Fire Emblem Warriors guide, tips and tricks

Fire Emblem makes the leap in the Musou style. We tell you how to make the most of everything it offers and win easily.

Welcome to our basic guide to Fire Emblem Warriors , where we will help you make the most of your characters and the strategic possibilities offered by the game so that you do not have any problems when it comes to rising victorious in the many battles that await you . In addition, here we will also tell you how to unlock its different secret contents and how to obtain all its collectibles. We hope you enjoy it.

Frequent questions

  • How to unlock all characters
  • How the combat system works
  • What are the different game modes?
  • How the market works
  • What are the best characters to pass the game to you
  • How to get Rank A weapons
  • How to Unlock the True Power of Exclusive Weapons

Tricks and tips

  • The first time we start the game they will make us choose between Rowan and Lianna. This decision will only determine who you will control during the first chapters of Story Mode, since after advancing a bit in the plot you will also unlock the other twin as a playable character, so this choice is not very important.
  • Always try to have a well-balanced squad of characterscapable of fulfilling different roles in order to adapt to any situation that arises throughout the development of battles.
  • Try to equip your characters with different weapons that have abilities that give you an advantage against certain types of special units, such as flying, dragons, armored or beasts. Although the general damage of these weapons is somewhat lower, this is compensated by dealing with generals that are weak to them.
  • Always have itemson hand to heal your allies so you can heal the most important units when necessary.
  • A good method of “saving” a teammate who is in distress and low on life is usually to group him up with another unit and leave him in the rear. In this way we will prevent you from receiving any damage.
  • If you’re playing Classic Modeand a character gets killed, the best thing to do is restart the mission. The cost to resurrect downed units is very high and paying it will greatly slow down the progress and development of your characters, so it is worth starting the battle you were in from the beginning to save time.
  • If you fail a mission, don’t worry, as the experience gained during themission is saved , so next time it will probably be much easier for you.
  • It is recommended that you try to carry the same units almost always so that they can level up as much as possible. In the Practice Zone, you can only level up your characters to the same level as your highest level hero, so focusing on a few later will help you speed up the process of leveling up the rest.
  • It willalso be very useful to have a hero of each type of weapon and of each of the different games represented well trained for Chronicles Mode and its phases with character limitations.
  • Do not forget to promote your units as soon as possibleto be able to access all their Badges. For this you will need to use a Master Seal and that the hero in question has, at least, level 15.
  • Always keep an eye on the map to keep the battle situation under control. Also feel free to constantly use the tactical map in the pause menu to command your teammates and target multiple objectives at once.
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