How to put or freeze last connection on fake WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is very famous because it has had a very interesting impact on the way we communicate online . But it is very true, that it lends itself to many things, both positive and negative. And it is real that these apps, we can have very bad times. However, that does not stop us from downloading this application.

For example, you don’t want your intimate conversations to be seen by prying eyes . It is there that learning tricks like knowing how to freeze the last connection in WhatsApp can be very useful to erase certain traces of blame. It is not that we want to promote bad habits on WhatsApp or anything like that, the only thing we want is to satisfy one of the demands that our readers most want to understand. Knowledge is power, so it is ideal to always be well informed. And this is not the same as removing the “online” .

Discover How to Freeze Last Connection on WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows us a number of benefits that has made it one of the favorite applications worldwide . To receive or send files, it is one of the most used, but it also allows you to hide your last connection.

One of the excellent options that you may not have known about is freezing the last time on WhatsApp, which gives you the advantage of having complete command of this app, giving you the power to show a false connection , making others think that it was your last time . you were connected

Sure, we’ve already managed to get your attention and you’ll want to know how it works. Actually, it is very easy to show this false connection that consists in that you are communicating with one of your contacts, but any that you have configured on purpose will be shown as the last connection.

This Last Time on WhatsApp trick has drawn the attention of users ever since the developers of this app implemented it a few years ago. All this has to do with the fact that even if you have canceled the double blue check option, which indicates that you have seen the conversation, even so, your last connection time is publicly established, so some people could assume that you are ignoring them .

The good thing is that we have the option to hide the last connection time where we were browsing as users. In this article we are going to show you the simple steps to activate this privacy function.

But not everything is rosy because this option will also hide the last connection time of all your other contacts . This means that we recommend you analyze the pros and cons when activating this alternative.


  1. How to freeze the last connection in WhatsApp?
    1. How to freeze the last time on WhatsApp on iPhone?
  2. Applications to freeze the last time on WhatsApp
    1. Hide for WhatsApp
    2. Ditch Hide Last Time
  3. How to put another time on WhatsApp?
  4. How do I stop them from seeing me online on WhatsApp?

How to freeze the last connection in WhatsApp?

We are going to show you this trick that not even the official WhatsApp has among its functions. WhatsApp only allows you to hide your last connection , but when you are online all your contacts can see you, which is something we sometimes want to avoid.

To achieve this goal and freeze the connection status in WhatsApp, we are going to present you with 2 great applications that will achieve this effect that you are looking for so much. The first one is called Hide for WhatsApp and the other one is called Ditch Hide Last Time.

How to freeze the last time on WhatsApp on iPhone?

We have already been commenting on how very effective and beneficial this option is for many. However, for mobile devices, such as Android or iPhone, making a false last time is very simple. Here we will explain it more clearly.

  • The first step is to go to Configure WhatsApp from the three bars.
  • Now, select accounts, go to privacy and you will have to enable the “Last seen”.
  • In this way, from the GB WhatsApp sectionenter modify.
  • Here, you will be able to choose the “Hide Online Status” option. With this form, you have the possibility to freeze the time

Applications to freeze the last time on WhatsApp

In case you didn’t know, you can also get an app, which somehow manages to forget the last connection to said platform. These privacy apps can be obtained on Android or iPhone, so it has a greater reach for the public that is looking for this. Here we leave you two of the best applications , and so you can freeze the time of your last connection.

Hide for WhatsApp

This application allows you to be actively on WhatsApp by reading and replying to messages, but in hidden mode, so that no one else, apart from the person you’re chatting with, will find out that you’ve already read the messages they sent youor that you are online knowing what is happening in the environment. It is an app that does its job very effectively because no one will know that you are using WhatsApp.

It has a lot of similarities to our next candidate Ditch Hide Last Time. Due to its ease of use, it is accompanied by a very detailed tutorial to solve your doubts about how to cover your last connection. To add it, you just have to write its name in the Google Play search bar and then download it.

Ditch Hide Last Time

This app helps you stay hidden from others while you are using WhatsApp. In this way, the app disables the typing state, the online state and the last connection you had making it false. All this creates a barrier that will make it almost impossible for other users to know that you were active at the time.

Downloading it is very simple and we will give you the information to make your job easier. You have the option to use the search bar in Google Play by placing the words Ditch Hide Last Time. Then you just have to follow the steps to download it just like you do with all the other applications that you have downloaded from there.

These two apps ensure you success to become an anonymous looker while on WhatsApp. Therefore, you will be able to send and read all the messages and files that arrive on your profile without others knowing about it.

How to put another time on WhatsApp?

Do not think that you still have the battle won in your career to become a WhatsApp ghost. You need to take some security measures before you start the process of freezing or fake last time on WhatsApp.

Our first recommendation would be that you always make a backup of all your chats . In this sense, it is better to be warned in case something goes wrong. To perform this action you must follow the following path:

  • WhatsApp, Settings, Chat settings, backup or conversation.

This process may take some time because it depends on the number of chats that are stored in the system. The good thing about this is that you already know that you have saved your most valuable information.

Once these steps have been completed, you must now proceed to download the GB WhatsApp APK application. To do this, you will have to access from your Android mobile. After you download them, run the following steps from the menu:

  • Settings, Security and enable Unknown sources or Unknown sources.

This is a modified application of WhatsAp p and that seeks to replace the original. It contains an option to freeze the connection time, which is very important for all these cheats to work.

After you finish installing the application, you must click on its icon, which will be in the normal application menu of your mobile. When you open it you will notice a long list of options that will appear on the screen of your cell phone. You are going to select Privacy. Navigating within the menu you will find the “Hide Online Status” or “ Hide online stadium ” function. Now you just have to click on this option.

You will be amazed because other users will find it impossible to observe your current connection time.

In this way we have already culminated with this exhibition. Perhaps it is possible that you did not know the GBWhatsApp APK application. However, let us tell you that from now on it can become your best ally to modify the normal options that are within WhatsApp.

This app will keep you hidden and all your activities can no longer be seen by others. In this way, phrases like “Recording an audio” , “Writing” among others that characterize the activities you do on WhatsApp, will no longer betray your presence to others.

We hope that this information has been useful to you and we offer you the comments section so that you can write us your doubts or concerns about this material. After seeing this, what do you think? Would you dare to freeze your last connection ? Or are you one of those who are not afraid that everyone knows when you connect even on WhatsApp Web?

How do I stop them from seeing me online on WhatsApp?

In the event that you do not want your last connection to be seen, the simplest thing is not to enter the App and , well, no. There are many options that are in our favor in the platform settings themselves. So doing this is a very easy task to execute

A solution to this is to enter the three bars and go to the account option. From here go to privacy. You will be shown a function, it is the ” Time of last time “, you will select it and hit “Nobody”. In this way, this information will not be shown to any contact

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