Seven: The Days Long Gone – All Endings

Detailed guide to achieving each of the four possible endings of the RPG Seven: The Days Long Gone

End the game

After using the main console, you will have to listen to four audio recordings and familiarize yourself with Artanak’s plans. The moment of making the decision is shown in the attached screenshot. If you want to resolve the situation calmly, without a fight, then you can do the following:

  • Agree with Artanak’s opinion that you need to destroy the Emperor’s palace. You will see ending # 1.
  • Encourage Artanak to change his mind. This ending is the hardest to implement. It ties in with several side quests that you have done previously (such as finding a cure for the Technomor). If you point Artanaka to a sufficient number of actions that can be used as an example, then convince him to change his mind. In this case, you will see ending # 2. If you cannot convince Artanak (you have not completed a sufficient number of quests), then you will have to fight with him.

The battle with Artanak can begin if:

  • You could not provide him with enough examples to convince the character.
  • You disagreed with his plan in any other way.

After you encounter Artanak, you will be transported to a place with platforms hanging over the abyss. You need to keep an eye on them, as some of the platforms may fall after Teriel stands on them. To do this, it is advisable to use touch mode (example in the screenshot) – green platforms are safe, while red ones will fall into the abyss. Do not rush to the final part, as all platforms can fall at once. Ultimately, you will need to interact with the Ark control console again.

Attention . If you sink too far into the abyss, it will be considered a mission failure. Teriel will lose the battle to Artanak and will not be able to maintain control of his mind, which will result in ending # 3.

If you manage to get to the very end, Teriel will move to the “arena”, where the battle with Artanak will begin. This is a less demanding opponent compared to Savaash, although he can move quickly and carry out a series of attacks. Rely on various dodges and jumps, look for opportunities for your own attacks.

The fight can end in two ways:

  • You managed to defeat Artanak, or you pushed him into the abyss. Teriel will be able to control his own mind, and you will see ending # 4.
  • Artanak defeated Teriel or pushed him into the abyss. Artanak will take control of Teriel’s mind, and you will see the familiar ending # 3. This is the same case as unsuccessful actions with platforms above the abyss.

All endings of Seven: The Days Long Gone

  • Ending # 1– Teriel agrees with Artanak without getting into conflict with him.
  • Ending # 2– Teriel successfully convinces Artanak without coming into conflict with him.
  • Ending # 3– Teriel confronts Artanak and loses control over his mind (falls into the abyss or loses in battle).
  • Ending # 4– Teriel confronts Artanak and regains control over his mind (he passes the segment with platforms over the abyss and defeats the enemy in battle).
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