Walkthrough Sackboy

Walkthrough Sackboy.In this guide, we will walk through Sackboy and mark the location of most of the collectibles.

Sony released their exclusive, Sackboy A Big Adventure, on October 27th on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. In this platform game, players will take on the role of Sackboy and embark on a fairy tale journey to protect civilians. In our guide, we will tell you in detail what to do.

Helpful Hints

In this section, we will indicate useful tips for beginners. Each is marked below:

  1. Use breakpoints. Throughout the level, players will encounter several checkpoints. They will be required by the user not only for retrying after death. Safe zotsyns are places of healing, so the player will be able to restore their strength. With a significant drop in health, try to get to the next safe point to replenish it.
  2. Explore locations. Each level is divided into parts, so the player can easily check each location for collectibles. The user will have to explore the levels to get to the artifacts and capture a large number of bubbles with points.
  3. Use dodges. The main character, Sackboy, has a limited set of moves. The character can run, jump and fight. However, it has the ability to roll (the “circle” button on the controller). This is one of the most important steps. With this button, Sackboy will be able to quickly cover long distances, as well as dodge attacks from enemies, pass time trials, avoid traps and quickly move across platforms. In addition, the character can use the dash in the air, but it is not as fast as on the ground.
  4. Use weapons. Throughout the game, users will be able to find a wide variety of weapons. It does not appear in every mission, but once received it can be very useful. Some weapons are used as clubs. In addition, the umbrella allows you to float in the air, and the boomerang is used from a distance against enemies and to capture the balls.
  5. Collect purple orbs. These balls are not collectibles. They are scattered throughout each level and increase in points by doubling for a limited amount of time. In later missions, you will have to collect more of these orbs in order to get the highest score.

Types of collectibles

Throughout the game, users will be able to collect many collectible items. Below we have marked each of them:

  1. Realms of Dreamers. Blue glowing balls located on each level in the amount of three to five pieces. To complete each world, the user will have to collect a certain number of these spheres, so try to find as many of them as possible. Most often, they are hidden in secret places or given out after completing small puzzles. In some situations, the player will be able to get fragments of the sphere, and not the whole item, so you will have to collect several of these pieces in order to get a whole artifact.
  2. Wearable items that can be found in each mission fall into this category. The prize counter is a circle around the gift icon and gradually fills up. So the user will be able to find out how many prizes he received in the current location. Please note that some artifacts of this type can only be found for getting silver or gold results on the level.
  3. Knight energy. The rarest collectibles. There are only 15 of them in the whole game. They are represented as glowing golden cubes surrounded by purple lights. Each one unlocks special timed missions, the Knitted Knight Trials.
  4. Ordinary items that are found in hundreds of units in each location. They are responsible for the number of points received at each level and are summed up with the number of enemies killed. In most cases, it is impossible to collect each sphere at the level, but it is recommended to try to collect as many of them as possible.
  5. Small golden items that are found in each level. They are required to purchase items and costumes from the Zoom-Zuma Boutique. Each world has a separate mini-game that will allow you to collect even more collectible artifacts.
  6. In each level, next to the prize icon, the Ace symbol is marked in gray or gold. To get this distinctive badge, you will need to go through the entire location without dying.

World #1. giant mountain

In this episode, players need to complete 9 levels. Additional Missions – Trial of the Knitted Knight, Timed Challenge, and Co-op Level. The first world includes access to two secret levels of World #3, Krablantida Kingdom. The stickers that the player collects for capturing all the Dreamer Orbs count towards the Krablantid page, but they also make the list for the Giant Mountain. You can get to the secret zone in the far part of the map. To do this, you need to destroy the orange flowers near the bridge, not far from the boss fight, and then go to the flower launcher.

Big Adventure

We move forward along the bridge and collect bubbles.

First prize

We climb the building on the left, we pass along the rope and get a prize . We move on and jump on the platforms. At the top we pass along the ropes and reach a round platform.

We take out the nuts and go up the elevator. We continue the path.

Second Prize

A balloon will fly up in front of the player and point to a large bubble with a prize . We move to the right and do not touch the creature in the circle. We follow further, climb the ledges and at the upper level along the rope we get to the big bell. We climb down and jump into the creature, which will throw it into a new zone.

