Clash Royale Guide: Cannon Cart Review

Description of the advantages and disadvantages of the new map “Cannon Cart”

The Cannon Cart is a new shooter coming to Clash Royale this month with a couple of special features. Firstly, it is the first card among the archers (and the third among the general mass), which has a shield. Secondly, when the shield is destroyed, the Cannon Cart stops moving, becoming like a regular Cannon .


These specifications are based on the status of this card as of July 2017. Developers can change everything with balance changes in the future.

Characteristics without level influence:

  • Cost – five elixirs.
  • Attack speed – 1.2 sec.
  • Range – 5.5.
  • Speed ​​- fast
  • Exit time – one second.

Pumped characteristics:

Meaning – First Level (Eighth Level)

  • Health – 524 (1011)
  • Shield – 524 (1011)
  • Damage – 153 (295)

Advantages and disadvantages

High damage on one target

Among the shooters in the rate of fire, the Cannon Cart is surpassed by only two cards: Musketeer and Goblin with Darts . And in terms of damage per second on one target, the wagon is inferior only to Sparky and the Inferno Dragon , if he can accelerate his damage.

High range

In terms of range, the Cannon Cart shares fifth place with the Ice Sorcerer . Thanks to this, the wagon is one of the very first to start attacking approaching targets, and together with the damage and rate of fire, it can take a lot of health from its target.


Thanks to the shield, the Cannon Cart is the third most survivable marksman in the game, behind only the Royal Giant and the Bouncer . At the same time, the unspent shield allows the wagon to survive at least two hits! Because of this, she is able to perfectly resist Sparky , as well as calmly survive spells such as Fireball and Rocket .

Permanent protector

When a wagon’s shield breaks, it stops moving and looks like a regular cannon. If this happens in our own half of the arena, then we get a protective structure, which does not lose health, unlike ordinary buildings. By the way, one more small detail – if the shield breaks, the wagon does not become a building, therefore, opponents like the Hog Rider and the Ball will ignore the cannon.


The wagon has the speed of the “Fast” category. Thanks to this, she is able to quickly reach the enemy tower. But there is a small drawback – during the assault, the wagon can overtake the tank, which is why it is the first to be attacked by the enemy. Calling this arrow should be done carefully.

Ground target attack

The fact that the wagon is not capable of attacking air targets is the main disadvantage of this card, because of which it becomes less versatile, as well as defenseless against air targets. But this has its own small plus – if you need to finish off the enemy tower, and your opponent is defending himself with air creatures, then your cart will simply ignore the defense and start attacking the tower, which is capable of causing serious damage due to its range, attack speed and damage.

Stop when the shield breaks

If the Cannon Cart has become the support of your army during the assault on the tower, then your opponent can stop this card, for example, with a Fireball . after which he will deal with the rest of the army already on its territory.

Card application

Assault support

The cannon wagon is great as a support shooter, able to be one of the first to attack the enemy tower and quickly deal with the thickest opponents. Despite the survivability of the wagon, it should still be sent behind the back of some tank like the Giant or P.E.K.K.A. 


The wagon is a good option for defense if the enemy has sent ground creatures at you. This card would be one of the best defenders if it could attack aerial targets. But due to the limitations in defense, the wagon is good, but far from one of the best cards.

Finishing off an enemy tower

We already talked about this a little earlier. Thanks to its survivability, speed, high damage, as well as ignoring the air forces, the Cannon Cart can be a good card for finishing off an enemy tower.


The Cannon Cart is a unique new addition to Clash Royale , allowing players to try out new combat tactics. But due to its limitations, this card is not suitable for every deck, since ignoring aerial targets makes it very vulnerable in the face of many creatures. Therefore, think carefully about your deck to make effective use of the strengths of the wagon and avoid its weaknesses as often as possible.

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