Pokemon Rumble Rush Guide, BEST tips and tricks

Welcome to our guide to Pokémon Rumble Rush , a game that you can download completely free on your mobile to play anywhere.

Please note that this is a basic guide and the game has just been released . As it evolves, grows and offers new possibilities, we will expand the contents as much as we consider necessary.

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  1. Basic concepts
  2. Challenges
  3. Adventure
  4. Pokémon and Gears
  5. Minerals


Basic concepts

Before explaining anything to you, we want you to understand more than anything what kind of game Rumble Rush is and we want to explain the most basic concepts that make up this experience :

  • It is not a turn-based game. Essentially, Rumble Rush is a game in which the pokémon automatically moves down a hallway, and you tap the screen to attack.
  • The attack involves only touching the screen. If you touch the screen without any specific target, your pokémon attacks the closest target. If you click directly on a pokémon, the attack focuses on that target.
  • Attacks can be dodged. If you slide your finger across the screen instead of tapping it, your Pokémon will dodge in the straight line you traced with your finger.
  • You can’t catch the pokémon you want. Except in the case of the pokémon that you see that have little stars around them, which are guaranteed capture, the pokémon are captured randomly once they are defeated.
  • The more Pokémon of a type you catch, the stronger they are. This is the “catch bonus”. When you capture X units of a pokémon, you get PC bonuses for your next captures.
  • There is no evolution system or levels. The PCs and the phase of the captured pokémon is what it is. You can alter PCs by equipping gears, but you will never evolve your Squirtle into Wartortle. You will have to directly capture the Wartortle.
  • It is really free-to-play. There is no classic energy system, no daily use limit that forces you to buy payment items or anything like that. The only thing that will hinder you is the time it takes to forge gears in the Minerals section.


It is a series of challenges that will give us rewards when we have completed them. They are regularly updated. You should visit it frequently to see if you have completed something and to be able to redeem the rewards that are obtained .


It is long the option that you will use the most for obvious reasons. Adventure invites you to move through the game, exploring areas, as you defeat and catch new pokémon . This is the part where we have to explain the most things.

For starters, you should see a screen similar to this one, where you see the zone you are in, the zones you have recently explored, and the super boss zone :

This is the screen you will see most often. If you do not have feathers, you will have to explore one of the recent areas , and repeat until you get one. This means that you will always have zones that you can explore, although you will not be able to search for new places, at least until you defeat the Superboss .

These areas are the “bulk” of the adventure and consist of a hallway with Pokémon to defeat. At the end of each phase you will find a boss to defeat , a pokémon with more life than the others. Note that the name of the area, for example Meowth Meadow, indicates the head of the area. It is possible to capture the boss .

To explore

If you have at least one Scouting Pen (you will get one whenever you defeat a Super Boss and as a rare drop from normal bosses), you can select “Scout”. This allows you to explore new areas to look for new pokémon and you will always see recommendations for areas located by other players .

Super boss

The “Super Boss” is the “boss” that you must defeat in each zone . It is a pokemon stronger than the rest and that, when you click on its area, it indicates the requirements to be able to face it . Until you complete them, you cannot access the special combat.

They are always requirements that can be met in that area . If for example they ask you for a Meowth with 150 PC, it is because in that area it is possible to capture Meowth of that level or close and that you can boost with Gears.

Pokémon and gears

In this part we have access to the Pokédex, our pokémon and Gears and reinforcement .


The Pokédex needs no introduction : it collects the pokémon that we have seen, the pokémon of that type that we need to capture to get the next capture bonus and the effect of the current capture bonus.


Pokémon allows us to check the pokémon that we have in our “inventory” . It allows you to free pokémon to make more space (we have a limit of creatures that increases when you level up) and, when you click on any of them, the individual window of the pokémon will appear with all its individual information.

Here you can equip your pokémon with gears .


In this section you can check the gears, which become the accessories of your pokémon . These are artifacts with all kinds of effects, from being able to carry out special attacks to simple reinforcement of their statistics.

Gears can be boosted with money and Booster Kits . You need both to be able to do it.


As you progress through the game you will get Minerals, which you can turn into Gears in this section . You have no way of knowing the outcome until the process is over, which takes real time, in the world, not in the game . This time can be shortened using the in-game currency .

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We have to warn that, at least in our case, when using this option, the game freezes and forces us to close the application to continue playing.

Pokémon List : Want to know what Pokémon are available in Pokémon Rumble Rush? Well, you’ll be happy to know that some of the most popular ones are available to be captured.

Frequently Asked Questions : We answer the most common questions from Pokémon Rumble Rush players. Immediately discover the answer to problems that take hours away from your game.


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