Third Prize

We throw the found nuts into pots to get golden bells. We defeat the enemies and take the prize under the sandbox . At the top level, collect the balls and continue forward.

We kill enemies and go out to the carousel.

We follow to the far right corner, pull the object out of the ground and get golden bells.

We climb inside the creature and jump over to the sphere of Dreamers. After a short cut-scene, we get to the monitor and complete the level. We are on the world map.

Peace map

We open the way forward, go to the Zoom-Zuma boutique and purchase items at will.

zoom zoom

We go outside and go to the next location

Cold reception

Immediately move back from the spawn point, drop down onto the platform and get a Dreamer Orb .

Realm of Dreamers

We go forward, kill two enemies and approach the cubes with faces. Platforms will come out of the wall.

We climb them and get a prize. We use the nut and rise above.

At the top level, we jump into the hole in the wall on the left and take away the sphere of Dreamers . We move to the next zone with the help of a creature. We defeat enemies and move forward.

We reach the next checkpoint and immediately return back. We climb onto the platform on the left, go through the ropes and find the sphere of Dreamers .

After the checkpoint, immediately turn left. On the rope we reach the door with a mini-game.

We kill all the animals that appear from the holes and get another Orb of Dreamers . We move in the opposite direction and on the right side inside the bolt on the platform we find the prize .

We go back, defeat all the enemies and jump into the creature to move to a new zone. We rise one level and unscrew the bolt.

We climb onto the platform, pick up the sphere of the Dreamers and follow up.

On the ropes on the right we will find a prize . We rise above, open the large gate and reach the screen.

Whose? Draw!

After a short cut-scene, move to the right across the bridge. We defeat enemies and follow to the right side.

Between the rotating platforms we pull out the block and climb up. On the right we take out the object from the ground and get the Dreamers sphere . We go down and move to the right.

We slide down the bridge and defeat the spitting monster. To do this, grab him by the tail from behind. On the big wheel we get to the next platform.

We take out the block, jump up and go to the left to the rockets. With the help of them we climb onto the sand platform.

We slide down the bridge and get the sphere of Dreamers . We run across the bridge to the right and go to the end.

We do not pass through the green door and get down to the level below.

Behind the door with a question mark, we stand on the platforms, activate the smile, run around the round panels and get the sphere of Dreamers . We return to the green door and continue the path.

From the spitting creature, we jump onto the wheel and pick up another sphere of Dreamers .

Use the rockets to get to the top platform and find the prize . We continue to move to the right.

We use round platforms and on the second tier we jump to the Dreamers sphere . At the bottom, on the first level, we pull out an object from the ground and get a prize .

We move further along the round platforms, use the rocket and reach the screen.

A pink lamp will appear on the map. We climb inside and collect golden bells. We stand in a row, get all the items and move on to the next task.

Keys to success

We grab the creature and throw it at the panel to open the passage forward.

We go down and move on.

Take the key on the platform and follow to the left.

We activate the trap, jump away from the creature and find the second key in the hole . On the right is a prize behind a trap on the wall.

On the left on the platform below we pick up the sphere of Dreamers .

We move along this side to the left and at a dead end we find another sphere of Dreamers .

We go diagonally to the right, defeat the enemy and with the help of a green creature we fall into the panel above the key . We take the item.

We go to the right and find two platforms. We grab a green creature, stand on one of them and throw the animal into the right plate. We jump up and go into the secret room. Inside, we defeat the enemies and get the sphere of Dreamers .

We return to the locked door and go right to the end. We follow along the edge, jump into the pan and get a prize .

We activate the trap and use the creature to open the box and get the key .

Let’s go up a level. We knock down the traps from the wall and hit the button to find the last key .

After receiving five keys, open the door and get to the screen.

The multiplayer level “Friends at the Top” will open on the world map.

At the start! Yeti! March!

Avoid two yetis – you won’t be able to destroy them. We pass to the door and roll to get inside.

At the top level, we climb into another door. We continue the path.

We climb into the bubble and grab the prize on the ledge on the right.

