Days Gone Guide: Cheats, Tips and Secrets

Welcome to our official guide to Days Gone , the exclusive PS4 title developed by Bend Studio and giving a new twist to the zombie genre. Play the role of Deacon biker and explore Oregon after a mysterious infection has turned much of the population into mutants. Try to find an answer to what has happened or simply try to survive.


  1. General tips to survive
  2. Stories
  3. All missions
  4. Enemies
  5. Weapons
  6. Moto and improvements
  7. Skills
  8. Collectibles
  9. Camps
  10. Secret ending
  11. Frequently asked questions

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General tips to survive

Getting ahead in this game is somewhat complicated. Especially at the beginning , when you will only have a pistol, a knife and perhaps a stick. As much as a certain ad told us that a stick was something magnificent, you will need something else. That is why we want to give you a few tips to survive the first hours of the game.

  • Always have a melee weapon it won’t jam and is used quickly, but keep it ready.
  • Go changing firearms: At first, the firearms you collect will be little more than to use and throw away.
  • Craft before looting: If you can’t collect more units from an item, see if the ones you have can be consumed.
  • Complete the camps: they are the equivalent of the watchtowers or towers of other games.
  • Complete the side quests before proceeding– they will give you juicy rewards.
  • Avoid the Hordes: You shouldn’t need to give this advice.


The game has several storylines that are grouped into what are called Stories . These blocks of missions advance at times independently and sometimes parallel to others, that is, the same mission can increase the completion percentage of several stories at once. Take it easy, this may sound complicated but easily understood when playing.


Reaching certain percentages in each Story will earn rewards such as blueprints for crafting melee weapons, throwing items, or even special weapons that cannot be obtained in any other way.

Avoid opening links by browsing if you are not prepared for any spoiler in the form of an image.

  • I remember: Deacon remembers the past.
  • I will never give up: a scientist is determined to achieve his goal.
  • He’s my brother: Boozer and Deacon survive as wanderers.
  • Looking for NERO: We have our own reasons for finding scientists.
  • Rest in peace: RIPs will be one of our biggest enemies in Shit.
  • Get ready for the ride: our plan is to go north.
  • Chasing Leon: The game begins with the hunt for a thief.
  • You are already safe: there are those who survive on their own.
  • Earning a living: with the sweat on our forehead.
  • Someone I used to know: Unexpected reunions sometimes work out.
  • It’s all we have: finding supplies will not be easy.
  • We all have a story: we all like to tell it.
  • Keep your friends close: although it will cost some to want to be.
  • Protecting the weak: Not everyone can fend for himself.
  • The protector: even a world on the brink of extinction needs a hero.
  • Officer and Knight: A soldier welcomes us to the Militia.
  • How has it survived? :some have endured for two years … find out how.
  • Law and disorder: a few unjust men.
  • Let it explode well: a madman is determined that the Hordes will fall with fire.
  • Race against the clock: there is not much time left if we want to avoid a misfortune.
  • Bounty hunters: Although the law does not rule, a few will bring criminal justice to divine justice.
  • Infestation Exterminator Free the spawn areas that have been installed in them.
  • Ambusher Hunter Find and take advantage of these criminals’ camps.
  • Horde Slayer– Take down all the huge groups of monsters roaming Oregon.
  • The end of the world: discover how to enter abandoned checkpoints and learn more about how we are as we are.
  • Plunderer Hunter Neutralize all thieves swarming the region.
  • A good soldier: only martial authority supports the world now.

All missions

In Days Gone there is a huge, huge, monstrous, endless amount of quests . Being able to complete them all will take you tens of hours. Keep in mind that pretty much everything has missions : cleaning infested areas is a mission, completing checkpoints is a mission … so technically completing all missions will easily cover around 90% of the game .

  • All missions in the game: We show you ALL the missions in the game, also listed in the order in which we recommend you complete them.


