1. Using Android System Settings
    2. Update Android smart TV by USB
    3. Through an online update

Why is it important to update my Smart TV software?

Being designed with intelligent technology, the Smart TV of brands such as SONY, LG, Samsung, and Hisense allows connection to a Wi-Fi network or any other mobile device; in addition to access to the contents of the platform on the Internet. Due to this, its previous configuration requires the update of your operating system or software.

Therefore, access to premium content on some channels or program packages requires a fully functional operating system. But for some users the software update process is a bit tedious and complicated, however, doing it is actually very simple.

When a de-update occurs, the usefulness of the TV is lost, being able to block and stop working. Above all, we should not wait until the last minute passes, to start executing updates. Chances are, no apps can be downloaded and if it still works, they will stop using them.

What can happen to my Smart TV if I don’t update it?

Smart TV developers are constantly working to bring their users new technologies and update Smart TV software, especially from well-known brands like Sony. So that they can simplify the work of dealing with them and maximize their experience.

  • Therefore, if the TV is not updated on a recurring basis and the artificial intelligence of the TV is left aside, we will not use the latest advances in technology and applications. To achieve user comfort they have implemented new settings, among them the following stand out:
  • Voice search is a crucial tool for users. With it and through the integrated microphone, the user can navigate between the contents of the online platform more easily and quickly.
  • The Smart TV has an option with which the user can manage the device from his mobile phone to command it over great distances, using your cell phone as a remote control. For this, only the download of some applications is required. In addition, the connectivity between the two allows multimedia content to be shared easily.
  • The new Smart TV devices also allow the content to be copied to a device or pen drive (portable USB memory that allows downloading and storing various files) through a USB port. New technologies, without a doubt, have managed to change and improve the way we enjoy ourselves at home.
  • Smart TVs have perfected the art of the small screen and have included cinema, cable TV, satellite internet, Blu Ray playback and have made managing all of these platforms much simpler.

Recommendations before updating the operating system of a Smart TV

One of the main recommendations that you should take into account will be to make a backup in the cloud or any application. Especially before updating because it may be possible that some things are deleted at the time of the update.

To update the Firmware of your Smart TV, whether from Sony or any other, correctly and safely, you must follow the following steps:

  1. You have to be sure that your computer is connected to the internet, either by LAN or Wifi connection.
  2. Then enter the Settings menu, there you will enter network settings and select where it says check for updates.
  3. If there are updates available, they will appear on the screen.
  4. You must select download, which is a process that takes several minutes (do not turn off or unplug the TV during the process).
  5. If there are no more updates available, select confirm to exit.
  6. And ready your system will be updated.

You can restart the TV and turn it off, removing it from power, so that it saves changes to its system. Although this is done automatically, it is worth doing it this way, so that we have no doubt that everything has been installed or updated correctly.

Update methods for an Atvio, Samsung, or other brands Smart TV

The first point to highlight is that it is necessary for the device to be connected to the internet so that when updating the Smart TV software of the Atvio, Samsung, and LG, among others, it is possible. After fulfilling this essential requirement, you must follow the following procedure:

  1. Press the “Menu” button on your remote.
  2. Depending on the type of Smart TV you have, select the option “Technical support” or “Assistance”.
  3. Next, you will find a drop-down panel of options and you must click on “Software update”.
  4. Then check on “Update Now Atvio”.

Updates appear available. Because this is one of the utilities that intelligent systems have. It should only be indicated that the update is started in the correct way.

  • However, we could get with the case, that there is no update available. In such a way that the same software will tell you not to be able to update the Smart TV. The message that appears is the following:
  • “You have no new updates at this time” in this case you just have to press accept. If you find and update, you’ll just notice a message at the end that says, “Update.”

Using Android System Settings

The first basic thing you need to do is connect your Smart TV to an Internet connection. Then you need to do the following:

Press the “Menu” button on your console. For the latter, depending on the brand of your TV, click on Support or Support. In the menu that will open, click the “System Update” option and check where “Update Now” appears.

If there are no updates, it will indicate that there are no updates available at this time. Also, if you find any software, click update now and the download will start; At the end of this process, you will receive a notification that your update is complete and that’s it.

Update Android smart TV by USB

To be able to update Smart TV software it is necessary to have an internet connection, otherwise, you will not be able to run it, or there is also another way to do it that would be using a computer and a USB memory. If you do not have an internet connection, you have the option to update your system by USB and a computer and you must follow these steps:

  1. Search the TV model code on the web and download it.
  2. Then you store it in the USB mechanism.
  3. Insert the USB device into the slot on the TV.
  4. The firmware update will start automatically to update Smart tv software.

Very important: 

  • Do not turn off the TV or unplug the USB drive during the ‘USB firmware update process.
  • You can find the TV code on the back.

Through an online update

Unrecognized or Chinese brands may be difficult to configure because they do not simplify the user experience. That is why it is easier to update a Smart TV through an update or file replacement. Doing it through the search engine and placing it at once in the TV folder.

Similarly, it is best to download the updates recommended by the manufacturer of the television. But, in case it is not needed, you will not have any pending skipping the need to update smart TV software with an update. To update it automatically, go to Settings and then to System, in such a way look for the About option and finally touch System software update.

We hope that this article has helped you to update smart tv software by USB memory or by other means. However, we would like to know your opinion on this electronics post, Have you been able to update the Software of a Smart TV in a simple way? Do you consider Smart TV technology important? Leave us your answers in the comments.


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