Clash Royale Guide: Mega Knight Card Review

An overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the new card “Mega Knight”

Mega Knight is a new fighter of enormous power, who is immediately predetermined the role of a tank in Clash Royale . First of all, this creature resembles P.E.K.K.A. , only he has a little less health, and it is also very inferior in damage, but the Mega Knight is able to attack with a massive attack. Also, this formidable fighter is capable of inflicting great massive damage, as well as making jumps on distant opponents, which will cause huge damage. We’ll talk more about this creature later.


These specifications are based on the status of this card as of August 2017. Developers can change everything with balance changes in the future.

Characteristics without level influence:

  • Cost– seven elixir
  • Attack speed– 1.8 sec
  • Speed– Medium
  • Exit time– one second.
  • Jump range – 4-5

Pumped characteristics:

Meaning – first level (fifth level)

  • Health– 3300 (4818)
  • Damage– 240 (350)
  • Damage when spawning and jumping– 480 (700)

Advantages and disadvantages

We judged all the characteristics by the maximum level of the creature.


This creature is in fourth place in terms of health, slightly behind the Giant and P.E.K.K.A. … The Mega Knight will calmly survive any blow and spell.

Massive high damage.

One of the weaknesses of the same P.E.K.K.A is damage to one target. Because of this, mass gatherings of creatures like the Skeleton Army became a threat to P.E.K.K.A. … The massive damage of the Mega Knight avoids such a danger. In addition, in terms of damage per second among the masses, this creature is in fifth place.

Spawn Damage and Jump.

Thanks to this, the Mega Knight can act as a spell, destroying or severely wounding enemy fighters. 700 points of damage when it spawns can destroy many fighters. Also, the Mega Knight is able to jump on his opponents, which also deals 700 points of damage and makes this living shield out of which it becomes a good damage dealer.

Vulnerability to flyers.

Air creatures are the main threat to the Mega Knight . A horde of minions is able to deal with him quickly enough. The Flame Dragon is also dangerous , capable of overclocking huge damage.

Inferno Tower vulnerability

Since we’re talking about the Flaming Dragon , it’s worth mentioning the Infernal Tower , which will become one of the obstacles for the Mega Knight , which can greatly reduce the effectiveness of this fighter.


Live tank

Thanks to all its features, the Mega Knight can be considered one of the best tanks in the game. A large supply of health, massive damage, a jump – all this allows this formidable fighter to cope with many obstacles. Most importantly, summon the Mega Knight near your tower so that the elixir recovers to summon support.


Everything that we talked about in the last paragraph makes the Mega Knight an excellent defender. Especially in this regard, the damage when this fighter appears, as it can crush even the most powerful enemy attack. Most importantly, before the Mega Knight, call someone else in support. For example, the Sorcerer .

At first glance, the Mega Knight looks too powerful. I think the developers will weaken it after all. But until this happens, everyone who plays in the tenth arena and above should prepare for this fighter, who can bring a lot of trouble.

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