Dauntless guide, tips and tricks

Welcome to our official guide to Dauntless , the completely free download game from Phoenix Labs that emulates the concept of Monster Hunter . It is a game that requires a lot of practice to master, so we have a lot to tell you.


  1. Behemoths: combat tips to easily defeat them
  2. All the Behemoths and how to defeat them
  3. How to get Platinum, Ram, aether powder and AS chips
  4. Weapons
  5. All materials and how to get them
  6. Differences Between Patrol and Tracking
  7. Heroic mode and other difficulties
  8. Frequently asked questions

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Behemoths: combat tips to easily defeat them

In this section we will talk about all the Dauntless Behemoths , giving you specific advice and directions to face each one of them. No, not all are equal and they are reduced to “hit it until your fingers drop”, but they have special characteristics that must be kept in mind when fighting. Some have armor, others leave a field of lava that damages you, leave posts that create “electric fences” …


To make this easier for you, we want to offer you both a basic combat guide and individual tickets for each of the beasts:

  • All the Behemoths and how to defeat them: we speak to you individually about each of the monsters. Its characteristics, weak points and attacks to consider.
  • Combat Tips:All missions are divided into four phases: Preparation , Tracking , Combat and Chase, and Finishing .

All the Behemoths and how to defeat them

Dauntless is going to kill Behemoths . There are no more enemies, so it is important to know how to defeat them all . Or at least, how to have a better chance of getting out of the encounters alive. Keep in mind everything you will need to face the monsters. In other words, not only do you have to have a sufficient level, but you have to choose the exact elements of weapons and armor.

  • How to unlock new Behemoths: First of all you have to know how to unlock the complete list of enemies.
  • Neutral Behemoths: The “Sinelement” Gnasher , Shrike , Brutal Gnasher , Moon Reaper Shrike ,and Qullshot Deadly Spike await you.
  • Fire Behemoth There are several flame bearers in the game, including the Charrogg , the Embermane , the fearsome Hellion , the Burning Charrogg, and the terrifying Burning Rock Hellion .
  • Behemoth terra: directly linked to the power of the earth we have the Skarn and the seismic Skarn ; the Kharabak hornetand his older brother, the Kharabak Executioner and, finally, the Koshai .
  • Electric Behemoth: With the power of lightning we have the Nayzaga , Stormclaw , Drask and Nayzaga Electric Maw .
  • Frosty Behemoth: From beyond the wall come the Skraev , the Boreus , the Pangar , the Boreus Frost Terror, and the Pangar Arctic Loin .
  • Radiant Behemoth: Only Valomyr and Rezakiri currently use the power of light.
  • Behemoth shady: wary of attacks from the shadows of the Riftstalker and the Shroud.

How to get Platinum, Ram, aether powder and AS chips

Dauntless works with four coins or essential materials when buying any product. We have the Rams, the aether powder and then the premium part of the game, the Platinum and the AS chips. So it is important to know how to get each of these coins and what they are for :

  • Platinum: The premium currency with which you can buy the most items in the game.
  • Ram The game’s basic currency, essential for creating weapons and armor.
  • Aether Powder: We will use it to buy some pretty cool cells.
  • AS Tokens: More than a coin, it is a material that makes it easier to fuse cells.


Dauntless has a good number of weapons to choose from, as it could not be otherwise in an RPG. However, unlike others in which you only have to master a style, here you will have to change which one you use depending on the creature you are facing. So that you know everything before choosing your weapon, we want to talk about:

  • What is the best weapon? :a standard question and that many ask themselves as soon as they start.
  • Elemental Attributes: You need to understand how elements work to get the most out of your weapons.
  • How to unlock new skills: Each weapon will unlock new skills by using them frequently.
  • How to improve weapons: with a basic level you will not do anything, you will need to improve them to do much more damage.
  • Swords: a basic weapon and easy to master.
  • Axes: Slash your enemies.
  • Hammers: a weapon to crush enemy armor.
  • Chained Blades The equivalent of other RPG daggers.
  • Repeaters: pistols to attack from a distance.
  • Spades of War: You cast with ease to cause Wounds.

All materials and how to get them

In this section we want to make it easy for you to get all the game materials . You will need dozens of each of them if you intend to improve even a small portion of the weapons and armor, so we want to teach you how to get:

  • Orbs and Gems archonite: are obtained from 10 to 10 and are easy to find. Or maybe not…
  • “Normal” materials: for defeating or breaking parts of certain Behemoths.
  • Elemental Materials: Any level +8 elemental Behemoth can drop certain special pieces.
  • Etheric Materials: In a state of etheric charge, Behemoths are extremely dangerous, but will also leave behind unique materials.

Differences Between Patrol and Tracking

The game offers us two different ways to accept the missions . Depending on whether you play in Patrol or Tracking, the way to select your target will be different and the rewards will also change :

  • Patrol: random target, fixed rewards.
  • Tracking: you choose the target manually, you only get the monster drop.

Heroic mode and other difficulties

We have several difficulty levels available in Dauntless , although there is no specific difficulty classification. We wanted to classify the difficulties into the following categories to facilitate their understanding:

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  • Random DifficultyRandom targets in the Elemental Patrols.
  • Fixed Difficulty: Choose the difficulty yourself from Tracking mode.
  • Infamous Difficulty The difficulty level for advanced players looking to upgrade the team.
  • Heroic Difficulty: The highest difficulty. The strongest Behemoths will drop the best materials.

Frequent questions

  • Orbs: how to get orbs quickly.
  • Exotic weapons and armor: there are a series of completely exceptional pieces that you surely do not know how to get.
  • Full servers and how to skip the line: tired of waiting? We have some solutions to offer you.
  • Cross-Play: Do you play on PS4 and your friends on Xbox One? No problem!
  • Cross-save: we show you how to play on any platform and always keep your progress.
  • Interrupt: Learn to interrupt Behemoth movements instantly and deal maximum damage.


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