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n our 100% Spanish guide to Control, the Remedy thriller, we help you step by step to complete all the missions and get the collectibles so that you don’t leave anything behind.

Daniel González ·4:39 PM 2/9/2021


Welcome to our complete guide in Spanish to Control , Remedy’s action adventure game that puts us in the shoes of Jesse Faden, a very special young woman. In this enigmatic thriller we must make our way through a huge agency full of powers, enemies and metroidvania- like exploration . To help you complete the title 100% in this guide we will tell you how to overcome all the missions step by step and we will go through all the sectors in depth so as not to leave behind any collectibles.


  1. Main missions
  2. Side missions
  3. Collectibles
  4. Powers
  5. Frequently asked questions

Main missions

Control is structured by up to 10 main missions that are the core of the game’s plot and action. Jesse will have to scour the huge Federal Control Agency in search of answers for his past, but the task will not be easy and there will be many challenges to overcome along the way. In our guide we help you step by step with instructions and tips so that you know how to advance in each mission.


  • Welcome to the Immemorial House: Jesse Faden arrives at the Immemorial House, the headquarters of the Federal Control Agency, in search of answers about his enigmatic childhood.
  • Unknown call: Jesse must find the direct line, an object of power shaped like an old telephone that allows him to interpret messages.
  • Manual override: Jesse decides to go into the maintenance area to find the director’s manual override to lift the internal lock.
  • Traditional Club: Marshall went to the research sector to make more AREs. Jesse thinks Marshall may know something about Dylan.
  • Threshold: Marshall sends Jesse to the maintenance black rock processing to collect more black rock prisms.
  • My Brother’s Keeper: Jesse enters the containment sector to search for the Panopticon, where Dylan is locked up.
  • The face of the enemy: Jesse returns to the central executive to meet with his brother.
  • Finnish Tango: Jesse heads to the Research sector to find the Dimensional Research department and the Projector.
  • Polaris: Armed with Ahti’s radio cassette player, Jesse returns to the labyrinth determined to reach the dimensional research department and the Projector to end the Hiss threat.
  • Take control: Jesse still has some unfinished business at the Agency.

Side missions

During the game at different times we can also carry out numerous secondary missions . These are not usually very long, but they bring more hours of content, boss battles and most importantly, juicy rewards such as new powers or skill points. There are more than a dozen optional secondary and many of them are unlocked only by acquiring certain collectibles or talking to certain characters. We review how to activate and overcome them easily .


There are an enormous amount of collectibles to find and collect in Control; from files and documents, to recordings that will give us a lot of background on the history of the game. All will help us to better understand what is happening and, ultimately, will expand our knowledge of this curious world created by Remedy. Of course, in this guide we will show you the location and how to get the different collectibles for each sector.

  • Investigation and records: a series of documents that provide important details.
  • Case Files Files that reveal information about characters, objects, and more.
  • Correspondence: letters, notes, and derivatives that tell stories and give us context about the world.
  • Multimedia Visual or sound recordings of experiments, events, programs, and more.
  • Direct line: the most enigmatic collectible of all, which connects us directly with some calls.


Since Control drinks a lot from metroidvania-like games, it’s normal for some of its mechanics to rely on the special powers that Jesse can use to overcome tough enemies, explore every corner of the Agency, and more. These unique abilities are as cool as telekinesis or levitation , but there are also some that are only unlocked if we perform certain actions. In this section we show you the 6 powers available, how to get them and what each one is for .

  • Melee: available from the beginning, a kind of shock wave.
  • Throw: like telekinesis, it is used to blow up objects and even enemies.
  1. Evade: it works like a fast-moving dash that allows us to dodge in any direction.
  2. Shield: Jesse raises a protective shield in front of her to prevent any damage.
  3. Dominate: we can enter the minds of our enemies to become temporary allies.
  4. Levitate: a power that allows us to fly and reach all kinds of inaccessible places.

Frequent questions

During your adventure in Control you will surely come across doubts and questions that are important to solve as soon as possible, so as always we dedicate a section to frequently asked questions that clarify any issue related to the game.

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