Clash Royale: review of the map “Letchka

We analyze all the advantages and disadvantages of the new card “flying”

In short, a flyer is a flying musketeer . Painfully, these creatures are similar to each other, only the fly is a little more flimsy and does less damage, but a little faster. The range and price of these cards are the same, so this is a kind of analogue of a musketeer.


Characteristics without level influence:

  1. Cost– four elixirs
  2. Attack speed– 1 sec
  3. Speed– fast
  4. Exit time– one second.

Pumped characteristics:

Characteristics – first level ( 11 level )

  1. Health– 290 (742)
  2. Damage– 81 (207)

Advantages and disadvantages

We judged all the characteristics by the maximum level of the creature.

Rate of fire

The Flyer is one of the fastest-firing creatures. Among the shooters, a witch , a goblin with darts and a fiery dragon bypasses her .


Has excellent range. Among the shooters in this regard, the meeting is surpassed only by the goblin with darts and the princess .


It is flight that is the main ability that allows the card to compete with the musketeer . For the flyer , melee warriors will become vulnerable targets. If the same musketeer often received damage and became an almost useless fighter, then the fly-out will destroy the target, avoiding injury, and become a full-fledged shooter to attack the enemy tower. She is also invulnerable to spells such as log . True, there is also a small minus in this – the flyer will not be able to distract from the tower.

Low health

The fly is more flimsy than the musketeer . Because of this, it will destroy spells such as lightning and fireball if their levels are not too less flying detachment .



Thanks to the flight and the ability to shoot at all targets, the fly becomes a good defender. As we said earlier, with many opponents, she will exit the battle without damage. And thanks to the range and rate of fire, it will be able to inflict a lot of damage to the advancing enemy.


Like many other shooters, the fly will be a good support for any army. Due to its range, it will be able to attack the towers before anyone else, and with the help of its rate of fire, it will shoot many times. And thanks to the flight, it will be difficult to get rid of it.

Due to the low popularity of the musketeer, the fly can be a good substitute for many single attack shooters. If flight is exactly what the musketeer lacked, then the fly will become an extremely popular card

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