Guide Yo-Kai Watch 2 Fantasqueletos y Carnánimas, tricks and tips

Delve into the world of Ghosts and Carnánimas in our complete guide to the new Yo-Kai Watch.

Welcome to the Yo-kai Watch 2 Vandal guide , in which you will have the keys to enjoy the new adventure developed by Level 5 and starring the yo-kai, those beings from Japanese popular culture who are invisible to the sight but locatable with a Yo-kai watch. The guide contains both general tips to get the most out of the game and the solution to the missions, to make the gaming experience smooth and enjoyable.

  • Important: All QR codes to get coins and Yo-Kai
  • Yo-Kais that we got at the Expendekai


  1. General tips for playing
  2. What are the apps on the Yo-kai Pad for?
  3. The combat
  4. Key sites for each scenario
  5. Ignóculo, Telesmir, and Trielesmir locations locations
  6. Main missions of the story

General tips for playing

  • To find a yo-kai you have the indicator at the top rightof the screen. To change from the day or night marker to the yo-kai detector, press the upper part of the crosshead and it will change to this indicator, which is activated by the proximity of a yo-kai. If it turns red and a letter appears indicating the rank of the yo-kai located, look near your character for a place where a magnifying glass appears (usually a tree, lamppost or garbage can) and press A You can use the slide button or the touch button. You must look for a purple cloudwhich marks the position of the yo-kai. Follow it until the reveal meter is complete. If the indicator turns purple, directly activate the magnifying glass with the Y button and search around the character.
  • If you don’t need the experience orbs you find, save them for when you have the mission “Training Sleeper in Fleece”,because the puppy is not too powerful, but when it evolves and becomes the Alpha Lion it is a good fighter and the orbs they are a great way for you to evolve fast. You can also raise him a few levels and take him protected in the rear until he evolves.
  • Sometimes you will discover Questions that give you three cluesto define a yo-kai. When you know the name you will have to invoke it and some event will happen.
  • Throughout the adventure you will receive many yo-kai medals, but you will fight with a small group. Those that do not serve you to make fusions or have a specific mission such as activating a question can be used in the almagia to make soul gemsand crystallize their power (losing friendship). You can then join several of these gems to assign the item to a yo-kai and give it more power.
  • For a yo-kai to become your friend, you have several options: use a cointhat you have found in the game in the vending machine (you can also use the console’s own to obtain objects), because the story requires it or because the Yo-kai decides after fighting with you, especially if you give him the right food during the fight.
  • The mystical portals are hidden rooms that you find with the clock. Inside you must pass a test such as winning a number of fights or escaping in a specified time. If you succeed, you will get Portal Spheres that you can use in the mystical portals ofthe North Museum of Pumpkin Pond.
  • If you are on the streets at night you can suddenly find yourself immersed in the Sudden Nightmare mode, which takes you inside a restricted area where Gargantúois , an oni (similar to an ogre that will chase you if it discovers you), and several sentinel eyes patrolling the streets. If your eyes detect you, the oni will chase you and you will be lost. In this mode you cannot access the menu to use any object, but around the stage there are some that you can collect and use (be careful, you can only carry one). After a while an exit door appears. Harvest as many orbs as you can until then without being detected and then make your way to the door so you can use those orbs at the oni vependekai.
  • Sometimes you will find Noguío for a stage. It is a blue yo-kai with one eye, pointy hat that carries a little flag in one hand and the other is a gigantic hand. Follow him and after a while he stops, disappears and leaves a box with an object inside.
  • In the steps where there is a traffic light,you must press the button and wait for it to turn green to cross. If you skip the traffic light several times, Sacoco appears to teach you a lesson and it is difficult to beat him.
  • Don’t forget to equip yo-kai with items such as talismans that reinforce their weak points. Stacking several gems can be a good option. Check the items every now and then in case you can substitute something better.
  • In some places you will find lottery ticketsthat are exchanged in the candy store Candy sweets for objects. As the game progresses, fewer prizes will remain.
  • Bike racesare another option for you to have a good time. You can play them when the clock reaches a level B. In the races you have to keep an eye on each screen, because you must see what yo-kai can bother you, but also objects that you can pick up from the road and use to go faster. The rewards are quite high in experience.
  • To catch bugs,you put the lens on the animal and press A, a circle with incomplete parts appears and a kind of roulette wheel begins to turn that you must stop by pressing A. If it stops in an area where the circle is drawn, you will catch the animal , but keep in mind that it takes a while to stop. One of the zones is red. If you stop there, the animal will be unusual. Sometimes luck plays in your favor or against you. In some cases you will have to overcome a second minigame that is practically the same, but in this case the needle stops instantly.
  • In some cases there are closed doors with relocks that are opened with the Yo-kai Watch,but the Yo-kai Watch has to have the necessary range.
  • If you find a can in the middle of the road, you should kick it to the recycle bin.

What are the Yo-kai Pad apps for?

