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The confinement by the Covid 19 has brought as a result, that many have decided to record videos to be able to entertain themselves . For this reason, they began to use CapCut on a large scale, which is a video editor that gives you a variety of functions that you will not find in other editors. For this reason, this editor belonging to the Tik Tok library is widely used and even more so when said social network has become widely known.

Tik Tok, is the Application with the most downloads  worldwide, having as a prominent function the Frozen Frame , which is currently a trend. But many people want to create videos in that freeze state just like in a frame, so ‘How to create a video with a freeze frame from your TikTok account? and What is the process to freeze a frame in a video from your computer? This article will show us how we can do it.


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  1. How to create a video with a freeze frame from your TikTok account?
  2. What is the process to freeze a frame in a video from your computer?
    1. In Final Cut Pro
    2. With Filmora Video Editor

How to create a video with a freeze frame from your TikTok account?

A frozen frame is a condition where you are going to see the member or members that appear in a frozen fragment of the video, and in the other fragment he continues to perform his different movements. Doing this effect has turned out to be very impressive and fun for many of its members. They have carried out various challenges within the TikTok social network that has trended many songs, different individual and group choreographies, and also lists of established editions intrinsically provided in their choices. With all that being said, ‘How to create a video with a freeze frame from your TikTok account?’, Here we bring you the super simple step by step :

  • First, the member has to place the option titled Trends that you can find at the bottom of the screen when you go to enter TikTok.
  • Second, the user has to place the words Freeze frame or also freeze frame challenge. When you do, the various videos recorded by other people who are using said effect will come out.
  • Third, look towards the top of the screen, and there you will see a choice that shows how to save the effect, and this is titled Add to favorites.
  • Fourth, when you have already saved said effect, you must open the main screen so that you can start hanging the message and click on the + sign which will show you ‘the frozen frame trend movement ‘.
  • Fifth, after having placed the effects, click on record and then place yourself in the place you want to freeze, and when you choose the positions, you have to press the screen, then the image will be automatically stopped.
  • Sixth and last, go back and enter the freeze frame and proceed to perform whatever dances or said moves you want to do. What you are going to obtain as a result is an entertaining and jovial video, where you will be able to visualize a duplicate effect of the image.

What is the process to freeze a frame in a video from your computer?

Have you noticed that most of the people nowadays love to experiment various effects to make their videos look more fantastic ? For example, they perform an immobile drama or Frozen, to provide a result of unexpected reactivation of a stopped act, delay of a dynamic event or focus gaze on a fragment of your video, and all this is only to narrate its moments. most touching, playful, or funny in your story.

Therefore, if you are reading this article it is because you would love to add that freezing effect in your videos to give joy, emotion or character to your own or family story. But that is not a problem, because the process to freeze a frame in a video from your computer is really very simple. You can even add action or subtitles with these types of editors. Hence, below we will explain ‘What is the process In Final Cut Pro and With Filmora Video Editor’.

In Final Cut Pro

‘The process to freeze a frame in a video from your computer in Final Cut Pro is simple, because what it really does is keep a frame immobile or frozen , stagnating the operation on the screen for a period of time. In Final Cut Pro it is possible to set freeze frame clips from another video clip that is on the timeline or just from the browser. In case you want to make a freeze frame clip through the latter, it will simply attach itself to the main demo at the playhead focus as if it were a connected clip.

In case you don’t want to make a different clip for said freeze frame, what you could do is just an interrupt fragment, which will temporarily stop the operation by means of a clip. It should be noted that in the event that you want to make fragments of interruption, this will require more precise control, mainly when establishing variable speed effects. And this is done through the Create suspension segments option in Final Cut Pro, already knowing this, do the following process :

  • First, Move Skimmer or the playhead to that frame you want to freeze, start the clip playing. Then the Playhead should be positioned on a clip on the timeline.
  • Second, choose the Edit option and then Add the freeze frame by just clicking on the + F key.
  • Third, your freeze frame is going to be added to the plan one way or another, depending on whether it was done via the timeline or said browser.
  • Fourth, if you’ve already done the freeze frame via a timelineclip , it will insert a different freeze frame clip into the Skimmer focus or via the playhead on the timeline.
  • Fifth, if you’ve made the freeze frame via a browser clip, it will be joined as a docked clip to a different freeze frame clip in focus of that timeline’s playhead.

With Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor is a well-designed tool with a very user-friendly interface that can pleasantly assist you in perfecting freeze frame video from your computer. It should be noted that this has a variety of characterization choices in conjunction with each of the designs, such as: color reform, speed fixes, remove watermarks , and other additions. It is important to note that this instrument also gives you matching to Windows and Mac devices.

The fact that this instrument works with Windows and Mac devices , obtains a great benefit as a result, since in this way you will be able to adhere in an agile way through any site. At the same time, it manages to process more than 145 file dimensions, making you see that you shouldn’t worry about your choice. So, we simply encourage you to download Wondershare Filmora on your computer and then start the editing process of freezing a frame in a video in an amazing way. With Filmora Video Editor you can freeze a frame in a video from your computer’ like this:

  • First, you must import the files that are multimedia by clicking on the Import option, since in this way you will explore your file folders or simply slide and release said files on the main window. It should be noted that this editor accepts various types of multimedia files, where you can also run the following: TS, M4V, MKV, MOV, MP4, MTS, DV, 3GP, M4V, WMV AVI, among others.
  • Second, once all the aforementioned files have been loaded, they will be displayed in thumbnails on the Media Library.
  • Third, you will have to take these files by sliding them to the timeline of your video. It’s important to keep in mind that, by default, all those files in the videotimeline will be merged without being suspended .
  • Fourth, proceed to play your video to which you are going to make a frozen image and stop it at the time that you see most appropriate or correct.
  • Fifth, proceed to click the stamp titled Snapshot, which you will see at the bottom of the Viewer panel. Soon, you will see an image being added to the media library, push that image to the PIP option above the main video and adjust the freeze framepermanence .
  • Sixth, at this point you have already made your video freeze frame, and what you must do in addition are the adjustments by double-clicking on the image stamp to expose the editing window.
  • Seventh, in said editing window you will be able to rotate the image 90 degrees as indicated by the clock, also proceed to adjust the time, its brightness, as well as the contrast.
  • Eighth, choose the result of zoom, fade in, zoom in and the zoom out option which are located in the panel titled Movement. Then proceed to Save all your editingand when you are ready, simply click on the option called Export.
  • Ninth, you will see a pop-up window, proceed to choose through the different format choices so that you can proceed to save the edited results on your computer, or if you wish, upload it at once to social networks or web pages such as: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsAppor Twitter so you can share it with all your contacts.  

In addition to all this, in case you want to place the subtitles on the frozen frame of your video, click on the option titled Text / Credit, which is located on the toolbar and choose your preferred record to personalize your video a little more. . It should be noted that the permanence of time, the dimension, the zoom effect or the zoom out effect can really be adjusted.

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