How to download and update Netflix to the latest version

Netflix is ​​one of the most popular streaming platforms today; what has made no person go unnoticed in the face of the benefits it offers and what a good offer it is if we are talking about audiovisual entertainment. It is for this reason that it is very common for all of us to have an account on this platform, and to enjoy the service and varied content month after month.

How to Download and Update Netflix to the Latest Version on Android, iPhone, Windows and Smart TV

In addition, it is very easy to use it from any device: You can have Netflix on your mobile, PC or smart TV. To do this you just have to download and configure the app in simple steps, and thus you will never stop staying connected in space. With what benefit in return? The best in series, movies and documentaries… Learn here how to download and update Netflix on all your devices!

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  1. How can I download and install Netflix on my devices?
  2. How can I update the Netflix app from any of my devices or Smart TVs?

How can I download and install Netflix on my devices?

In order to use the account you have acquired, you will necessarily have to have the platform active on your devices. So, and in case you do not have Netflix downloaded in your application vault, the first step is to locate the program to be able to enjoy its options. This is achieved by installing the application developed according to your team ; then… Let’s get to work!

If they are Android or iPhone devices: locate the application store corresponding to your operating system; that for Android you download the Google Play Store and for iPhone the Apple Store. Then, write in the search engine “Netflix” and click on the option that appears; immediately you can click on “download” and wait for 100% completion. When the application is finished, it will be automatically synchronized and what will remain is to enter the account data to start using it.

If it is a PC that uses Windows: one of the advantages is that you can install it on your computer that uses Windows 8, 9 or 10, but also use it through your trusted browser. If what you want is to forget about going to whenever you want to watch something; locate the Microsoft Store from the search engine or the menu. Here it only remains to locate Netflix, install the application and place it on the desktop if what you want is to have it on the desktop at a glance.

If it is a Smart TV: it is usually already integrated into the operating system of your smart TV; even, many of them have a direct access through remote control , or it is in the startup of the computer. However, in case you don’t get it, do the following: Enter the Store according to the company> Search for ‘Netflix’ and download it. If there is no Store, you can do it from the browser: Search ‘APK Netflix application’> Download APK application.

How can I update the Netflix app from any of my devices or Smart TVs?

Precisely because of the demand, this application is constantly updating its interface… Likewise, there are regular updates that improve the image, add usage options or resolve bugs. You can set them to update automatically when on Wi-Fi; but, if you doubt the validity of your app, see here how to update it to its most recent version:

  • If it is an Android:Play Store> Menu> My applications and games> “Update all” or search for Netflix and click on “Update”.
  • If it’s an iPhone: App Store> Updates> “Update all” or click only on Netflix to have a new version available.
  • If it is Windows,the procedure is similar: Enter the Microsoft Store and locate the three-point menu that is in the upper right corner of the portal. Then, select “Downloads and updates” and look at the section that says “Available updates”; you can choose to update everything, or select only Netflix by clicking the down arrow on the right side.
  • If it is a Smart TV, locate the equipment store: Go to Netflix, and press the “Enter” option for several consecutive seconds until the menu is displayed. Then, click on “Update” and, if there are applications, the new version will automatically start downloading. If you have an APK, access it from the browser and download a more recent one than the one you had installed; to do this, look at the version numbers.


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