How to create fake WhatsApp conversations

We already know that WhatsApp is very important in our day to day, and that it is gaining more and more relevance. Now we are going to discover how to create fake WhatsApp conversations through an Android program that makes the process very simple. It’s called Yazzy, and it’s capable of creating very realistic screenshots with our own texts.

Obviously, the use that each of this functionality makes depends on your good faith, but we can only recommend being cautious. The app is intended for jokes, and using it to fake conversations can get us in legal trouble . In principle, the app includes a watermark that shows that this WhatsApp conversation is false, but it can be removed from the settings.

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Yazzy is a free app , and it also allows you to design conversations by SMS (Android / iPhone), by Facebook Messenger, Facebook and Twitter statuses. So you see that it can not only generate fake WhatsApp conversations.

Here are some screenshots of the app so you can see what it looks like:

We have downloaded Yazzy and it has allowed us to create very neat simulated WhatsApp conversations . Of course, it has not let us choose the profile images, we understand that it must be a specific failure, since we have tested it with a test version. The process is fast and intuitive.

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Basically, we have to fill in the data of the conversation that interests us until we create a replica of a real chat . Here we can let our imagination run wild, but we have opted for a funny example:

Of course, it is easy to design fake WhatsApp conversations with Yazzy. It is possible to adjust many details, such as the hours, phone icons, states … All of this is free, although we can make a payment of 1.99 euros to get rid of advertising if we use the app a lot and it is annoying.

In addition, we have already seen that it is easy to enlarge the WhatsApp profile photo , so we have all the necessary elements for our jokes.

Yazzy has been removed from the official Google Play Store , so we leave a quite similar alternative that replaces it:

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