What would a zombie game (sorry, INFECTED) be without enemies? Days Gone offers a certain variety of monsters, although the strong point of the title is in the fearsome Hordes of the game. But so that you do not have too many problems, we want to tell you a little about each type of enemy:

  • Spawns: Mutants are the main threat in the game. There are few types, but they will all be lethal if you let them corner you. We have drones, tadpoles, terrific, hordes, squeakers and catchers .
  • Humans: There are highly organized groups in the Shit that survive by crushing others. Regardless of your faction, we have people who use normal firearms, who hit us with melee weapons and heavy enemies with armor, machine guns, and flamethrowers .
  • Animals: apart from the deer, which will always flee when they see us, the rest of the animals are threats to anyone, whether human or spawn. You will meet wolves, joggers, bears, raging, squawking and cougars on your travels in Oregon.


Obviously, in a game with as many enemies as this one you need weapons, that’s why we want to talk to you about all the weapons we can use to face encounters with different enemies.

You can always carry four weapons: one main, one special and one hand , in addition to the melee weapon you choose . If you don’t have any melee weapons, you will have the knife.

  • Main weapons: assault rifles, repeating rifles, submachine guns, shotguns …
  • Special weapons: crossbows, light machine guns, sniper rifles …
  • Melee weapons: your knife, sticks and planks thrown out there, weapons made with your own hands …

Moto and improvements

The bike is your main (only) vehicle during the game . In addition to allowing us to travel faster, and being necessary for certain missions, the motorcycle allows us three things. All its features require that we be close to it :

  • Save the game.
  • Make a quick trip to certain points.
  • When you buy the upgrade, replace our ammunition.

The motorcycle requires refueling with gasoline and repairs with scrap metal , or that you go to the mechanic of any camp and pay for both the fuel and the repairs. However, you should know that, to get the most out of the bike, you will have to get the improvements that increase its benefits:

  • Motor: Increases maximum speed.
  • Exhaust pipe: reduces the noise of our motorcycle.
  • Storage: allows us to carry ammunition on the motorcycle.
  • Fuel tank: increases the maximum capacity of gasoline.
  • Frame: increases the general resistance of your motorcycle.
  • Rear suspension: reduces damage to the bike on impact.
  • Nitro: adds the possibility of using small accelerations.
  • Tires: depending on the tire we will have better or worse grip.
  • Forks: reduce damage to the bike on impact.
  • Aesthetic improvements: all kinds of customization options for the motorcycle.


Days Gone has a skill system in the classic style of any RPG. Every time you reach a certain amount of experience points, you manage to level up and 1 HP that you can assign to the “purchase” of a skill . The skills are divided into three different blocks, and each of those branches offers very different skills from each other.

  • Survival: abilities that improve our abilities to collect objects and detect enemies.
  • Melee combat: skills to improve the ability to fight with blows.
  • Ranged Combat Improve weapon handling and unlock Concentration skill.


Like many other games today, Days Gone offers us as a secondary activity to collect collectibles that provide some lore about the world around us . We have from the typical documents to radio conversations, plants, historical plates …

Since listing them all can lead to a false spoiler , this time we just want to show you the link where you will find them all. So you don’t have to worry, you should know that the vast majority of collectibles are collected as part of the story .

  • ALL Days Gone Collectibles / Items and how to get them.


The camps are the “villages” in this game . These are safe areas where you can repair the motorcycle, refuel, rest, buy weapons, parts for the motorcycle and various basic supplies. You can also accept certain orders and sell the rewards of your trips to increase your reputation with its inhabitants.

  • Trust in the camps: we tell you how Trust works and how to increase this value in each Camp.
  • Copeland Camp: The First Camp. Sell ​​parts for the bike, but not weapons.
  • Hot Springs Camp: Second Camp. They sell weapons, but not parts for the bike.
  • Iron Mike Camp: Third Camp. Sell ​​some of the best weapons and motorcycles.
  • Diamond Lake Camp: In the penultimate camp you will find all the maximum level improvements for the motorcycle.
  • Wizard Island: The final camp has the highest powered weapons in the game.

Secret ending

After seeing the end credits, there is still a very important sequence to watch: the secret ending or epilogue of the game . This scene is very relevant to the possible future of Days Gone as a saga and you should not miss it.

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  • Find out how to watch the secret ending in Days Gone and what happens.

Frequent questions

  • How to Quick Travel: Learn how to use this basic game mechanic.
  • How to find ammunition: if you are short of bullets, there are places where you will always find them.
  • Finding Gasoline: If you’re in the middle of Shit and run out of gas, you should know where to look.
  • How to store weapons in the tank: we tell you how you can store equipment in your tank


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