How to know the ‘last connection’ of a person on Facebook without being friends

Surely you are an apprentice of the possibilities that one of the social networks like Facebook can give you to learn how to use it and make the most of it. On this occasion, we tell you how to know the ‘last connection’ of a person on Facebook or see if someone is connected, without being accepted as their friend. Or, also, see if you are online in Messenger, at the moment.

Of course, among the possibilities that the social network gives you, apart from sharing photos and posting statuses, is that of finding new people, or getting back in touch with acquaintances that you haven’t heard from for a long time.

How to see if someone is online on Facebook without being friends?

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  1. What is the use of knowing if someone is connected on Facebook?
  2. Methods to see if someone is online on Facebook without being friends or having them added
    1. Send a private message on Facebook Messenger to see if it’s active
    2. Modify settings on Facebook
  3. Why can’t I see if a person is online on Facebook?

What is the use of knowing if someone is connected on Facebook?

It is to know that friendship is the main attraction of Facebook. In this social network you will be able to connect with a childhood friend, from an old job or start a new friendship. Also, if you are an active user and are continuously online, you can get to know many people through interaction. However, it is good to keep in mind that using Facebook is not something that you are going to become an obsession with. The idea is that you use this social network as a tool in favor of your personal benefit and even work, without causing damage to yourself or third parties.

Methods to see if someone is online on Facebook without being friends or having them added

One of the most used options on Facebook and other social networks is to see the last connection of others and see if someone is connected. You can achieve this when you create an account with a false profile. This new account must be loaded with content, statuses, photos and other elements and send a friend request to that person. If they accept you as a friend, you will be able to know and see if they are connected on Facebook and see their last connection.

This is the most popular method out there, because you have to go create another email. Then, you will create an account on this social network, and then you can send a friend request. You should know that in order to be successful with this method, you need to create a different profile than the one you already have in the original account. You must be careful not to post true or verifiable information about yourself. Otherwise, you could be discovered and that is not the idea.

The tricky thing about this method is the amount of time you have to spend on the fake account before you can send the friend request. Because in order to have a chance of being accepted and being their friend on the platform, you must pretend that the account is real. It should even look like an active Facebook account. Once they add you, it only remains to see the Messenger chat, through the application. So you can see the status of the person, when they are online and when was their last connection.

Send a private message on Facebook Messenger to see if it’s active

Messenger is the application or extension designed, where its objective is the conversation between Facebook users. One requirement is that the contacts must be friends and be online. Another way to know if someone is connected or not on Facebook Messenger is by sending them a private message, since we can verify if they have been seen or not with the “check” symbol that appears.

Being that person is, or is not, a Facebook contact. But that will only tell us if someone is online if they see the message, so that’s a bit of luck. In the case above, this means that the owner of the profile is connected at the same time that you see whether or not she sees the private message.

It’s not a very practical method, but you have a random chance of knowing if he is connected to Facebook or not, and if he is online at that moment. Writing a message in the private chat is one of the ways you have to know if someone is connected, since once it is read, the user who sent the message will be notified.

So regardless of whether or not they respond to it, you will have a confirmation on whether the person is connected. You can even know the time of your last connection.

Now apart from this, there are no other known ways to let you know if the person is online. Or at least those provided by the social network system itself. Since Facebook highly values ​​the privacy and security of its users’ data. I am probably missing some alternative method apart from those mentioned to see if someone who is not your friend is online or when was their last connection.

These are the only ways to know if a person stays connected on Facebook, we hope that this information has been useful to you.

Modify settings on Facebook

This is a Facebook Messenger resource. If you want to choose which friends can see you online or how to hide your last connection. You just need to go to the advanced settings of Facebook Messenger. And choose one of the three options that the chat gives you.

  • In the firstone, you will appear online with all your friends, except the ones you choose.
  • The second is reverse, that is, you can choose one or two friends who see you online. While for others you will not be online.
  • The last option in Messenger chat marks you as inactive, showing you as offline to everyone on Facebook.

Why can’t I see if a person is online on Facebook?

Even though the majority of Internet users have had an account open on the platform for a long time, the daily experience is not enough and they always have new questions regarding the social network. There are several reasons why you can’t see if someone is online on Facebook. The first is the issue of privacy. Since out of respect for Facebook users, it does not allow strangers to see that the person connects without having him as a friend.

Also those types of activities are extra applications that Facebook should add. That would imply altering the presentation of the applications and the social network. That would bring with it expenses that do not generate good results, if we talk about issues such as the experience of people who use the social network.

Finally, the risks of the internet are many, so people are unable to release information that seems unimportant. Others manage to use that as a tool to do activities on social networks that can hurt others. Track and see if someone is online while they are active and check their last connection.

That is why this knowledge has been one of those concerns that tend to stir curiosity in these applications. But for logical reasons, for this social network it makes no sense to know if a person who is not your contact is connected or not at a given time.

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