How to fix ‘one or more recipients are invalid’ on Android?

Although Android or iPhone turns out to be one of the most popular operating systems, it has various flaws that become very annoying as they are constant. In this particular case, we will talk about the “invalid recipient number error” . Also, we will explain how to fix this invalid recipient issue on my Samsung mobile phone and know what it means.

If you want to know how to solve this annoying problem, we invite you to continue reading our article in your web browser. Since we will offer various alternatives to solve this situation of the Invalid Number for the recipients.

Although it is true that text messages went into the background after the appearance of instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Messenger. Sometimes, we find ourselves in the need to send an SMS and when doing so the error appears, even though we have a balance in our favor and we have a good signal level.

Why do I get invalid number when calling?

In the event that you start to present the Invalid Number problem , there are many reasons why it occurs. At first, you may not have chosen a contact as such to make the call and this is the cause of this. It is also anchored to SMS, since they usually make appearances there.

If you want to fix this fatal Invalid Number issue, you need to call support from the dropdown menu . This means that when selecting the contact and making the calls as they should and very naturally.

In case you did not know, in the case of having email, something may happen to the recipient. Well, here you don’t work with numbers, but with emails that do the function of these. In the case of wanting to send a message and not having the recipient , the same thing can happen as with mobile telephony.

Solution to the error ‘one or more recipients are not valid’ when calling in Android

The first thing we must do is open our “contacts” application, we are going to select a recipient from our list. Then, we will enter the “edit” option, here we must certify if the number is written correctly. Although it seems silly, sometimes we can dial an extra key or a wrong digit, causing the recipient to be incorrect.

Once we have verified that the invalid phone number is correct, we will try to send the text message on Samsung or iPhone. If the error persists, then we will proceed with the second alternative. As a second option, we enter “settings”. Then, we are going to select the “application manager”, we will look for the “contacts” application and when opening it, various options will appear, of which we will press “delete cache”. This option will delete all the data and also the errors that the application may have.

Finally, we will try again, without being an invalid number to create a recipient. Try again to send the SMS . At this point, the problem has been resolved and the application can be used without any errors .

It is recommended to back up contacts before clearing the cache to avoid losing important information in applications.

It is a very simple and fast process, right? It’s worth a try, so we encourage you to give this amazing solution a try. You will be able to use your texting app without the presence of that annoying error or recipient email.

Check your contact number

To solve the easiest thing you can choose, it is to see if the contact is on so that you can call. However, what does this mean? Well, we want you to understand that the “invalid number” message comes from this.

The fact of not having a recipient to call or send an SMS to, means that the mobile does not execute the function normally, which is why there always has to be a number so that you can do everything well. This is not like Facebook, Messenger or WhatsApp or PC where you can do it without any contact.

Free up space on your Android phone

Another of the alternatives that you can use, so that you can eliminate the Invalid number of your recipients , is by making space. Once the cleaning process has been carried out on your mobile phone, it is very beneficial, since some problems lie here. It starts by removing the “cache memory” and unnecessary information.

What does it mean one or more recipients are invalid on Facebook Messenger?

For one of the most used platforms at the moment, such as Facebook on PC, the invalid number may also be seen in the recipient. This means that the person you want to write to does not have Messenger available to them and you will not be able to write to them. Either on mobile or PC with the web browser, only from normal Facebook.

Android: Fix “Invalid Recipient” message

The presence of errors and failures in Samsung or WhatsApp can become common, not all operating systems are designed to be perfect. Still, being able to fix problems when they arise is what matters.

Now, one of the failures that can become common is that of ” Invalid recipient “, which arises when creating a new contact in the address book, and that can extend to calls and messages for that same number. not valid.

The problem may be due to a series of elements present in the invalid number , so it is important to take into account first:

  • The invalid number is spelled correctly.
  • The existence of some other character, space, among others, that should not be in the number.

If one of these two details is present, it can cause that problem, and for this there is a simple solution, for this:

  • Open the contact and remove all hyphens, brackets, ampersands, etc. that have nothing to do with the invalid number. With this it will be accessible.

It is also important that you review all the contacts that have this type of character , since this can continue to generate the same problem in another number. In case this does not solve the problem, you can check if you have blocked the contact, if the invalid phone number is correct or if you need to add a country code. In the latter case, you should always ask the owner of the invalid telephone number.

With all the bugs and glitches that may exist in the Android, iPhone, Facebook, Messenger or web browser system. Many of these can be due to use. An invalid number, misspelled and even problems related to the mobile operator.

We hope that our article will be useful to the question of how to solve this invalid recipient error on my Android mobile phone? If you still have doubts or want to try another alternative.

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