Although the game’s menu is visually very clear, you end up with so many options that it can be a bit confusing. These are the functions of each application that “installs” on the Yo-kai Pad:

  • Inventory:Contains all the items you carry: food, items, animals, equipment, and key items
  • Missions:Here are the requests, tasks and missions of the story that you must complete to advance. You can have the indicator activated for a story mission (in red) and a task or request (in blue). After completing a mission in the story, which are marked with a key, you will have an extra scene that can end well (and you receive an extra item) or badly (and you receive nothing).
  • Diary:To save game. It will not always be available. When you save the game time you have been and the date of the save is also marked.
  • Help:Explanation of the most important details, such as the controls, the use of the radar or the medalium.
  • Options:the basic options of the game, the background you want, music, effects, if you want the automatic or fixed clock and the objective.
  • Fauna collection:In each animal it indicates the area where you can find it. It is divided into those that you catch with the butterfly catcher and those that you fish.
  • Medals:The teams that you have formed and the medals of the yo-kai that are your friends. You can only change the formation of your teams if you are in the protagonist’s room or speaking to an ignorant.
  • Medálium:It is the catalog of all yo-kai. Of those that you have met and are not friends you will have only
  • Yo-kai Zones:Sometimes characters tell you about strange events somewhere. You will have to investigate with your magnifying glass to see who the responsible yo-kai is.
  • Trophies:The internal trophies of the game for accomplishing objectives. There are 25 gold, 30 silver, and 35 bronze.
  • Yo-kai camera:Take a photo with the console of a person and a yo-kai will appear next to him. You have daily challenges and they give you rewards at the post office for taking more photos or getting the challenge
  • I-criminals.
  • Everything you do is stored and the profile of the people with whom you have crossed and exchanged yo-kai is seen. You also set the profile that those you come across or exchange medals will see.
  • Combat:Here you register your official team to face friends in person or players from all over the world and fight for your faction (Fantasqueletos or Carnánimas) globally.
  • Medal exchanger:Use local game mode or online game to exchange yo-kai medals.
  • Yo-kai Watch Blasters. Allows up to four players to enter Sudden Nightmare mode, but controlling a Yo-kai instead of Kate or Nathan. It can be played locally or online.
  • It tells you the weather in the three cities and the probability that you will enter Sudden Nightmare.
  • Invocation:Call a yo-kai whose bracelet you already have

The fight

The attacks are automatic, taking turns, but you can intervene to manage the strategy of the group, decide the target that the yo-kai are going to attack or to launch special attacks.


Your team is represented in a wheel with six fighters, three go to the front – and they are the ones who receive the blows – and three in the rear. When placing them, keep in mind that there are eight yo-kai tribes and that if you put those of a tribe together they get interesting bonuses.

The choice of the yo-kai that compose it depends a lot on your style of play, but, if you do not want to complicate yourself, the game has the option of automatic selection of equipment (either balanced, more focused on attack or defense) . To activate the automatic teams you must be in your room or with an Ignóculo giving the option “change yo-kai” and then “my teams”.

There are four strategies that a yo-kai can perform: Attack, Technique, Guard, and Spirited, but it can also wander. To avoid this you can take a yo-kai that has Intimidation (like Kappafalso) and prevent the yo-kai from wandering around.

The normal attack is automatic, but you decide when an animáximum is launched. For this it is necessary that the yo-kai’s spirit meter is complete (you will know it because the “ready” sign appears if it is in the vanguard of the group. Then you press the animáximum button and choose the yo-kai you want to use You complete the minigame and when it is the yo-kai’s turn, he will launch it.

It is convenient that in the case of healers they have a lot of speed, which you can improve by using amulets that the yo-kai is wearing or using objects that temporarily improve it.

The objective button is used to mark a specific enemy or a part of the enemy’s body in the case of some bosses. Press it and move the yo-kai lens to place it on the character or body part where you want to focus your attacks and press A or touch the touch screen.

If during a fight a luminous sphere appears, press Objective and stand on it and press A or touch the touch screen and you will get extra rewards.

If a member of the group is injected, you must take him to the rear by turning the wheel, press the “Purify” button and choose the yo-kai you want to release and complete the minigame as soon as possible. Sometimes the option “Luck” comes out with which the yo-kai is purified with a single touch.

With the Objects button you access your inventory to choose a food or amulet that will temporarily heal or change the statistics of a yo-kai or resurrect one that has fallen. You can also use an object with an enemy to attract him and ask you for friendship. You cannot activate this button whenever you want, but only when it corresponds in turn.

When you have upgraded the clock to the Zero model, you can press the central button of the combat wheel and the Animáximum and Objective buttons will change . The first becomes Animáximum G, with a more powerful effect at the cost of also emptying the animmeters of adjacent yo-kai and the second has different effects on enemies that are spirit or wandering, from emptying their animmeter to facilitating your friendship with him after the fight.

If your yo-kai are quite solvent and you don’t want to waste a lot of time with small fights, press the X button during the battle and everything will go faster.

Key sites for each scenario

In this part of the guide we will tell you which are the key sites in the world of Yo-Kai Watch. All key sites .

  • Current Floridablanca:
    • North Floridablanca
    • Mount Arboleda
    • Aura Hills
    • Excellence Tower
    • Flowered Summits
    • South Floridablanca
    • Shopping area
  • Old Floridablanca
  • Fleece of the present:
    • Fleece
    • Station square
    • Old Fleece
  • San Fantastic

Ignóculo, Telesmir, and Trielesmir locations locations

These are the locations of these items / characters throughout the game:

  • Ignóculo :Allows you to change Yo-Kai’s equipment.
  • Telesmirror :Allows you to teleport through the different points of the map.
  • Trielesmirror :Allows you to teleport through space and time.
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