We leave the ball, break through the door and at the top along the rope we reach the Dreamers sphere .

We continue the path. After the checkpoint, we climb up from the green flower.

We go to the two ropes and find the sphere of Dreamers and the prize .

At the next checkpoint, we break the central door and go into the secret room.

We beat the gong and throw hot peppers into the animal. We raise the sphere of Dreamers and return to the main path.

We jump on the purple bridges, dodge the yeti and take the prize on the platform .

We get to the big yeti and use the ropes and platforms to get to the right. At the end of the bridge we break the door and on the upper tier we pick up the sphere of Dreamers . We go in a straight line, climb into the ball and get to a dead end.

We rise through the door upward, we pass into the next zone and we meet the Disgusting Showman with the boss. We run away from the enemy.

On the way, we break the box and get the last sphere of the Dreamers on the level .

We get to the finish line and find the golden cube . We reach the screen and return to the map. The test of the Knitted Knight will appear nearby. In such locations, players need to run to the end of the level for a while. For all the cups, the user will open three spheres Dreamers .

heavenly sounds

We take the elevator up and climb into the flower.

We go forward and find the prize on the platform.

We follow upward and near five enemies we find one more prize .

On the next platform with purple enemies, we jump into the sandbox from one of them and find the sphere of Dreamers .

We get to the door, but do not go inside, but jump over to the next platform, where we get another sphere of Dreamers .

We continue the path and on the blue platforms we collect fragments of the Dreamers sphere . All of them are nearby, so we raise each of them and get a whole artifact. We take a couple of steps forward and pick up the prize .

We climb up to the flower, do not use it and go left. Let ‘s find the Dreamer sphere around the corner.

We use the plant, get to the platform with the checkpoint and pick up the prize on the next ledge .

We rest against the house on the right and around the corner we jump onto the sandbox to get the sphere of Dreamers .

We continue the path, find another prize under the sandboxes and get to the screen. The level “In the ice cave” will open on the world map. In this location, you need to run to the finish line for a while. For receiving all three cups, we will open three spheres of Dreamers.

herd feeling

After a short cut-scene and a conversation with Gerald Strudelbrecht, we move forward.

We drive all the animals into the appropriate zone and pick up the Dreamers sphere on the upper tier . We continue the path and alternately advance all the creatures and try to drag them to the next paddock. Some of them are hidden in or behind yellow crates.

Another creature is behind the painting on the left on the upper tier in the tunnel. We take each animal to the corral and get another sphere of Dreamers . We use the flower and drive eight more creatures into the indicated zone. We collect the last sphere of the Dreamers on the level .

We find a seed on the left side of the location, put it in a pot on the right and take the prize. We pass through the green door and get to the screen. The purple lamp will re-open on the map. We collect golden bells and go to the next location.

Blow off the steam

We cling to the golden handrail and ride the train.

We destroy the bombs and collect the balls. The locomotive will not stop, so do not forget to run to the neighboring platforms and pick up artifacts.

On the first ledge we find the sphere Dreamers .

We move on the right side and pick up the prize on the upper tier .

We pass to the left side, we find five fragments and we get the whole sphere of Dreamers .

After a quick descent, we get the sphere of the Dreamers behind the wooden wall . On the nearest platforms we find another sphere of Dreamers on the left side.

We jump into the compartment and take the prize .

In the next compartment we find the sphere of Dreamers and get to the screen. We return to the world map and open the bridge to the boss.


We use bombs and break boxes.

We pass through the door. We slide down, activate the bugs and run away from them to a large box.

As soon as they explode, we take away the sphere of Dreamers .

We jump in the door, go up to the upper level and on the last platform we get another sphere

Dreamers .

We make our way through the boxes further and enter the arena with the boss.

How to beat Vex

The enemy will throw a variety of bombs onto the platforms, which must be raised and thrown back at the enemy. Both paths gradually change the direction of movement, sometimes there are sharp obstacles.

Don’t go to the edge. It is best to always stay in the center of the platforms. We also dodge the fist, which will try to hit the hero from above. We use bombs and finish off Vex. We climb into the rocket and fly away to the next world.


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