Clash Royale Guide: Legendary Crossbow Deck

An overview of a cheap Legendary deck based on the Crossbow that doesn’t have any Legendary cards.

Deck composition


In this deck, the Crossbow is one of the main attacking tools. Despite the overwhelming capabilities of this card, the main challenge for the player is to use it at the right time. In fact, you will have to remember what your opponent is using and calculate when he is low on elixir. If all goes well, your Crossbow will target the enemy tower. Further, it is already necessary to competently defend this weapon.


It was not in vain that we started talking about Lightning after the Crossbow , since these cards go well with each other. First, Lightning is capable of destroying advancing enemies. Secondly, she perfectly deals with enemy buildings, which can also become an obstacle for the Crossbow . And in extreme cases, Lightning can finish off an almost destroyed enemy tower.

Three Musketeers

Another tool in your arsenal with which you will attack enemy towers. In addition, Musketeers can be excellent defenders for both the Crossbow and the towers.


In the deck where the Crossbow is present , the Witch looks very useful. The skeletons she summons are able to delay oncoming enemies and buy time for the Crossbow , and the Witch’s massive attack can protect him from numerous creatures. In general, this card can act as a support for other warriors, which we will talk about next.

Elite barbarians

This versatile card will act as an attack and defense here. The speed of the Elite Barbarians allows them to reach the enemy tower very quickly. And health and damage will help to deal with most opponents.


Ordinary barbarians are not as good at storming towers as elite ones, but they feel great in defense, as they are able to defeat most melee creatures with a single target. They can also be used against the masses: the main thing is to call the Barbarians directly on the advancing enemy.


This cheap melee warrior looks great in this deck. This is one of the best cards when something urgent needs to be done. For example, stop an enemy approaching the Crossbow . Also, the Knight can become a human shield for the Three Musketeers . In addition, this card allows you to unload an already heavy deck.


Another cheap card in this deck, which can often decide the outcome of an entire battle. For your Crossbow, multiple targets will be a major nightmare, and Arrows will quickly get rid of such nasty cards as the Skeleton Army and the Minion Horde . In addition, due to the fact that the Crossbow reaches the enemy tower on the other side of the field, you can quickly react to the advancing trifle. And sometimes this spell is able to finish off the enemy tower in the last minutes.



One of the advantages of this deck is the many offensive options. Let’s consider each one separately.


One of the main options for storming an enemy tower. As we said earlier, the main thing is to find the right moment. Ideally, this structure should be summoned when the enemy has little elixir and he will not be able to summon something the most nasty.

Your second step will be to overcome all obstacles for the Crossbow . Before using this card, you need to analyze how the enemy can respond to you. If the enemy is abusing buildings, prepare Lightning or Elite Barbarians to help you quickly deal with it. If the enemy threatens you with trifles in the form of minions or the Skeleton Army , prepare Arrows or the Witch . If channeling single targets in the form of P.E.K.K.A , summon regular Barbarians .

If something happens, try changing the order in which cards appear in your hand so that you always have something that you can quickly react to.

Three Musketeers

When using this card, you can use a little trick – to summon the musketeers in the center, due to which they will be divided into two towers, which can cause confusion for your opponent. By the way, at this moment your Knight can help you , who can become a tank in one of the directions. But be careful and extremely scrutinize such a move, as misuse of the Musketeers can turn into a fatal mistake. Be especially careful if the enemy uses spells like Fireball , which can give the enemy an advantage in the elixir and organize an attack faster than you put up a decent defense.

Elite barbarians

Another card that can be a formidable way to storm enemy towers. For example, the summoned Elite barbarians can be covered with Lightning , thanks to which these warriors reach the enemy tower faster.

Witch + knight \ barbarians

This deck also allows you to attack in a standard way – tank + support. For example, ordinary Barbarian or Knight can be supported by the Witch , which can be a good option for an attack.

Finishing off

If the enemy tower has very little health left, use Lightning or Arrows , or all together.


Despite its excellent attacking potential, this deck looks good in defense as well. The Witch , Barbarians and Elite Barbarians are able to deal with most of the opponents in the game. Lightning damage allows you to deal with rather tenacious opponents, and Arrows will quickly save you from various trifles.

In general, everything will depend on the situation, but you should still act wisely. The average price of the elixir of this deck is 5.4, which is quite a lot, and in case of an unsuccessful decision for defense, you will not be able to use the next card soon.

Another nuance in this deck is weak defense against air creatures. Of course, the Three Musketeers are capable of dealing with almost anyone, but it is not always possible to defend with a card worth nine elixir units. The witch is also not very strong in the air, since the damage from her attack is small. Lightning is not bad for a single target, but if your enemies are more than three, then it will be more difficult for you to destroy the target you need. Arrows are good against small things, and they will not do much damage to creatures with average health.

If you have problems with aerial creatures with a deck like this, you might consider replacing elite or regular barbarians with something capable of attacking aerial targets. For example – a horde of minions , which has a similar cost, but at the same time, like barbarians, is able to quickly deal with many opponents, however, due to low survivability, it suffers from spells and shooters with massive damage.

You can also think about the Sorcerer – an extremely versatile card that can not only become an excellent defender, but also support for the Crossbow and storming towers. If you have such legendary cards as Stormbringer or Ice Sorcerer available , you can use them as well. The Executioner can also be a very good option , but for this it is worth getting right up to the ninth arena, which can be a very difficult task.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • This deck is very easy to build. There are no legendary cards here and you only need to get to the seventh arena, which is not too difficult for most players.
  • Lots of attack opportunities.
  • Excellent protection against ground targets.
  • Fairly high average price of the elixir (5.4). This will make you less likely to use your cards and make it harder to defend yourself.
  • Weak defense against air forces.


While building this deck is easy enough, mastering it is not an easy task.

Using the Crossbow means that you have to adjust the rest of the deck to fit it, which many players don’t really like. And, most likely, you will have to endure defeats for a very long time to get used to this deck, but if you can master it, you can become an unusual opponent for many players, because the Crossbow is rarely used.

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